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  • Artificial Intelligence Weekly - Issue #111: Artificial intelligence reinforces power and privilege - Jun 20th 2019
    In the News Artificial intelligence reinforces power and privilege Advanced nations and the world's biggest companies have thrown billions of dollars behind AI - a set of computing practices, including machine learning that collate masses of our data, analyse it, and use it to predict what we would do. An inventor of virtual reality, Lanier worked with AI pioneer... Open-sourcing AI Habitat, an advanced simulation platform for embodied AI research To accelerate progress in this space, we’re sharing AI Habitat, a new simulation platform created by Facebook AI that’s designed to train embodied agents (such as virtual robots) in photo-realistic 3D environments. Video Friday: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Tries Dexterous Robot Hands Last week at the re:MARS conference, Amazon CEO and aspiring supervillain Jeff Bezos tried out this pair of dexterous robotic hands, which he described as “weirdly natural” to operate. Sponsor Cognitions of a Cybercriminal: Get Visibility into Adversary Behavior With the rising volume of sophisticated cyberattacks, and the increase in non-malware techniques, it is imperative to obtaining better visibility into your environments as well as into cybercriminal behaviors. Join our upcoming webinar as we discuss the cognitions of a cybercriminal presented in 3 clear phases, as well as incident response best practices and specific actions to strengthen your security posture. Ethics Workshop on Fairness Accountability Transparency and Ethics in Computer Vision at CVPR 2019 Kate Saenko is an Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science at Boston University, and the director of the Computer Vision and Learning Group. Safe and Ethical AI Research Fellows The Alan Turing Institute is the UK’s national institute for data science and artificial intelligence. Applied use cases What do machine learning practitioners actually do? It will address what it is that machine learning practitioners do, with Part 2 explaining AutoML and neural architecture search (which several high profile figures have suggested will be key to decreasing the need for data scientists) and Part 3 will cover Google’s heavily hyped AutoML product . Experts: Spy used AI-generated face to connect with targets “It has all the hallmarks.” Experts who reviewed the Jones profile’s LinkedIn activity say it’s typical of espionage efforts on the professional networking site, whose role as a global Rolodex has made it a powerful magnet for spies. Robotics Massive 3D Dataset Helps Robots Understand What Things Are PartNet is a new semantic database of common objects that brings a new level of real-world understanding to robots. Avatar Love? New ‘Black Mirror’ Episode Explores How VR Could Impact Relationships Like most Black Mirror episodes, these explore the sometimes disturbing implications of tech advancements on humanity. Research The human pursuit of artificial intelligence | Thore Graepel | TEDxExeter Thore Graepel is a research group lead at DeepMind and chair of machine learning at University College London. Bayesian Deep Learning Benchmarks Bayesian Deep Learning Benchmarks In order to make real-world difference with Bayesian Deep Learning (BDL) tools, the tools must scale to real-world settings. This RSS feed is published on You can also subscribe via email. Read more »
  • Artificial Intelligence Weekly - Issue #110 "Training a single AI model can emit as much carbon as five cars in their lifetimes" - Jun 13th 2019
    In the News Training a single AI model can emit as much carbon as five cars in their lifetimes “Neither I nor other researchers I’ve discussed them with thought the environmental impact was that substantial.” The paper on carbon footprint of natural-language processing specifically examines the model training process for natural-language processing (NLP). They found that the process can emit more than 626,000 pounds of carbon dioxide equivalent—nearly five times the lifetime emissions of the average American car AI Ethics at War – When AI Governance Shifts from Cooperation to Competition They share conferences, include each other in thought leadership, and develop white papers together – in order to discover frameworks for governing AI and handling issues around privacy, security, bias, and individual rights. Robust.AI launches to build an industrial-grade cognitive platform for robots New Silicon Valley robotics startup Robust.AI aims, firstly, to build the world’s first industrial-grade cognitive platform for robots. Sponsor We’ve done the heavy lifting so your product will scale by reaching the right buyers from the top brands in tech. Gain invaluable access to our extensive email lists of leading members of the tech world. Our engaged audiences are made of 100K subscribers - of which 40%+ are executives from 10K companies in the US/UK, including most of the Forbes 500 companies. Ethics £18.5 million to boost diversity in AI tech roles and innovation in online training for adults Up to £13.5 million new funding for an extra 2500 artificial intelligence and data science conversion degrees, with 1000 scholarships for people from underrepresented groups £5 million government fund to drive innovation in adult online learning. OII London Lecture: A.I. in society – opportunities