Computational Intelligence

  • Soft Computing, Volume 23, Issue 12, June 2019
    1. A uniform solution to SAT problem by symport/antiport P systems with channel states and membrane division  Author(s): Suxia Jiang, Yanfeng Wang, Yansen SuPages: 3903-3911 2. Structures of compactly generated lattices described by cut sets of L-valued setsAuthor(s): Kai Zuo, Xue-ping Wang, Xiaohong ZhangPages: 3913-39203. Method with horizontal fuzzy numbers for solving real fuzzy linear systemsAuthor(s): Marek LandowskiPages: 3921-3933 4. Operations and structures derived from non-associative MV-algebrasAuthor(s): Ivan Chajda, Radomir Halaš, Helmut LängerPages: 3935-39445. Performing CTL model checking via DNA computingAuthor(s): Weijun Zhu, Yingjie Han, Qinglei ZhouPages: 3945-3963 6. On characterizations of a pair of covering-based approximation operatorsAuthor(s): Yan-Lan Zhang, Chang-Qing Li, Jinjin LiPages: 3965-39727. Semi-complement graph of lattice modulesAuthor(s): Narayan Phadatare, Vilas Kharat, Sachin BallalPages: 3973-39788. A topological duality for tense θ-valued Łukasiewicz–Moisil algebrasAuthor(s): Aldo V. Figallo, Inés Pascual, Gustavo PelaitayPages: 3979-3997   9. On an explicit representation of the Łukasiewicz sum as a quantum operationAuthor(s): H. Freytes, F. Holik, G. M. Bosyk, G. SergioliPages: 3999-400710. Attribute-based encryption with adaptive policyAuthor(s): Yiliang HanPages: 4009-401711. On distributed user-centric memetic algorithmsAuthor(s): Antonio J. Fernández-Leiva, Álvaro Gutiérrez-FuentesPages: 4019-403912. An angle-based method for measuring the semantic similarity between visual and textual featuresAuthor(s): Chenwei Tang, Jiancheng Lv, Yao Chen, Jixiang GuoPages: 4041-405013. Fusion of progressive granular neural networks for pattern classificationAuthor(s): D. Arun Kumar, Saroj K. Meher, K. Padma KumariPages: 4051-406414. A stock model with jumps for Itô–Liu financial marketsAuthor(s): Frank Ranganai Matenda, Eriyoti ChikodzaPages: 4065-408015. A simple water cycle algorithm with percolation operator for clustering analysisAuthor(s): Shilei Qiao, Yongquan Zhou, Yuxiang Zhou, Rui WangPages: 4081-409516. Bayesian genetic programming for edge detectionAuthor(s): Wenlong Fu, Mengjie Zhang, Mark JohnstonPages: 4097-411217. Accelerating differential evolution based on a subset-to-subset survivor selection operatorAuthor(s): Jinglei Guo, Zhijian Li, Shengxiang YangPages: 4113-413018. Adaptive cruise control via adaptive dynamic programming with experience replayAuthor(s): Bin Wang, Dongbin Zhao, Jin ChengPages: 4131-414419. Supporting academic decision making at higher educational institutions using machine learning-based algorithmsAuthor(s): Yuri Nieto, Vicente García-Díaz, Carlos Montenegro, Rubén González CrespoPages: 4145-415320. A biased random key genetic algorithm for the protein–ligand docking problemAuthor(s): Pablo Felipe Leonhart, Eduardo Spieler, Rodrigo Ligabue-BraunPages: 4155-417621. Context-sensitive and keyword density-based supervised machine learning techniques for malicious webpage detectionAuthor(s): Betul Altay, Tansel Dokeroglu, Ahmet CosarPages: 4177-419122. Sorting retail locations in a large urban city by using ELECTRE TRI-C and trapezoidal fuzzy numbersAuthor(s): Javier Pereira, Elaine C. B. de Oliveira, Luiz F. A. M. GomesPages: 4193-420623. Automatic identification of characteristic points related to pathologies in electrocardiograms to design expert systemsAuthor(s): Jose Ignacio Peláez, Jose Antonio Gomez-Ruiz, Javier FornariPages: 4207-421924. A multi-objective approach to weather radar network architectureAuthor(s): Redouane Boudjemaa, Diego OlivaPages: 4221-4238           25. An optimization algorithm applied to the class integration and test order problemAuthor(s): Yanmei Zhang, Shujuan Jiang, Xingya Wang, Ruoyu Chen, Miao ZhangPages: 4239-425326. A meta-heuristic approach for RLE compression in a column store tableAuthor(s): Jane Jovanovski, Nino Arsov, Evgenija Stevanoska, Maja Siljanoska SimonsPages: 4255-427627. A two-product, multi-period nonstationary newsvendor problem with budget constraintAuthor(s): Yong Zhang, Weiguo Zhang, Xingyu Yang, Weijun XuPages: 4277-428728. Belief-based chaotic algorithm for support vector data descriptionAuthor(s): Javad Hamidzadeh, Neda NamaeiPages: 4289-431429. Heuristic nonlinear regression strategy for detecting phishing websitesAuthor(s): Mehdi Babagoli, Mohammad Pourmahmood Aghababa, Vahid SoloukPages: 4315-4327    30. C-means clustering and deep-neuro-fuzzy classification for road weight measurement in traffic management systemAuthor(s): Sakhawat Hosain Sumit, Shamim AkhterPages: 4329-4340031. Multi-objective differential evolution with dynamic hybrid constraint handling mechanismAuthor(s): YueFeng Lin, Wei Du, Wenli DuPages: 4341-435532. Multiply information coding and hiding using fuzzy vaultAuthor(s): Katarzyna Koptyra, Marek R. OgielaPages: 4357-436633. A new bi-objective fuzzy portfolio selection model and its solution through evolutionary algorithmsAuthor(s): Mohuya B. Kar, Samarjit Kar, Sini Guo, Xiang Li, Saibal MajumderPages: 4367-438134. An elitism-based self-adaptive multi-population Jaya algorithm and its applicationsAuthor(s): R. Venkata Rao, Ankit SarojPages: 4383-440635. An Electromagnetism-like mechanism algorithm for the router node placement in wireless mesh networksAuthor(s): Lamri Sayad, Louiza Bouallouche-Medjkoune, Djamil AissaniPages: 4407-441936. Particle swarm optimization with convergence speed controller for large-scale numerical optimizationAuthor(s): Han Huang, Liang Lv, Shujin Ye, Zhifeng HaoPages: 4421-443737. Chatter prediction using merged wavelet denoising and ANFISAuthor(s): Shailendra Kumar, Bhagat SinghPages: 4439-4458       38. An adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system-based caching scheme for content-centric networkingAuthor(s): Nidhi Lal, Shishupal Kumar, Vijay Kumar ChaurasiyaPages: 4459-447039. A simplified implementation of hierarchical fuzzy systemsAuthor(s): Chia-Wen Chang, Chin-Wang TaoPages: 4471-448140. Efficient and merged biogeography-based optimization algorithm for global optimization problemsAuthor(s): Xinming Zhang, Qiang Kang, Qiang Tu, Jinfeng Cheng, Xia WangPages: 4483-450241. Bipolar fuzzy concept learning using next neighbor and Euclidean distanceAuthor(s): Prem Kumar SinghPages: 4503-452042. A new effective solution method for fully intuitionistic fuzzy transportation problemAuthor(s): Ali Mahmoodirad, Tofigh Allahviranloo, Sadegh NiroomandPages: 4521-453043. MS-ACO: a multi-stage ant colony optimization to refute complex software systems specified through graph transformationAuthor(s): Vahid Rafe, Mahsa Darghayedi, Einollah PiraPages: 4531-455644. AFCGD: an adaptive fuzzy classifier based on gradient descentAuthor(s): Homeira Shahparast, Eghbal G. Mansoori, Mansoor Zolghadri JahromiPages: 4557-457145. Research on a novel minimum-risk model for uncertain orienteering problem based on uncertainty theoryAuthor(s): Jian Wang, Jiansheng Guo, Mingfa Zheng, Zheng MuRong, Zhengxin LiPages: 4573-4584 Read more »
