5,000+ Followers in the first day! You can get it for free if you retweet and favorite this

Today at 3pm, first 24 hours of service, this account HITS1000 was created yesterday, now 24 hours after we started the service (see yesterday article) and we have over 5,000 new followers, as predicted, we started at 400 followers per hour but finished the day at an average of 200+ followers per hour, I expect this to be less in the second day, so I would expect maybe 7,000 (2,000 more) by the next day…

5,000+ Followers in the first day!

5,000+ Followers in the first day!

And of course up to the minute reporting


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What happens when we start a new service? How many followers from day 1?

Good question eh?

So I just created (today) a new account – HITS1000 – to my surprise, it started following 30 some and being followed by a similar number, so I guess Twitter did that.

Ok from 30, starting the service about 3PM and after correcting a few minor program bugs it actually start at 3:12 PM and then again a couple of corrections and re-start at 3:27 PM


I am preparing this tweet at 5:41PM so the “NEW SERVICE” has been running for a couple of hours and it is already at 874 followers! that means 400+ per hour?


So by the time the east coast gets this tweet it would have past almost 12 hours at 400 per hour that means over 4,000 followers by tomorrow?

Let’s see… I am tired now, you guys tell me if we did it.

During my first experiment I achieved 25,000 (HITS1K) in 3 weeks, but then I was writing the program, experimenting with different approaches to the challenge, the program is now ready.

But just a caution note, people have the tendency to do what they want, so I do not expect this high rate to last for long, because as the total number of followers increases, so does the number of desertions.

This is Version 4.00 (What a coincidence 400 new followers per hour, not too shabby).

Favorite this article and tweet, will complete this tomorrow.

By the way I am in Honolulu, Hawaii, it is 6 hours earlier that the east coast and 3 hours earlier that the west coast.

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20,441+ followers in 20 days and increasing! (Version 3.1)

I joined twitter 20 days ago and set myself to learn what is the buzz about the service. I did it because many of my friends and clients insisted that I do.

As you you know, I provide traffic service for my clients with the you use of artificial intelligence, quite successfully may I add, because in 4 years I am in business there is no competition, in fact I am the only one on the planet that guarantees a minimum of 120,000 hits to you website in the first 90 days or I will refund your money in full, in writing!

For proof of concept and results click here.

When my clients saw the results, I started getting hundreds of invitations to join LinkedIn, that for years I sent to my spam folder, but when those invitations increased to personal during business conversations I applied myself to understand why, but because the time necessary I had to automate it, and yes artificial intelligence did it again, but is not so visible since LinkedIn only tells you 500+ members in your network.

The experience is a little more visible with Twitter, here are the results:



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18,703+ followers in 19 days and increasing! (Version 3.1)

It is interesting how as the total number of followers increases, it is harder to neutralize the desertion rate that forces me to improve the software.

Every version update was in the response to this problem.

When you have 10% unfollowers of a total of 10 or 100 or even 1000 is not a problem but when you have 10,000 or 18,000 it shows, so the software has to be faster and faster. That is the problem with real human followers, they do what they want, very hard to predict sometimes.

Followers History


Ranking and predictions


Twitter’s Screen Shot


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What would you do with 9 million hits a month? 7th day of our experiment!

Another horrible day yesterday. Traffic is incredible low these days!

But I am not yet worried our total for the month is 2,188,132 hits that divided by 7 and then multiplied by 30 gives me over 9 million projected by the end of the month.

That number includes today’s traffic so I should have divided by 7.5 instead, should I be worried? let’s see…


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10,000+ followers in 11 days and increasing! (Version 2.1)

Still improving it! as I said yesterday the new version 2.0 really increased my capacity to get new followers, now we are at over 10,2 thousand followers, more than 3,000 yesterday alone! Now let me explain, that is running 5 units of service at 600 per day each, I am testing its capacity and I think I have not yet found the limit. So I will keep you posted… 10 Continue reading… History

Favorite and Retweet this to get US $15.00 (Read the page for full details)

As you know this artificial intelligence system produces over 700 new 100% human followers every day, you also know that this service is incredibly affordable.

Now as an special offer if you favorite this tweet and retweet it you can order this service for free for the first month, no catch it is 100% free, if you decide to continue then the charge is $15 a month, if you don’t just cancel before you are charged.

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