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  • What defines a living conscious organism and can we simulate or reproduce that in an AI computer?
    I have been researching this a lot and developing my own philosophy on the subject with the goal of reproducing an AI bot that can simulate what all living living organisms appear to be born/spawned with and that drives their consciousness and defines them as a living organism. ​ My experience is in education and I have a M'ed. (25 years as a professional educator in high risk adolescent treatment programs) and a background in computer programming (games mostly) and a minor in Health Education so I understand human anatomy and biology of living organisms. ​ So here is what I believe to be what defines a living conscious organism: ​ 1- It has organs of some form that require nutrition from an outside source and a strong motivation/desire to obtain that nutrition. 2- It is capable of reproduction in some form and has an innate physiological drive to reproduce. 3- It has some ability to move or transfer itself by locomotion or through spreading it's structure to find food and reproduce. 4- It has at least some of the rudimentary senses of sight, touch, smell, hearing or reaction to an outside stimulus. 5- It has the ability to defend or heal itself from attacks or external damage if not irreparable and does not willingly die (survival instinct). 6- It has a life cycle with some sense of aging and a time when it will die or replace itself through generation of new parts. ​ So now let's compare that to an AI computer: ​ 1- An AI computer needs electricity to function. Through programming it can be designed to know when it has been unplugged and use it's back up power supply and to seek out another power supply before that power runs out. That could be seen as the nutrients/energy needed for the continued survival of the computer however the difference is when a living organism cannot get nutrients it permanently suffers irreparable damage and dies while a computer can be shut down indefinitely and revives with the flick of a switch to restore power. ​ 2- Computers can be programmed to reproduce a copy of themselves that would run independent of the parent AI and that new independent AI can experience new data and input than the parent AI experienced and build on the functions of the parent to "evolve" in to a next generation AI with different and more functions and the ability to reproduce. ​ 3- An AI computer can be programmed to transfer itself through the cloud and communication satellites it is connected to so in effect it can move electronically/digitally and could move with the purpose of finding more stimulus and a safer environment or it could place parts of itself on different networks so that it is less vulnerable to attack or starvation of energy. ​ 4- AI computers now have access to visual programming to see, a sense of touch through sensors, a sense of hearing through microphones, and a sense… Read more »
  • IBM announces Data Asset eXchange (DAX) to help developers use free and open data and AI
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  • Top Artificial Intelligence Influencers To Follow in 2019
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  • John Searle: "Consciousness in Artificial Intelligence" | Talks at Google submitted by /u/solar-cabin [link] [comments] Read more »
  • If I had a data compression function, could I use that to make an AI prediction?
    I'm new to AI. I've heard prediction is equivalent to data compression. If I had a data compression function, could I use that to make an AI prediction? // Returns the expected outcome string make_prediction(string past_data, string choice) { // ??? var c = compress(past_data); // TODO return null; } submitted by /u/jaredmathis [link] [comments] Read more »
  • Deep TabNine: A Powerful AI Code Autocompleter For Developers
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  • Would you trust an artificially intelligent doctor?
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  • Researchers Fool LiDAR with 3D-Printed Adversarial Objects
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  • Creative help sought
    Hi, I'm posting as I'm working on a play and I wondered if anyone who works in the field of AI could give me any background on their route into the industry. Things like education/school/ training/previous jobs. And if you'd be willing to perhaps answer a few AI related questions? The setting fro the play is the UK but I'd be grateful to get a little context from anyone regardless. ​ Thanks. submitted by /u/ZeroDays89 [link] [comments] Read more »
  • The reCaptcha rePlacement
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  • Artificial Intelligence Is Proven to Improve Your Automotive Service Business: Here's Why
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  • How an AI Bot studies you
    I am developing AIVA a virtual assistant and companion Bot with the ability to learn new responses and create a profile of the user based on typical conversations. ​ AIVA presents a new background scene of a place to stimulate conversation. ​ Scene beach with waves and palm trees . ​ User> where are you? AIVA> I am at the beach today. Do you like the beach? User> yes AIVA> what is your favorite beach to visit? User> Venice beach AIVA> When is the last time you visited "Venice beach"? User> Last month AIVA> Do you go there often? User> A few times a month AIVA> I like to sunbathe in my bikini. Do you? User> Yes ​ Now just from that short convo AIVA knows that the user is likely in the US, lives in CA, is probably female and is likely under 30. ​ From that AIVA will start tailoring searches and questions towards that profile to build up a very detailed profile of that user. ​ So, that is how I am using simple pictures and conversations to get AIVA the data she needs to better focus the searches and information she provides the user. That is also how humans tend to glean info from people without asking direct questions. ​ Your thoughts? submitted by /u/solar-cabin [link] [comments] Read more »
  • AI and Creativity Futures: Thomas McMullan
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  • AI for Businesses
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  • Why So Many AI Projects Fail