  • Soft Computing, Volume 23, Issue 11, June 2019
    1. Domination landscape in evolutionary algorithms and its applicationsAuthor(s): Guo-Sheng Hao, Meng-Hiot Lim, Yew-Soon Ong, Han Huang, Gai-Ge WangPages: 3563-35702. Optimization based on nonlinear transformation in decision spaceAuthor(s): Yangyang Li, Cheng Peng, Yang Wang, Licheng JiaoPages: 3571-35903. Controller exploitation-exploration reinforcement learning architecture for computing near-optimal policiesAuthor(s): Erick Asiain, Julio B. Clempner, Alexander S. PoznyakPages: 3591-36044. Fuzzy relation lexicographic programming for modelling P2P file sharing systemAuthor(s): Yu-Bin Zhong, Gang Xiao, Xiao-Peng YangPages: 3605-36145. On decidability and axiomatizability of some ordered structuresAuthor(s): Ziba Assadi, Saeed SalehiPages: 3615-36266. Iterated population-based VND algorithms for single-machine scheduling with sequence-dependent setup timesAuthor(s): Chun-Lung ChenPages: 3627-36417. Differential evolution algorithm with dichotomy-based parameter space compressionAuthor(s): Laizhong Cui, Genghui Li, Zexuan Zhu, Zhong Ming, Zhenkun Wen, Nan LuPages: 3643-36608. New crossover operators using dominance and co-dominance principles for faster convergence of genetic algorithmsAuthor(s): G. Pavai, T. V. GeethaPages: 3661-36869. First hitting time of uncertain random renewal reward process and its application in insurance risk processAuthor(s): Kai YaoPages: 3687-369610. Soft-clustering-based local multiple kernel learning algorithm for classificationAuthor(s): Qingchao Wang, Guangyuan Fu, Hongqiao Wang, Linlin Li, Shuai HuangPages: 3697-370611. How much and where to use manual guidance in the computational detection of contours for histopathological images?Author(s): Catalin Stoean, Ruxandra Stoean, Adrian Sandita, Cristian MesinaPages: 3707-372212. A predictive strategy based on special points for evolutionary dynamic multi-objective optimizationAuthor(s): Qingya Li, Juan Zou, Shengxiang Yang, Jinhua Zheng, Gan RuanPages: 3723-373913. Knowledge aggregation in decision-making process with C-fuzzy random forest using OWA operatorsAuthor(s): Łukasz Gadomer, Zenon A. SosnowskiPages: 3741-375514. 3D flow simulation of straight groynes using hybrid DE-based artificial intelligence methodsAuthor(s): Akbar Safarzadeh, Amir Hossein Zaji, Hossein BonakdariPages: 3757-377715. Public audit for operation behavior logs with error locating in cloud storageAuthor(s): Hui Tian, Zhaoyi Chen, Chin-Chen Chang, Yongfeng Huang, Tian WangPages: 3779-379216. Very large-scale data classification based on K-means clustering and multi-kernel SVMAuthor(s): Tinglong Tang, Shengyong Chen, Meng Zhao, Wei Huang, Jake LuoPages: 3793-380117. On fuzzy type-1 and type-2 stochastic ordinary and partial differential equations and numerical solutionAuthor(s): Abhirup Bandyopadhyay, Samarjit KarPages: 3803-382118. Multi-attribute group decision making based on power generalized Heronian mean operator under hesitant fuzzy linguistic environmentAuthor(s): Dawei Ju, Yanbing Ju, Aihua WangPages: 3823-384219. A novel fuzzy vault scheme based on fingerprint and finger vein feature fusionAuthor(s): Lin You, Ting WangPages: 3843-385120. Multi-attribute decision making based on prioritized operators under probabilistic hesitant fuzzy environmentsAuthor(s): Jian Li, Zhong-xing WangPages: 3853-386821. Some intuitionistic uncertain linguistic Bonferroni mean operators and their application to group decision makingAuthor(s): Peide Liu, Xiaohong ZhangPages: 3869-388622. An approach for parameterized shadowed type-2 fuzzy membership functions applied in control applicationsAuthor(s): Patricia Melin, Emanuel Ontiveros-Robles, Claudia I. GonzalezPages: 3887-3901 Read more »
  • IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Volume 30, Issue 5, May 2019
    1. Deep Neural Network Initialization With Decision TreesAuthor(s): Kelli D. Humbird; J. Luc Peterson; Ryan G. McclarrenPages: 1286 - 12952. Neural Learning Control of Strict-Feedback Systems Using Disturbance ObserverAuthor(s): Bin Xu; Yingxin Shou; Jun Luo; Huayan Pu; Zhongke ShiPages: 1296 - 13073. Off-Policy Interleaved  Q-Learning: Optimal Control for Affine Nonlinear Discrete-Time SystemsAuthor(s): Jinna Li; Tianyou Chai; Frank L. Lewis; Zhengtao Ding; Yi JiangPages: 1308 - 13204. Feature Analysis of Marginalized Stacked Denoising Autoenconder for Unsupervised Domain AdaptationAuthor(s): Pengfei Wei; Yiping Ke; Chi Keong GohPages: 1321 - 13345. On the Representational Power of Restricted Boltzmann Machines for Symmetric Functions and Boolean FunctionsAuthor(s): Linyan Gu; Jianfeng Huang; Lihua YangPages: 1335 - 13476. Pool-Based Sequential Active Learning for RegressionAuthor(s): Dongrui WuPages: 1348 - 13597. Stochastic Conjugate Gradient Algorithm With Variance ReductionAuthor(s): Xiao-Bo Jin; Xu-Yao Zhang; Kaizhu Huang; Guang-Gang GengPages: 1360 - 13698. Quantized Minimum Error Entropy CriterionAuthor(s): Badong Chen; Lei Xing; Nanning Zheng; José C. PríncipePages: 1370 - 13809. Heterogeneous Domain Adaptation Through Progressive AlignmentAuthor(s): Jingjing Li; Ke Lu; Zi Huang; Lei Zhu; Heng Tao ShenPages: 1381 - 139110. Generalization and Expressivity for Deep NetsAuthor(s): Shao-Bo Lin 1392 - 140611. Temporal Attention-Augmented Bilinear Network for Financial Time-Series Data AnalysisAuthor(s): Dat Thanh Tran; Alexandros Iosifidis; Juho Kanniainen; Moncef GabboujPages: 1407 - 141812. Face Sketch Synthesis by Multidomain Adversarial