Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Chatbots- 1 Day Training Workshop

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Chatbots- 1 Day Training Workshop
Event on 2017-06-09 09:30:00
Chat bots are computer programs that mimic conversation with people using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and are being used in the application of ecommerce customer service, call centres conversations, offering assistance with travel bookings, managing your money and accessing topical information like business news or weather reports. Chatbots are currently one of the fastest growing areas of AI right now with over with over new 40,000 chatbots developed on facebook messenger platform alone and much more to come. With brands struggling to keep up with a multitude of platforms, chatbots enable a more streamlined approach by using messaging apps in different locations, contexts, and for varying reasons. The future applications and use for chatbots and conversation are potentially endless and this forms the purpose behind what you will learn in this 1 day workshop.    About this 1 day workshop This practical hands- on workshop will challenge attendees to really understand the concepts, methods, and key issues in knowledge-based artificial intelligence and integrating chatbots into conversational design. You will learn and understand how to develop your own chatbot, the intricacies behind developing a natural language conversions which have impact, the range of platforms available and how to launch and track a fully workable chatbot accessible through Facebook’s Messenger platform. Who should attend This workshop is designed for marketing and IT professionals, corporate executives, customer service professionals, senior strategists and entrepreneurs who wish to fully understand the practical applications of chatbots to solve real business problems such as reduced costs, increasing efficiency, improving customer service and efficiency and managing services with customers Course Outline The workshop will include the following learning modules An introduction – A brief history of Artificial Intelligence- Applications of AI in and Chatbots- Existing AI and chatbot technologies, terminology and case-studies- Chatbot tools and an explanation of differing developer platforms API set up and introduction – Creating a facebook page- Pro and cons of differing UX platforms; API.AI and wit.ait- Connection API and facebook Train a chatbot to converse – UX, protocol and conversational design- train a chat bot to answer frequently asked question- using advanced powerful knowledge packages using API Launching your chatbot – Deploy, publish and launch- Connecting through differing API’s including Messenger, skype- Tracking performance and modifications – Case-studies- Uber, bank of America, and Cleo The Future of AI and chatbots – Scaling- Ethical considerations- Q and AWhat you will Learn on Completion – the principles of how AI works and how it might evolve in the future – Understand the impact of how conversational bots could solve problems like customer service – Understand natural language processing (NLP) and how to develop your own conversational interfaces  – Map a clear strategic roadmap to leverage the benefits of this new technologyAbout the Trainer- Gary ShortGary Short is a senior Data Solution Architect for Microsoft. He specialisms include  teaching training machine learning and “big data” on the Azure Platform, and has a wide range of interests in data science including computational linguistics, social network analysis and voice based conversational design We only hire the best trainers to deliver our courses. All courses are delivered by industry leaders who have real life hands on experience of finding solutions to problems using Machine Learning and Chatbots Any Questions?We'd be delighted to help if you have any questions about the course contents or a group bookings or any other questions. Please email us on davereilly32@gmail or call direct on 0208 299 0557      

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