and risks The Oxford Internet Institute is excited to present Professor Luciano Floridi, for the lecture "A.I. 11. Closure: on ethics, code and law The study of ethics concerns a reflection on the justification (whether utilitarian or deontological) of decision-making that affects human agents and human societies, and/or the development of practical wisdom (virtue ethics). Applied use cases AI mavericks want to build a better brain for industrial robots Some big names in AI and robotics are teaming up to develop a robot operating system that will aim to address the shortcomings of today’s smartest machines. Does object recognition work for everyone? A new method to assess bias in CV systems Using a publicly available third-party data set of photos of household items in 50 countries, we found accuracy for all these systems was indeed significantly lower for images from certain regions and from households with lower income levels. 1000x Faster Data Augmentation In this blog post we introduce Population Based Augmentation (PBA), an algorithm that quickly and efficiently learns a state-of-the-art approach to augmenting data for neural network training. Robotics This Robot Ostrich Can Ride Around on Hovershoes The Hybrid Robotics Lab has been working on robots that walk over challenging terrain—how do wheeled platforms like hovershoes fit in with that? Do you have a robotics research lab that isn't on the map yet? The Robot Report reports 26 funding deals closed in May 2019 for a total of at least $1.5 billion. 50% of these meetings led to pitches to individual partners. Jaco Is a Low-Power Robot Arm That Hooks to Your Wheelchair Can you tell us about the Jaco arm, and how the process of designing an assistive robot arm is different from the process of designing a conventional robot arm? Research CAVIA: Fast Context Adaptation via Meta-Learning After meta-training, the model is evaluated on a new task: given a small set of labelled data points (in supervised learning) or trajectories (in reinforcement learning), the learned initial parameters are adapted using just a few gradient steps. Weight Agnostic Neural Networks As a proof of concept, we also apply our search method on a supervised learning domain, and find it can discover networks that, even without explicit weight training, can achieve a much higher than chance test accuracy of ∼ 92% on MNIST. UCL NLP Inaugural Meeting We would like to welcome you to an afternoon of invited keynote talks, presentations by members of the UCL NLP group, a poster session, and an evening social. This RSS feed is published on You can also subscribe via email. Read more »
  • Artificial Intelligence Weekly - Issue #109: "Ethics as a competitive advantage in the booming artificial intelligence industry" - Jun 6th 2019
    In the News Ethics as a competitive advantage in the booming artificial intelligence industry We are in the foothills of an AI journey. On April 8 the EU issued in-depth guidelines on developing and implementing trustworthy Artificial Intelligence. The guidelines identify fundamental requirements for AI in Europe and set a global standard for efforts to advance AI that is Ethical and Responsible. Artificial general intelligence is a Rorschach Test: Perhaps we need orangutans? Artificial general intelligence, or "AGI," the idea of a machine that can approach human levels of cognition, is a great topic to get people all worked up. DeepMind’s plans to make AI systems robust & reliable, why it’s a core issue in AI design, and how to succeed at AI research To Pushmeet Kohli, principal scientist and research team leader at DeepMind, research to make AI robust and reliable is no more a side-project in AI design than keeping a bridge standing is a side-project in bridge design. Sponsor The first online bootcamp to train you to a guaranteed machine learning job. Springboard offers personalized mentorship, career coaching, inside relationships with hiring managers, a curated curriculum that teaches you all the skills (TensorFlow, Spark, machine learning theory and more) and unlimited calls with machine learning experts. Get a job or your tuition back with our flexible, online machine learning bootcamp. Ethics Why does Beijing suddenly care about AI ethics? The Beijing AI Principles were announced last Saturday by the Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence (BAAI), an organization backed by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology and the Beijing municipal government. AI Fairness for People with Disabilities Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly being used in decision-making that directly impacts people’s lives. Like age, gender, and race, disability status is a protected characteristic. Applied use cases Speech2Face: Learning the Face Behind a Voice We consider the task of reconstructing an image of a person’s face from a short input audio segment of speech. Capture the Flag: the emergence of complex cooperative agents Mastering the strategy, tactical understanding, and team play involved in multiplayer video games represents a critical challenge for AI research. Robotics This robot learns its two-handed moves from human dexterity Using two hands is harder than we make it look. This robotic control system learns from humans before attempting to do the same. To Fly Solo, Racing Drones Have a Need for AI Speed Training One research team developing the AI necessary for controlling autonomous racing drones is the Robotics and Perception Group at the University of Zurich in Switzerland. Research Targeted Dropout Neural networks can represent functions to solve complex tasks that are difficult — if not impossible — to write instructions for by hand, such as understanding language and recognizing objects. Introducing FastBert — A simple Deep Learning library for BERT Models FastBert is the deep learning library that allows developers and data scientists to train and deploy BERT based models for natural language processing, question answering, fine tuning language model and more. MSLP This RSS feed is published on You can also subscribe via email. Read more »