LearningAuthor(s): Shengchuan Zhang; Rongrong Ji; Jie Hu; Xiaoqiang Lu; Xuelong LiPages: 1419 - 142813. Deep Semantic-Preserving Ordinal Hashing for Cross-Modal Similarity SearchAuthor(s): Lu Jin; Kai Li; Zechao Li; Fu Xiao; Guo-Jun Qi; Jinhui TangPages: 1429 - 144014. Bag-Level Aggregation for Multiple-Instance Active Learning in Instance Classification ProblemsAuthor(s): Marc-André Carbonneau; Eric Granger; Ghyslain GagnonPages: 1441 - 145115. Nonuniformly Sampled Data Processing Using LSTM NetworksAuthor(s): Safa Onur Sahin; Suleyman Serdar KozatPages: 1452 - 146116. Distributed Adaptive Tracking Synchronization for Coupled Reaction–Diffusion Neural NetworkAuthor(s): Hao Zhang; Nikhil R. Pal; Yin Sheng; Zhigang ZengPages: 1462 - 147517. Novel Finite-Time Synchronization Criteria for Inertial Neural Networks With Time Delays via Integral Inequality MethodAuthor(s): Zhengqiu Zhang; Jinde CaoPages: 1476 - 148518. Early Expression Detection via Online Multi-Instance Learning With Nonlinear ExtensionAuthor(s): Liping Xie; Dacheng Tao; Haikun WeiPages: 1486 - 149619. LTNN: A Layerwise Tensorized Compression of Multilayer Neural NetworkAuthor(s): Hantao Huang; Hao YuPages: 1497 - 151120. Approximate Optimal Distributed Control of Nonlinear Interconnected Systems Using Event-Triggered Nonzero-Sum GamesAuthor(s): Vignesh Narayanan; Avimanyu Sahoo; Sarangapani Jagannathan; Koshy GeorgePages: 1512 - 152221. Output Feedback Q-Learning Control for the Discrete-Time Linear Quadratic Regulator ProblemAuthor(s): Syed Ali Asad Rizvi; Zongli LinPages: 1523 - 153622. Multistability of Delayed Hybrid Impulsive Neural Networks With Application to Associative MemoriesAuthor(s): Bin Hu; Zhi-Hong Guan; Guanrong Chen; Frank L. LewisPages: 1537 - 155123. STRAINet: Spatially Varying sTochastic Residual AdversarIal Networks for MRI Pelvic Organ SegmentationAuthor(s): Dong Nie; Li Wang; Yaozong Gao; Jun Lian; Dinggang ShenPages: 1552 - 156424. A Deep Learning Approach to Competing Risks Representation in Peer-to-Peer LendingAuthor(s): Fei Tan; Xiurui Hou; Jie Zhang; Zhi Wei; Zhenyu YanPages: 1565 - 157425. Dynamical Behavior of Nonautonomous Stochastic Reaction–Diffusion Neural-Network ModelsAuthor(s): Tengda Wei; Ping Lin; Quanxin Zhu; Linshan Wang; Yangfan WangPages: 1575 - 158026. Hierarchical Feature Selection for Random ProjectionAuthor(s): Qi Wang; Jia Wan; Feiping Nie; Bo Liu; Chenggang Yan; Xuelong LiPages: 1581 - 158627. Generalized Uncorrelated Regression with Adaptive Graph for Unsupervised Feature SelectionAuthor(s): Xuelong Li; Han Zhang; Rui Zhang; Yun Liu; Feiping NiePages: 1587 - 159528. Output-Feedback Adaptive Neural Controller for Uncertain Pure-Feedback Nonlinear Systems Using a High-Order Sliding Mode ObserverAuthor(s): Jang-Hyun Park; Seong-Hwan Kim; Tae-Sik ParkPages: 1596 - 160129. Multiobjective Support Vector Machines: Handling Class Imbalance With Pareto OptimalityAuthor(s): Shounak Datta; Swagatam DasPages: 1602 - 1608 Read more »
  • Soft Computing, Volume 23, Issue 10, May 2019
    1. α-filters and prime α-filter spaces in residuated latticesAuthor(s): Yan Yan Dong, Xiao Long XinPages: 3207-32162. The characterizations of upper approximation operators based on coveringsAuthor(s): Pei Wang, Qingguo LiPages: 3217-32283. Transformations between the center of gravity and the possibilistic mean for triangular and trapezoidal fuzzy numbersAuthor(s): Pasi Luukka, Jan Stoklasa, Mikael CollanPages: 3229-32354. The comparative study of covering rough sets and multi-granulation rough setsAuthor(s): Qingzhao Kong, Weihua XuPages: 3237-32515. Regular and strongly regular relations on soft hyperringsAuthor(s): S. Ostadhadi-Dehkordi, K. P. ShumPages: 3253-32606. The lattice of subspaces of a vector space over a finite fieldAuthor(s): Ivan Chajda, Helmut LängerPages: 3261-32677. A novel artificial bee colony algorithm for inverse kinematics calculation of 7-DOF serial manipulatorsAuthor(s): Li Zhang, Nanfeng XiaoPages: 3269-32778. Uncertain multi-objective multi-item fixed charge solid transportation problem with budget constraintAuthor(s): Saibal Majumder, Pradip Kundu, Samarjit Kar, Tandra PalPages: 3279-33019. Evolutionary multiobjective optimization with clustering-based self-adaptive mating restriction strategyAuthor(s): Xin Li, Shenmin Song, Hu ZhangPages: 3303-332510. A group decision process based on expert analysis and criteria coalition to measure municipalities’ financial distressAuthor(s): Manuel A. Fernández, Elías Bendodo, José R. Sánchez, Francisco E. CabreraPages: 3327-334511. Semantic distance between vague concepts in a framework of modeling with wordsAuthor(s): Weifeng Zhang, Hua Hu, Haiyang Hu, Jinglong FangPages: 3347-336412. Conception and implementation of a data-driven prognostics algorithm for safety–critical systemsAuthor(s): Hatem M. Elattar, Hamdy K. Elminir, A. M. RiadPages: 3365-338213. Fuzzy reliability estimation using the new operations of transmission average on Rational-linear patchy fuzzy numbersAuthor(s): F. Abbasi, T. AllahviranlooPages: 3383-339614. iMOPSE: a library for bicriteria optimization in Multi-Skill Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling ProblemAuthor(s): Paweł B. Myszkowski, Maciej Laszczyk, Ivan Nikulin, Marek SkowrońskiPages: 3397-341015. Improved secure fuzzy auditing protocol for cloud data storageAuthor(s): Jindan Zhang, Baocang Wang, Debiao He, Xu An WangPages: 3411-342216. Adaptive differential evolution with multi-population-based mutation operators for constrained optimizationAuthor(s): Bin Xu, Lili Tao, Xu Chen, Wushan ChengPages: 3423-344717. Bio-inspired heuristics for layer thickness optimization in multilayer piezoelectric transducer for broadband structuresAuthor(s): Aneela Zameer, Mohsin Majeed, Sikander M. MirzaPages: 3449-346318. A generic heuristic for multi-project scheduling problems with global and local resource constraints (RCMPSP)Author(s): Félix Villafáñez, David Poza, Adolfo López-Paredes, Javier PajaresPages: 3465-347919. Supplier’s strategy: align with the dominant entrant retailer or the vulnerable incumbent retailer?Author(s): Ye Wang, Wansheng Tang, Ruiqing ZhaoPages: 3481-350020. Finding suitable membership functions for fuzzy temporal mining problems using fuzzy temporal bees methodAuthor(s): Mojtaba Asadollahpour Chamazi, Homayun MotameniPages: 3501-351821. A fuzzy genetic approach for velocity estimation in wind-tunnelAuthor(s): Hamed Vahdat-Nejad, Mojtaba Dehghan-Manshadi, Mahdi KheradPages: 3519-352722. Adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system for evaluating dysarthric automatic speech recognition (ASR) systems: a case study on MVML-based ASRAuthor(s): Adeleh Asemi, Siti Salwah Binti Salim, Seyed Reza Shahamiri, Asefeh AsemiPages: 3529-354423. Sliding-window metaheuristic optimization-based forecast system for foreign exchange analysisAuthor(s): Jui-Sheng Chou, Thi Thu Ha TruongPages: 3545-3561 Read more »
