Change, Technology and Culture

Change, Technology and Culture
Event on 2017-10-06 13:00:00
The World Economic Forum – backed by an outpouring of mildly panic stricken white papers from big name organisational consultancies – hails our era as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We are already riding the rising wave of an increasingly complex fusion of technologies – digital, biological, material, social – which will disrupt, revolutionize and transform almost all spheres of human culture and conduct. Artificial intelligence, blockchain encryption, genomics, 3D printing, driverless vehicles, ‘the internet of things’, nanotechnology, biotechnology, quantum computing, renewable energy systems; any one of these innovations will have a profound impact on technical, social and organisational structures as we currently know them. The combination of all of them emerging simultaneously is, lightly stated, mind-boggling.We’re entering an era of hyper-complex rapid technological change which will be experienced by most as serial disruption.How to cope?How to manage?How to navigate intelligent pathways through tumult?What is “technology” anyway?Why is it so disruptive?Why is the adoption of a technological solution so problematic? This workshop will explore these questions. It will introduce what technology is, what change is, what culture is, and discuss the tensions that can occur when you put the three together.  We’ll go on to demonstrate how technological innovation can be woven into the culture of an organisation through ‘change agency’. Finally, participants will consolidate their learning by navigating a pathway through their own future change & technology challenges. Objectives: Introduce the relationships and tensions between technology, culture, change & innovation; Introduce an approach of change agency for successfully delivering technology change; Practically apply knowledge and skills to a future change & technology scenario. Approach: Exploring why technology can be so disruptive, the workshop will explore the key challenges for those on the giving or receiving end of technological innovation. Delivered through interactive discussion, solo and group activities, this workshop will provide tools, insights and practical approaches for each attendee to successfully apply to their next technology change. Attendees will receive workshop content and access to resources online and the opportunity to count the course towards renewal of the Certified Change Agent qualification

at Sheraton Centre Toronto
City Hall Room , 123 Queen St. W
Toronto, Canada

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