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  • Undermind Episode 16! - A podcast about Brood War AI development | Making Computer Do Things
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  • Creating an AI lexicon
    Hey r/artificial I have a quick inquiry relative to creating an AI/ANN that will be able to form responses based on a set of files (.WAV) seperated into Lexicon>Sounds/phrases/words (I will attach an image to show). Is anyone here familiar as to how I can get my AI (which will be in Python) to recognize that it can utilize these files for response. Like if I queue a sound for confrimation of facial recognition (-recognition growl-), how can I set it to use this as a response. Or to get the specimen to form sentences from the words and phrases folder. Im rather new at AI development so any advice will help, thank you. submitted by /u/diuleilomofahai [link] [comments] Read more »
  • What is Perceptron, Classic Basic Introduction, Fundamental Definition At a Glance
    Perceptron at a glance Perceptron (Perceptron , from Latin percepti - perception) - the device MARK-1 , as well as the corresponding mathematical model created by Frank Rosenblatt to build a brain model . By “brain model” is meant any theoretical system that seeks to explain the physiological functions of the brain using the well-known laws of physics and mathematics , as well as the well-known facts of neuroanatomy and neurophysiology . Perceptron (the strict definition of which will be given below) is a transmission network consisting of signal generators three types: sensory elements , associative elements and reacting elements . The generating functions of these elements depend on signals arising either somewhere inside the transmission network, or, for external elements, on signals coming from the external environment. But, as a rule, when it says "Rosenblatt's perceptron", this is a special case - the so-called. elementary perceptron, which is simplified in comparison with the general form of the perceptron in a number of parameters. ​ submitted by /u/formatlar [link] [comments] Read more »
  • The Future of Artificial intelligence in Manufacturing Industries
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  • Brain signals converted into speech for the first time in human history
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  • NVIDIA Develops AI That Can Remove Noise, Grain, And Even Watermarks From Photos
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  • better efficient deep learning system
    here is a link to better efficient deep learning systems article. ​ submitted by /u/loopy_fun [link] [comments] Read more »
  • 10 Useful AI & ML Slides
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  • Six Prevalent Revenue Models for Enterprise AI Applications
    Over the last couple of years of working with Fortune 1000 companies to help integrate AI into their operations and from several discussions I've had with acquaintances who either work at professional services firms or have founded enterprise AI startups or are early-stage investors in them, it is clear that a lot of experimentation is going on regarding optimal revenue models for enterprise AI applications. Here is a quick guide to the various approaches I have seen in action. submitted by /u/bhatiamm [link] [comments] Read more »
  • Episode 1: Supervision Required | #AI101
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  • What may be the next to today's deep learning trend in AI ?
    Suppose if there wouldn't be so much GPU power now a days then this deep learning trend wouldn't be reality. Just like most of the theories started to developed in early 80s (perceptron in late 40s I guess). If there wouldn't be neural network ,then in what direction this trend would move ? Or may be with our current technology are there any theoretical concepts which are not being explored by today's hype? submitted by /u/Hot_Ices [link] [comments] Read more »
  • OpenAI's GPT-2-based Reddit Bot is Live! Check out the hilarious top comments!
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  • Orhun Project Next Generation Data Framework
    Currently, Let us look at big picture, someone say Industry 4, New Economy, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Economy 4, Internet 2/3/4, 4.5G, 5G. Problem comes from unstructured, chaotic, unknown data ocean. People need a clear roadmap to discover concept. I started Orhun Project to understand main theorems, it is bit a difficult. You need a format to understand this theorem. You can accomplish a lot of complex task easily. Data age is a bit difficult. But we can do together. You can read my proposal following link, it includes different ideas on several articles. ​ submitted by /u/formatlar [link] [comments] Read more »
  • Artificial intelligence and the future of smartphone photography | ZDNet
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  • NVIDIA AI creates beautiful 3D rendered virtual world from real world videos
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  • AI within medical procedures
    Hello, I'm currently studying Level 4 HNC computing, A unit requires me to have research project and i have chosen the use of Artificial Intelligence within medical procedures. I have created a survey to collect your thoughts on the current use and how AI will change the medical industry in the future. I would be very grateful and will appreciate if you could take a moment of your time to participate, there is (no personal details required) the data i collect will help me enhance my research project and assist me in the completion of my project. Thank you Survey Link: submitted by /u/Rozzer21 [link] [comments] Read more »
  • Preferred Networks Builds State-Of-The-Art Supercomputer Mn-2 Powered With Nvidia GPUs
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  • Is there gonna be AI designed explicitly to trick another AI?