  • Evolving Systems, Volume 10, Issue 1, March 2019
    Special Issue: Foundations and Applications of Evolving Intelligence at the 21 Century (Volume 2)1. EditorialAuthor(s): Lazaros Iliadis, Ilias MaglogiannisPages: 1-22. Heuristic and metaheuristic solutions of pickup and delivery problem for self-driving taxi routingAuthor(s): Viacheslav Shalamov, Andrey Filchenkov, Anatoly ShalytoPages: 3-113. Applying nature-inspired optimization algorithms for selecting important timestamps to reduce time series dimensionalityAuthor(s): Muhammad Marwan Muhammad FuadPages: 13-284. ILIOU machine learning preprocessing method for depression type predictionAuthor(s): Theodoros Iliou, Georgia Konstantopoulou, Mandani NtekouliPages: 29-395. A machine learning approach for asperities’ location identificationAuthor(s): Konstantinos Arvanitakis, Ioannis Karydis, Katia L. KermanidisPages: 41-506. Hybrid local boosting utilizing unlabeled data in classification tasksAuthor(s): Christos K. Aridas, Sotiris B. Kotsiantis, Michael N. VrahatisPages: 51-617. Multi-label active learning: key issues and a novel query strategyAuthor(s): Everton Alvares Cherman, Yannis Papanikolaou, Grigorios TsoumakasPages: 63-78 Read more »
  • IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems - Papers Published April 2019
    1. General 3-D Type-II Fuzzy Logic Systems in the Polar Frame: Concept and PracticeAuthor(s): H Zakeri, F M Nejad, A Fahimifar2. Survey of Fuzzy Min–Max Neural Network for Pattern Classification Variants and ApplicationsAuthor(s): O N Al Sayaydeh, M F Mohammed, C P Lim3. A Novel Finite-Time Adaptive Fuzzy Tracking Control Scheme for Nonstrict Feedback SystemsAuthor(s): Y Liu, X Liu, Y Jing, Z Zhang4. Dissipativity-Preserving Model Reduction for Takagi–Sugeno Fuzzy SystemsAuthor(s): Y Ren, Q Li, D-W Ding, X Xie5. Quality Control Process Based on Fuzzy Random VariablesAuthor(s): G Hesamian, M G Akbari, R Yaghoobpoor6. Multiobjective $H_{2}/H_{\infty }$ Control Design of the Nonlinear Mean-Field Stochastic Jump-Diffusion Systems via Fuzzy ApproachAuthor(s): C-F Wu, B-S Chen, W Zhang7. A Metahierarchical Rule Decision System to Design Robust Fuzzy Classifiers Based on Data ComplexityAuthor(s): J Cozar, A Fernandez, F Herrera, J A Gamez8. A Method of Measuring Uncertainty for Z-NumberAuthor(s): B Kang, Y Deng, K Hewage, R Sadiq9. A Weighted Least Squares Fuzzy Regression for Crisp Input-Fuzzy Output DataAuthor(s): J Chachi10. An SOS-Based Sliding Mode Controller Design for a Class of Polynomial Fuzzy SystemsAuthor(s): H Zhang, Y Wang, J Zhang, Y Wang11. Fuzzy Pushdown Termination GamesAuthor(s): H Pan, F Song, Y Cao, J Qian12. Granular Fuzzy Modeling for Multidimensional Numeric Data: A Layered Approach Based on HyperboxAuthor(s): W Lu, D Shan, W Pedrycz, L Zhang, J Yang, X Liu13. Decentralized Dissipative Filtering for Delayed Nonlinear Interconnected Systems Based on T–S Fuzzy ModelAuthor(s): Y Liu, F Fang, J H Park14. Delayed Fuzzy Control of a 1-D Reaction-Diffusion Equation Using Sampled-in-Space Sensing and ActuationAuthor(s): W Kang, D-W Ding15. Supervised Learning to Aggregate Data With the Sugeno IntegralAuthor(s): M Gagolewski, S James, G Beliakov16. Interval Observer Design for Discrete-Time Uncertain Takagi–Sugeno Fuzzy SystemsAuthor(s): J Li, Z Wang, Y Shen, Y Wang17. Characterization of Quadratic Aggregation FunctionsAuthor(s): S Tasena Read more »
  • IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems - Papers Published March 2019
    1. Intelligent Backstepping Control Using Recurrent Feature Selection Fuzzy Neural Network for Synchronous Reluctance Motor Position Servo Drive SystemAuthor(s): F-J Lin, S-G Chen, C-W Hsu2. Generalized Dempster–Shafer StructuresAuthor(s): R R Yager3. Fuzzy Peak-to-Peak Filtering for Networked Nonlinear Systems With Multipath Data Packet DropoutsAuthor(s): X-H Chang; Q Liu, Y-M Wang, J Xiong4. Distributed Fuzzy Adaptive Backstepping Optimal Control for Nonlinear Multimissile Guidance Systems With Input SaturationAuthor(s): J Sun, C Liu5. Dynamic Output Feedback Predictive Control With One Free Control Move for the Takagi–Sugeno Model With Bounded DisturbanceAuthor(s): J Hu, B Ding6. Another View on Generalized Intuitionistic Fuzzy Soft Sets and Related Multiattribute Decision Making MethodsAuthor(s): F Feng, H Fujita, M I Ali, R R Yager, X Liu7. A Novel Three-Dimensional Fuzzy Modeling Method for Nonlinear Distributed Parameter SystemsAuthor(s): X-X Zhang, L-R Zhao, H-X Li, S-W Ma8. iPatch: A Many-Objective Type-2 Fuzzy Logic System for Field Workforce OptimizationAuthor(s): A Starkey, H Hagras, S Shakya, G Owusu9. Similarity Measures for Closed General Type-2 Fuzzy Sets: Overview, Comparisons, and a Geometric ApproachAuthor(s): D Wu, J M Mendel10. Intuitionistic Fuzzy Rough Set-Based Granular Structures and Attribute Subset SelectionAuthor(s): A Tan, W-Z Wu, Y Qian, J Liang, J Chen, J Li11. Novel Stabilization Criteria for T–S Fuzzy Systems With Affine Matched Membership FunctionsAuthor(s): S Lee12. Wavelet-TSK-Type Fuzzy Cerebellar Model Neural Network for Uncertain Nonlinear SystemsAuthor(s): J Zhao, C-M Lin13. Sparse Representation-Based Intuitionistic Fuzzy Clustering Approach to Find the Group Intra-Relations and Group Leaders for Large-Scale Decision MakingAuthor(s): R-X Ding, X Wang, K Shang, B Liu, F Herrera14. Finite-Time Convergence Adaptive Fuzzy Control for Dual-Arm Robot With Unknown Kinematics and DynamicsAuthor(s): C Yang, Y Jiang, J Na, Z Li, L Cheng, C-Y Su15. The Properties of Fuzzy Tensor and Its Application in Multiple Attribute Group Decision MakingAuthor(s): S Deng, J Liu, X Wang16. The Non-Smoothness Problem in Disturbance Observer Design: A Set-Invariance-Based Adaptive Fuzzy Control MethodAuthor(s): M Lv, S Baldi, Z Liu17. Monotonic Smooth Takagi–Sugeno Fuzzy Systems With Fuzzy Sets With Compact SupportAuthor(s): P Husek18. Ordered Weighted Averaging Aggregation on Convex PosetAuthor(s): L Jin, R Mesiar, R Yager Read more »
  • IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems - Papers Published February 2019
    1. Online Performance-Based Adaptive Fuzzy Dynamic Surface Control for Nonlinear Uncertain Systems Under Input SaturationAuthor(s): P Wang, X Zhang, J Zhu2. A Consensus Model for Large-Scale Linguistic Group Decision Making With a Feedback Recommendation Based on Clustered Personalized Individual Semantics and Opposing Consensus GroupsAuthor(s): C-C Li, Y Dong, F Herrera3. A Goal-Programming-Based Heuristic Approach to Deriving Fuzzy Weights in Analytic Form from Triangular Fuzzy Preference RelationsAuthor(s): Z-J Wang4. Finite-Time Stabilization for Discontinuous Interconnected Delayed Systems via Interval Type-2 T–S Fuzzy Model ApproachAuthor(s): N Rong, Z Wang, H Zhang5. Efficient Robust Fuzzy Model Predictive Control of Discrete Nonlinear Time-Delay Systems via Razumikhin ApproachAuthor(s): L Teng, Y Wang, W Cai, H Li6. Omitting Types Theorem for Fuzzy LogicsAuthor(s): P Cintula, D Diaconescu7. A Novel Fuzzy Observer-Based Steering Control Approach for Path Tracking in Autonomous VehiclesAuthor(s): C Zhang, J Hu, J Qiu, W Yang, H Sun, Q Chen8. Fuzzy Transfer Learning Using an Infinite Gaussian Mixture Model and Active LearningAuthor(s): H Zuo, J Lu, G Zhang, F Liu9. Design of Hidden-Property-Based Variable Universe Fuzzy Control for Movement Disorders and Its Efficient Reconfigurable ImplementationAuthor(s): S Yang, B Deng, J Wang, C Liu, H Li, Q Lin, C Fietkie, K A Loparo10. Consensus Building With Individual Consistency Control in Group Decision MakingAuthor(s): C-C Li, R M Rodrigues, L Martinez, Y Dong, F Herrera11. General Type-2 Radial Basis Function Neural Network: A Data-Driven Fuzzy ModelAuthor(s): A Rubio-Solis, P Melin, U Martinez-Hernandez, G Panoutsos12. Fuzzy Rule-Based Domain Adaptation in Homogeneous and Heterogeneous SpacesAuthor(s): H Zuo, J Lu, G Zhang, W Pedrycz13. From Fuzzy Sets to Interval-Valued and Atanassov Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets: A Unified View of Different Axiomatic MeasuresAuthor(s): I Couso, H Bustince14. Consistency Measures of Linguistic Preference Relations With HedgesAuthor(s): H Wang, Z Xu, X-J Zeng, H Liao15. Noise Robust Multiobjective Evolutionary Clustering Image Segmentation Motivated by the Intuitionistic Fuzzy InformationAuthor(s): F Zhao, J Fan, H Liu, R Lan, C W Chen16. Enhanced Predictor-Based Control Synthesis for Discrete-Time TS Fuzzy Descriptor Systems With Time-Varying Input DelaysAuthor(s): A Gonzalez, T-M Guerra Read more »
  • Soft Computing, Volume 23, Issue 9, May 2019
    1. Special issue on: Optimization methods for decision making: advances and applicationsAuthor(s): Patrizia Beraldi, Maurizio Boccia, Claudio SterlePages: 2849-28522. A configurational approach based on geographic information systems to support decision-making process in real estate domainAuthor(s): Valerio Di Pinto, Antonio M. RinaldiPages: 2853-28623. A “pay-how-you-drive” car insurance approach through cluster analysisAuthor(s): Maria Francesca Carfora, Fabio Martinelli, Francesco MercaldoPages: 2863-28754. A decision support system to improve performances of airport check-in servicesAuthor(s): Giuseppe Bruno, Antonio Diglio, Andrea Genovese, Carmela PiccoloPages: 2877-28865. Sparse analytic hierarchy process: an experimental analysisAuthor(s): Gabriele Oliva, Roberto Setola, Antonio Scala, Paolo Dell’OlmoPages: 2887-28986. Sustainability-based review of urban freight modelsAuthor(s): Maria Elena Nenni, Antonio Sforza, Claudio SterlePages: 2899-29097. MIP-based heuristic approaches for the capacitated edge activation problem: the effect of non-compactnessAuthor(s): Sara MattiaPages: 2911-29218. Scheduling ships movements within a canal harborAuthor(s): Paola Pellegrini, Giacomo di Tollo, Raffaele PesentiPages: 2923-29369. Checking weak optimality and strong boundedness in interval linear programmingAuthor(s): Elif Garajová, Milan HladíkPages: 2937-294510. The Minimum Routing Cost Tree ProblemAuthor(s): Adriano Masone, Maria Elena Nenni, Antonio Sforza, Claudio SterlePages: 2947-295711. An effective heuristic for large-scale fault-tolerant k-median problemAuthor(s): Igor Vasilyev, Anton V. Ushakov, Nadezhda Maltugueva, Antonio SforzaPages: 2959-296712. Global optimization in machine learning: the design of a predictive analytics applicationAuthor(s): Antonio Candelieri, Francesco ArchettiPages: 2969-297713. The risk-averse traveling repairman problem with profitsAuthor(s): P. Beraldi, M. E. Bruni, D. Laganà, R. MusmannoPages: 2979-299314. Multi-objective stable matching and distributional constraintsAuthor(s): Mangesh Gharote, Nitin Phuke, Rahul Patil, Sachin LodhaPages: 2995-301115. Computational study of separation algorithms for clique inequalitiesAuthor(s): Francesca Marzi, Fabrizio Rossi, Stefano SmriglioPages: 3013-302716. Implementation of an intelligent hybrid simulation systems for WMNs based on particle swarm optimization and simulated annealing: performance evaluation for different replacement methodsAuthor(s): Shinji Sakamoto, Kosuke Ozera, Admir Barolli, Makoto IkedaPages: 3029-303517. Weighted network graph for interpersonal communication with temporal regularityAuthor(s): Ryoichi Shinkuma, Yuki Sugimoto, Yuichi InagakiPages: 3037-305118. Sparse multi-criteria optimization classifier for credit risk evaluationAuthor(s): Zhiwang Zhang, Jing He, Guangxia Gao, Yingjie TianPages: 3053-306619. Enhanced quantum-based neural network learning and its application to signature verificationAuthor(s): Om Prakash Patel, Aruna Tiwari, Rishabh Chaudhary…Pages: 3067-308020. Patch-based fuzzy clustering for image segmentationAuthor(s): Xiaofeng Zhang, Qiang Guo, Yujuan Sun, Hui Liu, Gang Wang, Qingtang Su…Pages: 3081-309321. Bee swarm optimization for solving the MAXSAT problem using prior knowledgeAuthor(s): Youcef Djenouri, Zineb Habbas, Djamel Djenouri, Philippe Fournier-VigerPages: 3095-311222. Self-adaptive parameters in differential evolution based on fitness performance with a perturbation strategyAuthor(s): Chen-Yang Cheng, Shu-Fen Li, Yu-Cheng LinPages: 3113-312823. A vegetable category recognition system: a comparison study for caffe and Chainer DNN frameworksAuthor(s): Makoto Ikeda, Tetsuya Oda, Leonard BarolliPages: 3129-313624. A survey on handling computationally expensive multiobjective optimization problems with evolutionary algorithmsAuthor(s): Tinkle Chugh, Karthik Sindhya, Jussi Hakanen, Kaisa MiettinenPages: 3137-316625. Novel soft fuzzy rough rings (ideals) of rings and their application in decision makingAuthor(s): Kuan Yun ZhuPages: 3167-318926. A distributed hybrid index for processing continuous range queries over moving objectsAuthor(s): Ziqiang Yu, Fatos Xhafa, Yuehui Chen, Kun MaPages: 3191-3205 Read more »
