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Disk Space 10GB 20GB Unlimited
Bandwidth/Month 100GB 200GB Unlimited
Traffic First month 20,000 hits
Second month 40,000 hits
Third month 60,000 hits
To unlimited traffic
First month 30,000 hits
Second month 60,000 hits
Third month 90,000 hits
To unlimited traffic
First month 40,000 hits
Second month 80,000 hits
Third month 100,000 hits
To unlimited traffic
Free Shared Profiles Add real and active profiles to your site 0 1,000 Unlimited
Profile Profile with photos and customization profile questions. Yes Yes Yes
Chat Room Members can chat online. Support multiple chat rooms and emoticons. Yes Yes Yes
Instant Messenger Send instant messages to other online members. Yes Yes Yes
My Favorites Add members to favorites and can contact later. Yes Yes Yes
Block Members Block members from contacting. Yes Yes Yes
Photos and Albums Upload photos, create albums, and share. Yes Yes Yes
Audios and Videos Upload audios, videos, and share. Yes Yes Yes
Online Messages Send and receive online messages without using personal email address. Yes Yes Yes
Blog Post articles to your site and gain traffic and increase search engine rankings. Yes Yes Yes
Forum Exchange ideas and discuss with other users on various topics. Yes Yes Yes
Voting Poll Create poll questions and options and let your members vote and have fun. Yes Yes Yes
Testimonials Post testimonials written by your members or customers onto your website easily. Yes Yes Yes
Flirt Flirt with others to break the ice. Yes Yes Yes
Invite Friends Invite friends from ymail, gmail, or hotmail. Yes Yes Yes
Groups Create your own group for members to join. Yes Yes Yes
Events Create events and post to calendar. Invite users to event and RSVP. Yes Yes Yes
Latest Activities Show latest activities by friends like what you see on Facebook. Yes Yes Yes
Current Status “What are you doing now”? Share your current status. Yes Yes Yes
Wall-To-Wall Post comments on friend’s profile. Yes Yes Yes
Instant Setup Instant account activation and setup. Yes Yes Yes
Hosting Included Web hosting is included so you don’t pay extra for the hosting. Yes Yes Yes
Your Own Banners You can upload your own banner advertisements. Yes Yes Yes
Adult Allowed Legal adult content website is allowed. Yes Yes Yes
Membership Fee You can charge membership fee using PayPal, 3rd party payment, or merchant accounts. Yes Yes Yes
100% Profit You make 100% profit from your membership fee. Yes Yes Yes
Webcam Video and Audio Chat Chat with webcam and audio Yes Yes Yes
Google Adsense You can upload your own Google Adsense banners. Yes Yes Yes
Google Analytics Abiblity to setup Google Analytics traffic tracking. Yes Yes Yes
3rd Party Widgets We allow 3rd party widgets from other websites. Yes Yes Yes
Free Templates Access to all available templates. Yes Yes Yes
Self Design You can freely design and customize your website. Yes Yes Yes
White Label No “Powered by” link Yes Yes
SEO Module We will optimize your website to be search engines friendly. Yes Yes
Search Engine Submissions We will manually submit your website to major search engines. Yes Yes
Matchmaking Abibility to match your member with other member. This also includes auto-matching. Yes Yes
Free Domain Name We will register a domain name for you. Yes Yes
Twitter Setup We will setup Twitter account for you and also setup auto-tweeting from your blog posts. Yes
Premium Video Charge members for viewing selected videos. Yes
Paid Webcam Charge members for viewing a webcam. Yes
Classifieds Sell and buy new or used stuffs classifids like Craigslist or Backpage. Yes
Online Games Support Section that allows you to upload games to your site. Yes
Directory Submissions We will submit your site to selected directories. Yes
Dating Articles We will post dating articles to your blog almost on daily basis. Yes
Shopping Cart Able to sell products to your members. Yes
Mobile Dating This allows your members to access their account using any mobile phone such as iphone, blackberry, and palm. Yes
Speed Date Find match and chat in no time. Yes
New Features When there’s new feature in the future, you will get it free. Yes
Support 24 hours support Ticket Ticket Premium
Setup Fee $ 2999 $ 3999 $ 4999
Price/Month $ 399 $ 449 $ 499

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Hits 1,000
Phone (716) 712-4736
Fax (877) 455-2827 (Toll Free)
Skype HITS1K

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400+ New Human Twitter Followers per hour!

This is something that I couldn’t get out of mi mind, when I tested the new version of my Twitter AI robot (v4). I witnessed 800 new followers in the first 2 hours in a brand new Twitter account.

I achieve this high number by applying parallel computing, with the current level of hardware available now, it is possible to exploit the multi threaded processors available now in common computers, yes in a single machine.

But as the number of followers approached the 10,000 level, the number of followers per hour kept on going down to under 200, that is a loss of efficiency or more than 50%! This is a little too much for me to bare.

So in the next day or so I was thinking… what happens if I apply the same idea (parallel computing) to the other end, to the servicing side. What happens if I service multiple accounts?

This is what I am testing now and these are the preliminary results:

Started Age Account Following Followers Average Seconds Time Date
06/24/14 33 hits1k 15 23,593 707 No longer in the pool of service
07/22/14 5 hits1000 4 10,443 1,942 195 08:45 07/27/14
07/26/14 1 hits1k_ 242 1,801 1,308 197 08:41 07/27/14
07/26/14 1 hits1k_1 211 1,696 1,232 200 08:38 07/27/14
Totals 33   472 37,533 1,125 59.09% Improvement

Well, the idea seems to be working, what do you think?


  1. hits1k
  2. hits1000
  3. hits1k_
  4. hits1k_1

The first account (hits1k), was removed from the service when it reached 26,000 followers to see what happens with the acquired followers, a reduction was expected, the first 8 hours were scary, over 1,000 left, 5 days later seems to be ok.

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