    Despite all the hype around AI in recent months and years, we all know it still has a lot of vulnerabilities and can be quite easily tricked. This moment alone prevents entire industries from mass adoption of AI and machine learning, and the problem seems not easy to be dealt with. But still solvable since we know that there needs to be a human to fool AI causing it making a wrong decision. Eliminating human factor could be considered a way to solve this problem but what if other programs will be used to spoil the game? With so many parties potentially interested in negative effects of computer-based decision making would that be difficult to train AI to set a trap for another AI? This could open up endless opportunities for scammers. Do you think a mass adoption of AI is possible in the near future, and how would industries protect their businesses against scammer-AIs? submitted by /u/amaximander [link] [comments] Read more »
  • Hinton's reading list from the removed Coursera MOOC
    Hi all, ​ Geoffrey Hinton's Coursera MOOC was recently discontinued: ​ The videos however are still available at both on Youtube and on Hinton's webpage: ​ However in his MOOC Hinton also had some papers as required (or recommended, I can't really remember) readings after each lecture. They were generally old, seminal papers which provided some good insights and intuitions and were worth reading IMHO for learning purposes. I couldn't find these papers as a reading list online. Does anyone have this list? submitted by /u/durmusau [link] [comments] Read more »
  • Working of Video Analytics & Motion Analytics using AI
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  • AI within medical training
    I'm a first-year university student and I am currently researching about AI, more specifically AI within medical training and I would really appreciate if you could fill out this survey. It shouldn't take any more than 2-5 minutes and it would really help me with my research. Survey: Thank you for your time. submitted by /u/SomonerRifta [link] [comments] Read more »
  • Reinforce AI conference LIVE STREAM
    We are streaming Reinforce AI conference, don’t miss it. Today we have speakers from OpenAI, Twitter, Google, Ericsson, SecretLab, IBM, and Uber. Check out our livestream at submitted by /u/kritya947 [link] [comments] Read more »
  • IBM’s photo-scraping scandal shows what a weird bubble AI researchers live in
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  • NVIDIA CEO Says No Rush on 7nm GPU; Company Clearing Its Crypto Chip Inventory
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  • AGI Project - Back Engineering the Human Brain - A neuromorphic approach to AGI
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  • Welcome to /r/artificial!
    /r/artificial is the largest subreddit dedicated to all issues related to Artificial Intelligence or AI. What does that mean? That is actually a tricky question, as the definition of AI is a topic of hot debate among people both inside and outside of the field. Broadly speaking, it is about machines that behave intelligently in some way, but this means different things to different people. Most notably, there is the distinction between machines that are (at least) as intelligent as humans (artificial general intelligence / AGI) and machines that are capable of performing one task very well that would require intelligence if a human did it (narrow AI / ANI). When people outside the field think of "AI", they often think of AGI and possibly very humanlike AGI, often inspired by sci-fi books, shows and movies. However, today we are unable to create such systems. What we can do is create magnificently useful software and robotic tools, and that is what most of the professional AI field does. So to most professionals "AI" tends to refer to ANI. This can lead to a lot of confusion. Another important thing to realize is that AI is an incredibly broad field that touches on Computer Science, Cognitive Science, Mathematics, Philosophy, Neuroscience, Linguistics and many others, and includes many subfields like Machine Learning, Robotics, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Knowledge-Based Systems, Evolutionary Algorithms, Search and Planning. Many of these have subreddits dedicated to them as well (see this list). /r/artificial is about all of these things. For instance, posts about computer vision are very welcome here, although the poster should realize people here will have a broader AI background than the specialists on /r/computervision, which might affect the kind of discussion that emerges. On /r/artificial we welcome anyone who is interested in intelligent and respectful discussion of AI in any form. We want to provide a low barrier of entry, specifically because there are so many misconceptions about AI. We do ask that you put in a little effort before posting. Check out our burgeoning wiki and Wikipedia's article on AI to appreciate the breadth of the field. When you ask a question, do so intelligently. When you post a story, prefer balanced discussion to clickbait, and please seek out the original source (many website just copy each others' stories without attribution). When you post a paper, please link to where it can be (legally) obtained for free and ideally to the landing page rather than directly to a PDF. Also consider jumpstarting the discussion with your own insights, questions, additional links and/or a short summary for people outside the niche the article was written for. Please use this thread for suggestions, comments and questions about this subreddit. Let's make this a great place for discussing artificial intelligence! submitted by /u/CyberByte [link] [comments] Read more »
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