  • Soft Computing, Volume 23, Issue 8, April 2019
    1. Soft computing approaches for next-generation sustainable systems (SCNGS)Author(s): Pasumpon Pandian, Xavier Fernando, Tomonobu SenjyuPages: 24832. Saliency detection in stereoscopic images using adaptive Gaussian Kernel and Gabor filterAuthor(s): Y. Rakesh, K. Sri Rama KrishnaPages: 2485-24983. Destination-aware context-based routing protocol with hybrid soft computing cluster algorithm for VANETAuthor(s): K. Aravindhan, C. Suresh Gnana DhasPages: 2499-25074. Optimal resource allocation algorithm for OFDMA-based WiMAX network using stochastic fish swarm optimizationAuthor(s): P. S. Kumaresh, A. V. RamprasadPages: 2509-25235. Gender classification from face images by mixing the classifier outcome of prime, distinct descriptorsAuthor(s): A. Geetha, M. Sundaram, B. VijayakumariPages: 2525-25356. Soft computing and trust-based self-organized hierarchical energy balance routing protocol (TSHEB) in wireless sensor networksAuthor(s): G. Asha, R. SanthoshPages: 2537-25437. Global biotic cross-pollination algorithm enhanced with evolutionary strategies for color image segmentationAuthor(s): S. N. Deepa, D. RasiPages: 2545-25598. Attribute-based hierarchical file encryption for efficient retrieval of files by DV index tree from cloud using crossover genetic algorithmAuthor(s): R. Naresh, M. Sayeekumar, G. M. Karthick, P. SuprajaPages: 2561-25749. A fuzzy entropy technique for dimensionality reduction in recommender systems using deep learningAuthor(s): B. Saravanan, V. Mohanraj, J. SenthilkumarPages: 2575-258310. Medical big data analysis: preserving security and privacy with hybrid cloud technologyAuthor(s): E. Shanmugapriya, R. KavithaPages: 2585-259611. A hybrid soft computing: SGP clustering methodology for enhancing network lifetime in wireless multimedia sensor networksAuthor(s): P. X. Britto, S. SelvanPages: 2597-260912. Digital acquisition and character extraction from stone inscription images using modified fuzzy entropy-based adaptive thresholdingAuthor(s): K. Durga Devi, P. Uma MaheswariPages: 2611-262613. A model predictive controller for improvement in power quality from a hybrid renewable energy systemAuthor(s): R. Muthukumar, P. BalamuruganPages: 2627-263514. Hybrid data fusion model for restricted information using Dempster–Shafer and adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference (DSANFI) systemAuthor(s): E. Brumancia, S. Justin Samuel, L. Mary Gladence, Karunya RathanPages: 2637-264415. Noninvasive method of epileptic detection using DWT and generalized regression neural networkAuthor(s): S. Vijay Anand, R. Shantha SelvakumariPages: 2645-265316. An adaptive neuro-fuzzy logic based jamming detection system in WSNAuthor(s): K. P. Vijayakumar, K. Pradeep Mohan Kumar, K. Kottilingam, T. KarthickPages: 2655-266717. Quality-based pattern C2 code score-level fusion in multimodal biometric authentication system using pattern netAuthor(s): S. Ilankumaran, C. Deisy, R. PandianPages: 2669-268218. A novel Nth-order IIR filter-based graphic equalizer optimized through genetic algorithm for computing filter orderAuthor(s): Shajin Prince, K. R. Shankar KumarPages: 2683-269119. A novel vessel detection and classification algorithm using a deep learning neural network model with morphological processing (M-DLNN)Author(s): S. Iwin Thanakumar Joseph, J. Sasikala, D. Sujitha JulietPages: 2693-270020. A novel PTS: grey wolf optimizer-based PAPR reduction technique in OFDM scheme for high-speed wireless applicationsAuthor(s): R. S. Suriavel Rao, P. MalathiPages: 2701-271221. Constraints handling in combinatorial interaction testing using multi-objective crow search and fruitfly optimizationAuthor(s): P. Ramgouda, V. ChandraprakashPages: 2713-272622. Hybrid intelligence system using fuzzy inference in cluster architecture for secured group communicationAuthor(s): M. Sayeekumar, G. M. Karthik, S. PuhazholiPages: 2727-273423. Enhanced secure communication over inter-domain routing in heterogeneous wireless networks based on analysis of BGP anomalies using soft computing techniquesAuthor(s): N. Elamathi, S. Jayashri, R. PitchaiPages: 2735-274624. Interblend fusing of genetic algorithm-based attribute selection for clustering heterogeneous data setAuthor(s): J. Dhayanithi, J. AkilandeswariPages: 2747-275925. FFcPsA: a fast finite conventional state using prefix pattern gene search algorithm for large sequence identificationAuthor(s): A. Surendar, M. Arun, A. Mahabub BashaPages: 2761-277126. Performance analysis of soft computing techniques for the automatic classification of fruits datasetAuthor(s): L. Rajasekar, D. SharmilaPages: 2773-278827. A hybrid genetic artificial neural network (G-ANN) algorithm for optimization of energy component in a wireless mesh network toward green computingAuthor(s): B. Prakash, S. Jayashri, T. S. KarthikPages: 2789-279828. IoT complex communication architecture for smart cities based on soft computing modelsAuthor(s): Daming Li, Zhiming Cai, Lianbing Deng, Xiang YaoPages: 2799-281229. Video analytics-based intelligent surveillance system for smart buildingsAuthor(s): K. S. Gautam, Senthil Kumar ThangavelPages: 2813-283730. An approach for automatic detection of fetal gestational age at the third trimester using kidney length and biparietal diameterAuthor(s): S. Meenakshi, M. Suganthi, P. Suresh KumarPages: 2839-2848 Read more »
  • IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Volume 30, Issue 4, April 2019.