  • Artificial Intelligence Weekly - Artificial Intelligence News #108 - May 30th 2019
    In the News Facebook’s A.I. Whiz Now Faces the Task of Cleaning It Up Facebook has heralded artificial intelligence as a solution to its toxic content problems. While A.I.-based solutions can help solve Image and Video Moderation, Facebook's CTO Mike Schroepfe says there is more to do. How Data (and some breathtaking soccer) brought Liverpool to the cusp of glory The club is finishing a phenomenal season — thanks in part to an unrivaled reliance on analytics. Also in the news... Facebook is dabbling with robotics to improve its AI efforts. More The OECD has announced five "democratic principles" for AI development. More Sponsor Two Leading Newsletters, One Simple Objective: Generate Leads For Your Sales Team. Our engaged audiences are made of 100K subscribers - of which 40%+ are executives from 10K companies in the US/UK, including most of the Forbes 500 companies. Put your message in front of the right B2B audience of highly-engaged business leaders who search for innovative solutions. Learning 🌻 The Best and Most Current of Modern Natural Language Processing An up-to-date review of worthwhile papers in NLP. Hot recent trends. How we might protect ourselves from malicious AI New research could make deep-learning models much harder to manipulate in harmful ways. Software tools & code How to Deploy Machine Learning Models Introduction to some of the complexities inherent to deploying Machine Learning Models in production and at scale. Mona Lisa frown Machine learning brings old paintings and photos to life AutoML: Methods, Systems, Challenges (new book) Online book dedicated to Auto ML methods (hyperparameter optimization, meta learning, neural architecture search) and systems (such as auto-weka, auto-sklearn). Google’s AI can now translate your speech while keeping your voice Researchers trained a neural network to map audio “voiceprints” from one language to another. Some thoughts How we are doing at enforcing our Community Standards Update from Facebook with numbers and details on their Moderation efforts, a large part of which is powered by ML models. This RSS feed is published on You can also subscribe via email. Read more »
  • Artificial Intelligence Weekly - Artificial Intelligence News #107 - May 16th 2019
    In the News Facing up to AI’s failings Intel’s ZombieLoad flaw, AIibaba, Tencent sales rise, OnePlus’s new pop-up Why San Francisco’s ban on face recognition is only the start of a long fight The city government can’t use the technology, but private companies still can, and regulating those uses is a thornier problem. Sponsor Two Leading Newsletters, One Simple Objective: Generate Leads For Your Sales Team. Our engaged audiences are made of 100K subscribers - of which 40%+ are executives from 10K companies in the US/UK, including most of the Forbes 500 companies. Put your message in front of the right B2B audience of highly-engaged business leaders who search for innovative solutions. Learning European Union AI Ecosystem A thorough summary of AI policy in the EU Google AI Impact Challenge names 2019 grantees List of 20 projects that won this challenge in addressing social, humanitarian and environmental problems using AI. Five questions you can use to cut through AI hype Here’s a checklist for assessing the quality and validity of a company’s machine-learning product. Software tools & code Technical debt for data scientists How to identify technical debt and how to get back on track once projects get mired in debt. Data version control with DVC Data versioning is one of the most ignored features in data science projects, but that has to change. Here I’ll discuss a recent podcast by one of the creators of the best tool for this purpose, DVC. A new way to build tiny neural networks could create powerful AI on your phone We’ve been wasting our processing power to train neural networks that are ten times too big. Some thoughts The Empty Promise of Data Moats Having more data may not be the silver bullet that many business leaders have long assumed it to be. Will Artificial Intelligence Enhance or Hack Humanity? This RSS feed is published on You can also subscribe via email. Read more »
  • Artificial Intelligence Weekly - Artificial Intelligence News #106 - May 2nd 2019
