Airbnb & STR: What Every Investor and Host Needs to Know

Airbnb & STR: What Every Investor and Host Needs to Know
Event on 2017-06-19 17:00:00

Airbnb Growth in Key Markets in the U.S.: Trends, Forward Expectations and Analysis

Is this New "Emerging Asset Class" a 2017 Investment Opportunity Right for You?

Short-term Vacation Rental Advantages and Drawbacks Versus Long-term Rentals

Know Your City Regulations, Lease Terms, HOA Terms on Short-Term Rental Activity

Short-term Real Estate Rental Property Investment Analysis

Short-term Real Estate Rental Property Investment Analysis – Data & Analytical Tools That Will Make You A "Pro"

Short-term Rental "Operating" Models – Which Right for You and How Your Decision Impacts Your Taxes

What Direct and Indirect Expenses Are Deductible and What Expenditures Can You Capitalize and Depreciation Based on Your Operating Model?

Who is considered a "Real Estate Professional"?

Operating Models that Allow Losses Against Other Passive, Which Allow No Losses, Which May Allow Up To ,000 in Losses to Be Taken

Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) and Airbnb Agreements

What Income Is Reportable Taxable Rental Income? When is Rental Income Not Taxable?

Operating Decisions that Impact Whether Activity Qualifies for Schedule "C" Business Activity Versus 'Schedule "E" Real Estate Rental Activity – Why This Matters

At-Risk Rules and Passive Activity Limits – How They Impact You

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*** Tax Information, as Opposed to Tax Advice, Will Be Provided at Our Event ***

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SPEAKER: Natalie C. Papagni, CPA

President | Client Partner


Commit to Being the Most Financially-Fit Real Estate Investor, Airbnb Operator and Host You Can Be.

AirASSETS is a ​public accounting, tax and financial consulting firm exclusively serving real estate investors, Airbnb and long-term rental operators and hosts throughout California with world-class service excellence. Our team provides real estate investors, operators and hosts with a comprehensive suite of high-impact financial, tax and accounting services and industry expertise to efficiently and effectively meet their unique goals, objectives and needs. Leveraging a proven service-delivery model uniquely combining cloud-technologies, on-site meetings and a personal approach structured to meet the needs and interests of each client, our firm allows our busy clients to focus their time and energy on managing the aspects of their real estate, Airbnb and rental activities they enjoy most, and their personal lives.

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