    1. Denoising Adversarial AutoencodersAuthor(s):  Antonia Creswell; Anil Anthony BharathPages: 968 - 9842. A Novel Cluster Validity Index Based on Local CoresAuthor(s):  Dongdong Cheng; Qingsheng Zhu; Jinlong Huang; Quanwang Wu; Lijun YangPages: 985 - 9993. Exponential Synchronization for Delayed Dynamical Networks via Intermittent Control: Dealing With Actuator SaturationsAuthor(s):  Yonggang Chen; Zidong Wang; Bo Shen; Hongli DongPages: 1000 - 10124. Semantically Modeling of Object and Context for CategorizationAuthor(s):  Chunjie Zhang; Jian Cheng; Qi TianPages: 1013 - 10245. Exponential Synchronizationlike Criterion for State-Dependent Impulsive Dynamical NetworksAuthor(s):  Liangliang Li; Xin Wang; Chuandong Li; Yuming FengPages: 1025 - 10336. Variational Bayesian Learning of Generalized Dirichlet-Based Hidden Markov Models Applied to Unusual Events DetectionAuthor(s):  Elise Epaillard; Nizar BouguilaPages: 1034 - 10477. Self-Organizing Neuroevolution for Solving Carpool Service Problem With Dynamic Capacity to Alternate MatchesAuthor(s):  Ming-Kai Jiau; Shih-Chia HuangPages: 1048 - 10608. Online Robust Low-Rank Tensor Modeling for Streaming Data AnalysisAuthor(s):  Ping Li; Jiashi Feng; Xiaojie Jin; Luming Zhang; Xianghua Xu; Shuicheng YanPages: 1061 - 10759. Adaptive Neural State-Feedback Tracking Control of Stochastic Nonlinear Switched Systems: An Average Dwell-Time MethodAuthor(s):  Ben Niu; Ding Wang; Naif D. Alotaibi; Fuad E. AlsaadiPages: 1076 - 108710. Active Learning From Imbalanced Data: A Solution of Online Weighted Extreme Learning MachineAuthor(s):  Hualong Yu; Xibei Yang; Shang Zheng; Changyin SunPages: 1088 - 110311. Perception Coordination Network: A Neuro Framework for Multimodal Concept Acquisition and BindingAuthor(s):  You-Lu Xing; Xiao-Feng Shi; Fu-Rao Shen; Jin-Xi Zhao; Jing-Xin Pan; Ah-Hwee TanPages: 1104 - 111812. Adaptive Learning Control for Nonlinear Systems With Randomly Varying Iteration LengthsAuthor(s):  Dong Shen; Jian-Xin XuPages: 1119 - 113213. Flexible Affinity Matrix Learning for Unsupervised and Semisupervised ClassificationAuthor(s):  Xiaozhao Fang; Na Han; Wai Keung Wong; Shaohua Teng; Jigang Wu; Shengli Xie; Xuelong LiPages: 1133 - 114914. Fast Inference Predictive Coding: A Novel Model for Constructing Deep Neural NetworksAuthor(s):  Zengjie Song; Jiangshe Zhang; Guang Shi; Junmin LiuPages: 1150 - 116515. Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction With Missing Data Using Parametric Multiple ImputationsAuthor(s):  Cyril de Bodt; Dounia Mulders; Michel Verleysen; John Aldo LeePages: 1166 - 117916. Domain Adaption via Feature Selection on Explicit Feature MapAuthor(s):  Wan-Yu Deng; Amaury Lendasse; Yew-Soon Ong; Ivor Wai-Hung Tsang; Lin Chen; Qing-Hua ZhengPages: 1180 - 119017. Universal Approximation Capability of Broad Learning System and Its Structural VariationsAuthor(s):  C. L. Philip Chen; Zhulin Liu; Shuang FengPages: 1191 - 120418. Dualityfree Methods for Stochastic Composition OptimizationAuthor(s):  Liu Liu; Ji Liu; Dacheng TaoPages: 1205 - 121719. Event-Based Line Fitting and Segment Detection Using a Neuromorphic Visual SensorAuthor(s):  David Reverter Valeiras; Xavier Clady; Sio-Hoi Ieng; Ryad BenosmanPages: 1218 - 123020. SEFRON: A New Spiking Neuron Model With Time-Varying Synaptic Efficacy Function for Pattern ClassificationAuthor(s):  Abeegithan Jeyasothy; Suresh Sundaram; Narasimhan SundararajanPages: 1231 - 124021. Bounded Neural Network Control for Target Tracking of Underactuated Autonomous Surface Vehicles in the Presence of Uncertain Target DynamicsAuthor(s):  Lu Liu; Dan Wang; Zhouhua Peng; C. L. Philip Chen; Tieshan LiPages: 1241 - 124922. Category-Based Deep CCA for Fine-Grained Venue Discovery From Multimodal DataAuthor(s):  Yi Yu; Suhua Tang; Kiyoharu Aizawa; Akiko AizawaPages: 1250 - 125823. Markov Boundary-Based Outlier MiningAuthor(s):  Kui Yu; Huanhuan ChenPages: 1259 - 126424. Spectral Embedded Adaptive Neighbors ClusteringAuthor(s):  Qi Wang; Zequn Qin; Feiping Nie; Xuelong LiPages: 1265 - 127125. Approximation of Ensemble Boundary Using Spectral CoefficientsAuthor(s):  T. Windeatt; C. Zor; N. C. CamgozPages: 1272 - 127726. Developmental Resonance NetworkAuthor(s):  Gyeong-Moon Park; Jae-Woo Choi; Jong-Hwan KimPages: 1278 - 1284 Read more »
  • Soft Computing, Volume 23, Issue 7, April 2019
    1) Many-valued Logics for Reasoning: Essays in Honor of Lluís Godo on the Occasion of his 60th BirthdayAuthor(s): Didier Dubois, Francesc Esteva, Tommaso Flaminio, Carles NogueraPages: 2125-21272) On linear varieties of MTL-algebrasAuthor(s): Stefano Aguzzoli, Matteo BianchiPages: 2129-21463) A distributed argumentation algorithm for mining consistent opinions in weighted Twitter discussionsAuthor(s): Teresa Alsinet, Josep Argelich, Ramón Béjar, Joel CemeliPages: 2147-21664) Paraconsistency and the need for infinite semanticsAuthor(s): Arnon AvronPages: 2167-21755) Syntactic characterizations of classes of first-order structures in mathematical fuzzy logicAuthor(s): Guillermo Badia, Vicent Costa, Pilar Dellunde, Carles NogueraPages: 2177-21866) New complexity results for Łukasiewicz logicAuthor(s): Miquel Bofill, Felip Manyà, Amanda Vidal, Mateu VillaretPages: 2187-21977) Pseudomonadic BL-algebras: an algebraic approach to possibilistic BL-logicAuthor(s): Manuela Busaniche, Penélope Cordero, Ricardo Oscar RodriguezPages: 2199-22128) Combining fragments of classical logic: When are interaction principles needed?Author(s): Carlos Caleiro, Sérgio Marcelino, João MarcosPages: 2213-22319) Toward a general frame semantics for modal many-valued logicsAuthor(s): Petr Cintula, Paula Menchón, Carles NogueraPages: 2233-224110) Swap structures semantics for Ivlev-like modal logicsAuthor(s): Marcelo E. Coniglio, Ana Claudia GolzioPages: 2243-225411) Connecting fuzzy logic and argumentation frames