    Welcome Will Artificial Intelligence Enhance or Hack Humanity? This week, I interviewed Yuval Noah Harari, the author of three best-selling books about the history and future of our species, and Fei-Fei Li, one of the pioneers in the field of artificial intelligence. In the News Vue AI raises 17 million for AI-driven retail products AI in commerce is a fast-growing — and highly lucrative — industry. The once-hot robotics startup Anki is shutting down after raising more than $200 million It’s a hard, hard fall. Real or artificial? Tech titans declare AI ethics concerns Sponsor Ladder Spotlight: Performance Marketing & Automated Data-Science Take the guesswork out of growth - see what creative/message combos to double-down on, access anomaly detection across any metric, clearly see full-funnel performance by channel, and more. Meet Ladder Spotlight - technology for marketing growth. Featured Forget about artificial intelligence, extended intelligence is the future We should challenge the cult of Singularity. AI won't take over the world I Quit My Job to Protest My Company’s Work on Building Killer Robots I never could have predicted that two years later, I would have to quit this job on moral grounds. And I certainly never thought it would happen over building weapons that escalate and shift the paradigm of war. Here Come AI-Enabled Cameras Meant to Sense Crime Before it Occurs Imagine it were possible to recognize not the faces of people who had already committed crimes, but the behaviors indicating a crime that was about to occur. Learning What Is AI Anyway? Together with Hannah Fry, Murray Shanahan, Ali Eslami and Kimberly Stachenfeld from British AI company DeepMind guide you through the world of AI to find out what it really is (and what it’s not). Studying the behavior of AI A new paper frames the emerging interdisciplinary field of machine behavior Workplace The Methodology and Ethics of Targeting Governments and companies can now model and predict the beliefs, preferences, and behaviour of small groups and even individuals - allowing them to “target” interventions, messages, and services much more narrowly. These new forms of targeting present huge opportunities to make valuable interventions more effective, for example by delivering public services to those most in need of them. However, the use of more fine-grained information about individuals and groups also raises huge risks, challenging key notions of privacy, fairness, and autonomy. This RSS feed is published on You can also subscribe via email. Read more »
  • Artificial Intelligence Weekly - Artificial Intelligence News #105 - Apr 25th 2019
    In the News Bloomberg review of Tiktok and it's data-backed approach to social The video-sharing app by the Chinese-owned Bytedance, the world’s most valuable startup, has a younger audience than Facebook, an algorithm that learns you, and different ideas about free speech. Also in the news this week... The top 5 AI trends. More An AI startup's approach to solving fashion's data problem. More Mind reading device uses ML to turn brainwaves into audible speech. More Sponsor AI Hardware Asia Summit launches in Beijing, June 4-5 2019 The AI Hardware Asia Summit is the second in a global series focusing on AI accelerator technologies and the design and application of silicon and systems for processing deep learning, neural networks and computer vision. Discover the Agenda now! Learning Data Science at the young Uber Discussion with Bradley Voytek, the first data scientist at Uber Interview of Google Photos' Product Lead On managing and improving an app that uses ML at its core and has the potential to serve a few billion people. Lecture by Demis Hassabis on the state of AI Software tools & code One model to rule them all Predictive performance is just the beginning of how you should be evaluating your models. A visual proof that Neural Networks can compute any function You might have heard that many times, but here is an interesting way to visualize that and progressively bulid the NNs computing any function Advanced NLP with spaCy Online course covering NLP topics like basic statistical models, extracting information from large volumes of text and pipelines. Hardware What Machine Learning needs from Hardware More Arithmetic, Inference, Low Precision, Compatibility and Codesign This RSS feed is published on You can also subscribe via email. Read more »
  • Artificial Intelligence Weekly - Artificial Intelligence News #104 - Apr 18th 2019
    Welcome Dear readers, It has now been close to 3 years since I started AI Weekly. From an initial group of just a few readers, it has now grown into one of the largest AI-news sources with more than 16,000 readers. During those 3 years, the AI & ML fields have evolved a lot, and so has the need for curated information to better understand what is going and stay up-to-date. To continue on this mission, AI Weekly is now merging with Essentials, a news platform dedicated to bringing curated and personalized news feeds. This will help make the newsletter even better by sourcing through a larger and wider pool of news & articles. Expect to see those improvements rolling out in the coming few weeks. Hang on, sit tight and read on :). David, AI Weekly Hello to all fellow AI Weekly subscribers. It's an honor for us at Faveeo Essentials to get in touch with you and join forces with AI Weekly to use our AI-driven engine to help curate the content on this list in the next few months. Essentials has been built on the principle that there never was so much great content out there, the thing is : it's also harder than ever to find it in the distracting world of social media. Even for a great curator like David, the task becomes harder by the day. To solve this, we developed Essentials, an AI that first, identifies and monitors the top experts and curators in any industry and second, highlights the great