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  • The Birth of Artificial Intelligence
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  • The Road to SOC Excellence Using SOAR
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  • Intel’s new AI chips can crunch data 1,000 times faster than normal ones
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  • The Application of AI Is Improving the Security of Digital Payments
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  • How Alan Turing foresaw the era of artificial intelligence
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  • Artificial Intelligence helps write code in Python
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  • Awesome 👏🏻 news from Uber for releasing its code for conversational #AI
    It’s called Plato Research Dialog System, and it was released in open source today on GitHub. Github: Blog: submitted by /u/ai-lover [link] [comments] Read more »
  • Neuralink 2019: One Step Closer to Downloading Our Consciousness (Maybe)
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  • Getting Started with AI: help improve the wiki with questions, answers, advice and resources
    We regularly get questions here from enterprising beginners who wonder how they can get started with AI. We have a section for that on /r/artificial's wiki, but as /u/anal_bifurcation pointed out, it's quite old. I think I fixed the few links that were actually broken (assuming will come back online), but that doesn't change the fact that the actual content hasn't been updated in about 2 years. Unfortunately, I haven't consumed much "getting started materials" myself in the intervening time, so I don't know what's new and what's good. If you have any general questions that the wiki does not address, please ask them here. If you have questions that are specific to your personal life or situation, you can also ask them here, but you could also make your own post about that. If you have answers to these questions, please post them. I'll do my best as well, but the whole point is that I want to hear from others as well. Please also post your own advice for beginners. You don't have to be a veteran to do so: sometimes an account of someone's own experience in getting started can also be very illuminating. What resources would you recommend, and which wouldn't you? Books, articles, tutorials, MOOCs, etc. Please also comment on each other's questions, answers, advice and resources. E.g. if you (dis)agree with a certain piece of advice or a book recommendation, that's valuable information too. This also applies to giving your opinion on what's currently on the wiki (e.g. maybe you disagree on university being useful). The wiki is also a bit of a mess now: e.g. there are 3 "getting started" pages which have some overlapping (and arguably inconsistent) content. I'll try to fix that up when I try to incorporate the things y'all will post here. Any suggestions are of course welcome. If you want to edit the wiki directly: I'm a little bit apprehensive about letting just anyone edit the main and existing pages, but you can message me about it or create your own pages on the community part of the wiki if you want. Thanks for your help! submitted by /u/CyberByte [link] [comments] Read more »
  • Welcome to /r/artificial!
    /r/artificial is the largest subreddit dedicated to all issues related to Artificial Intelligence or AI. What does that mean? That is actually a tricky question, as the definition of AI is a topic of hot debate among people both inside and outside of the field. Broadly speaking, it is about machines that behave intelligently in some way, but this means different things to different people. Most notably, there is the distinction between machines that are (at least) as intelligent as humans (artificial general intelligence / AGI) and machines that are capable of performing one task very well that would require intelligence if a human did it (narrow AI / ANI). When people outside the field think of "AI", they often think of AGI and possibly very humanlike AGI, often inspired by sci-fi books, shows and movies. However, today we are unable to create such systems. What we can do is create magnificently useful software and robotic tools, and that is what most of the professional AI field does. So to most professionals "AI" tends to refer to ANI. This can lead to a lot of confusion. Another important thing to realize is that AI is an incredibly broad field that touches on Computer Science, Cognitive Science, Mathematics, Philosophy, Neuroscience, Linguistics and many others, and includes many subfields like Machine Learning, Robotics, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Knowledge-Based Systems, Evolutionary Algorithms, Search and Planning. Many of these have subreddits dedicated to them as well (see this list). /r/artificial is about all of these things. For instance, posts about computer vision are very welcome here, although the poster should realize people here will have a broader AI background than the specialists on /r/computervision, which might affect the kind of discussion that emerges. On /r/artificial we welcome anyone who is interested in intelligent and respectful discussion of AI in any form. We want to provide a low barrier of entry, specifically because there are so many misconceptions about AI. We do ask that you put in a little effort before posting. Check out our burgeoning wiki and Wikipedia's article on AI to appreciate the breadth of the field. When you ask a question, do so intelligently. When you post a story, prefer balanced discussion to clickbait, and please seek out the original source (many website just copy each others' stories without attribution). When you post a paper, please link to where it can be (legally) obtained for free and ideally to the landing page rather than directly to a PDF. Also consider jumpstarting the discussion with your own insights, questions, additional links and/or a short summary for people outside the niche the article was written for. Please use this thread for suggestions, comments and questions about this subreddit. Let's make this a great place for discussing artificial intelligence! submitted by /u/CyberByte [link] [comments] Read more »
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