content that is vetted and hand-picked by these great minds of the industry. Think of it as a "Best of Social Media Digest", but that is not driven by popularity, but by quality and trust. Our engine curates the curators, to bring to the surface the links and news you don't want to miss. This offers a deeper curation experience by combining the best of both worlds : highly curated content, while still benefiting from the discovery aspect of social media! We have at the moment 5 deep-dive topics that we cover (Use cases, Research, Ethics & Robotics, you can test-drive them here! In the next few weeks we'll also inform you on the transition phase and work together so make sure that you still get the same great value as you had in the past! Best, Alexis @ Essentials This RSS feed is published on You can also subscribe via email. Read more »
  • Artificial Intelligence Weekly - Artificial Intelligence News #103 - Apr 11th 2019
    In the News Bengio: ‘The dangers of abuse are very real’ Yoshua Bengio, winner of the prestigious Turing award for his work on deep learning, is establishing international guidelines for the ethical use of AI. The Animal-AI Olympics is going to treat AI like a lab rat The $10,000 competition will test AI with challenges that were originally designed to test animal cognition—to see how close we are to machines that have common sense. Also in the news this week... Google pulls the plug on its AI council, just one week after its launch... More ... and launches an "end-to-end" AI platform to train and deploy ML models, but keep in mind that there are specific service terms Sponsor Save 40% off your Manning order! AI, machine learning, and deep learning is exploding, driving everything from autonomous vehicles to real-time computer vision and speech recognition. Are you ready to be a part of it? Manning Publications are offering 40% off your entire order, including their entire range of data books and videos! Learning Human Side of Tesla Autopilot Eye-opening study on how people use Tesla’s autopilot Smart home, machine learning and discovery As always, thoughtful and interesting piece by Ben Evans. Software tools & code Teaching machines to reason about what they see Researchers combine statistical and symbolic artificial intelligence techniques to speed learning and improve transparency. Introducing TensorFlow Privacy Learning with Differential Privacy for Training Data A Guide to Learning with Limited Labeled Data Alexa AI scientists reduce speech recognition errors up to 22% with semi-supervised learning Some thoughts MIT is using AI to invent new flavor combinations and foods ... it suggested a shrimp, jelly, and sausage pizza This RSS feed is published on You can also subscribe via email. Read more »
  • Artificial Intelligence Weekly - Artificial Intelligence News #102 - Apr 4th 2019
    In the News Three pioneers in Artificial Intelligence win Turing award Yann LeCun, Geoffrey Hinton and Yoshua Bengio worked on key developments for neural networks, which are reshaping how computer systems are built. Yann Lecun is from Paris, France McDonald's acquires Machine-Learning startup Dynamic Yield for $300 million Sponsor Train towards a guaranteed machine learning job The first online course to offer unlimited 1:1 mentorship from machine learning experts, career coaching, and partnerships to land you a guaranteed machine learning job. Get a job or your tuition back. Learning A survey of the European Union’s A.I. ecosystem Compared to other global powers, the European Union (EU) is rarely considered a leading player in the development of artificial intelligence (AI). Why is this, and does this in fact accurately reflect the EU’s activities related to AI? What would it take for the EU to take a more leading role in AI, and to be internationally recognised as such? Towards Robust and Verified AI: specification testing, robust training, and formal verification Today, the prevailing practice in machine learning is to train a system on a training data set, and then test it on another set. While this reveals the average-case performance of models, it is also crucial to ensure robustness, or acceptably high performance even in the worst case.  In this article, we describe three approaches for rigorously identifying and eliminating bugs in learned predictive models: adversarial testing, robust learning, and formal verification. How malevolent machine learning could derail AI AI security expert Dawn Song warns that “adversarial machine learning” could be used to reverse-engineer systems—including those used in defense. Software tools & code How to teach stats Common statistical tests are linear models TensorFlow is dead, long live TensorFlow! If you’re an AI enthusiast and you didn’t see the big news this month, you might have just snoozed through an off-the-charts earthquake. Everything is about to change! Some thoughts Who Owns Your Health Data? Companies are denying people access to their own data as security risks run rampant About AI Ethics: Seven Traps As researchers try to come up with principles to apply when seeking to build and deploy AI systems in an ethical way, what problems might they need to be aware of? That's the question that researchers from Princeton try to answer in a blog seven "AI ethics traps" that people might stumble into. This RSS feed is published on You can also subscribe via email. Read more »
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