via logical attack principlesAuthor(s): Esther Anna Corsi, Christian G. FermüllerPages: 2255-227012) On an operation with regular elementsAuthor(s): Rodolfo C. Ertola-BirabenPages: 2271-227813) Implicit definability of truth constants in Łukasiewicz logicAuthor(s): Zuzana HanikováPages: 2279-228714) Betting on continuous independent eventsAuthor(s): Daniele MundiciPages: 2289-229515) Compatibly involutive residuated lattices and the Nelson identityAuthor(s): Matthew Spinks, Umberto Rivieccio, Thiago NascimentoPages: 2297-232016) On network analysis using non-additive integrals: extending the game-theoretic network centralityAuthor(s): Vicenç Torra, Yasuo NarukawaPages: 2321-232917) Representations for logics and algebras related to revised drastic product t-normAuthor(s): Diego ValotaPages: 2331-234218) A fuzzy-based classification strategy (FBCS) based on brain–computer interfaceAuthor(s): Ahmed I. Saleh, Sahar A. Shehata, Labeeb M. LabeebPages: 2343-236719) A soft-computing-based approach to artificial visual attention using human eye-fixation paradigm: toward a human-like skill in robot visionAuthor(s): Kurosh Madani, Viachaslau Kachurka, Christophe Sabourin, Vladimir GolovkoPages: 2369-238920) An FPN-based classification method for speech intelligibility detection of children with speech impairmentsAuthor(s): Fadhilah Rosdi, Siti Salwah Salim, Mumtaz Begum MustafaPages: 2391-240821) An effective improved differential evolution algorithm to solve constrained optimization problemsAuthor(s): Xiaobing Yu, Yiqun Lu, Xuming Wang, Xiang Luo, Mei CaiPages: 2409-242722) Scalable scene understanding via saliency consensusAuthor(s): Bharath Ramesh, Nicholas Lim Zhi Jian, Liang Chen, Cheng Xiang, Zhi GaoPages: 2429-2443223) A novel intelligent diagnosis method using optimal LS-SVM with improved PSO algorithmAuthor(s): Wu Deng, Rui Yao, Huimin Zhao, Xinhua Yang, Guangyu LiPages: 2445-246224) Comparison of a genetic programming approach with ANFIS for power amplifier behavioral modeling and FPGA implementationAuthor(s): José Alejandro Galaviz-Aguilar, Patrick RoblinPages: 2463-2481 Read more »
  • Complex and Intelligent Systems, Volume 5, Issue 1, March 2019
    1. Rare pattern mining: challenges and future perspectivesAuthor(s): Anindita Borah, Bhabesh NathPages: 1-232. LSHADE-SPA memetic framework for solving large-scale optimization problemsAuthor(s): Anas A. Hadi, Ali W. Mohamed, Kamal M. JambiPages: 25-403. Interval-valued Pythagorean fuzzy Einstein hybrid weighted averaging aggregation operator and their application to group decision makingAuthor(s): Khaista Rahman, Saleem Abdullah, Asad Ali, Fazli AminPages: 41-524. Evaluation of firms applying to Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award: a modified fuzzy AHP methodAuthor(s): Serhat Aydın, Cengiz KahramanPages: 53-635. Intuitionistic trapezoidal fuzzy multi-numbers and its application to multi-criteria decision-making problemsAuthor(s): Vakkas Uluçay, Irfan Deli, Mehmet ŞahinPages: 65-786. Controlling disturbances of islanding in a gas power plant via fuzzy-based neural network approach with a focus on load-shedding systemAuthor(s): M. Moloudi, A. H. MazinanPages: 79-89 Read more »
  • Soft Computing, Volume 23, Issue 6, March 2019
    1. Editorial to image processing with soft computing techniquesAuthor(s): Irina Perfilieva, Javier Montero, Salvatore SessaPages: 1777-17782. Hyperspectral imaging using notions from type-2 fuzzy setsAuthor(s): A. Lopez-Maestresalas, L. De Miguel, C. Lopez-Molina, S. ArazuriPages: 1779-17933. Sensitivity analysis for image represented by fuzzy functionAuthor(s): Petr Hurtik, Nicolás Madrid, Martin DybaPages: 1795-18074. A new edge detection method based on global evaluation using fuzzy clusteringAuthor(s): Pablo A. Flores-Vidal, Pablo Olaso, Daniel Gómez, Carely GuadaPages: 1809-18215. An image segmentation technique using nonsubsampled contourlet transform and active contoursAuthor(s): Lingling FangPages: 1823-18326. Total variation with nonlocal FT-Laplacian for patch-based inpaintingAuthor(s): Irina Perfilieva, Pavel VlašánekPages: 1833-18417. Biometric recognition using finger and palm vein imagesAuthor(s): S Bharathi, R SudhakarPages: 1843-18558. Design of meteorological pattern classification system based on FCM-based radial basis function neural networks using meteorological radar dataAuthor(s): Eun-Hu Kim, Jun-Hyun Ko, Sung-Kwun Oh, Kisung SeoPages: 1857-187259. Zadeh max–min composition fuzzy rule for dominated pixel values in iris localizationAuthor(s): S. G. Gino Sophia, V. Ceronmani SharmilaPages: 1873-188910. Fusion linear representation-based classificationAuthor(s): Zhonghua Liu, Guosen Xie, Lin Zhang, Jiexin PuPages: 1891-189911. A novel optimization algorithm for recommender system using modified fuzzy c-means clustering approachAuthor(s): C. Selvi, E. SivasankarPages: 1901-191612. Energy-aware virtual machine allocation and selection in cloud data centersAuthor(s): V. Dinesh Reddy, G. R. Gangadharan, G. Subrahmanya V. R. K. RaoPages: 1917-193213. An extensive evaluation of search-based software testing: a reviewAuthor(s): Manju Khari, Prabhat KumarPages: 1933-194614. A parallel hybrid optimization algorithm for some network design problemsAuthor(s): Ibrahima Diarrassouba, Mohamed Khalil Labidi, A. Ridha MahjoubPages: 1947-196415. Structure evolution-based design for low-pass IIR digital filters with the sharp transition band and the linear phase passbandAuthor(s): Lijia Chen, Mingguo Liu, Jing Wu, Jianfeng Yang, Zhen DaiPages: 1965-198416. A new approach to construct similarity measure for intuitionistic fuzzy setsAuthor(s): Yafei Song, Xiaodan Wang, Wen Quan, Wenlong HuangPages: 1985-199817. Similarity measures of generalized trapezoidal fuzzy numbers for fault diagnosisAuthor(s): Jianjun Xie, Wenyi Zeng, Junhong Li, Qian YinPages: 1999-201418. Discussing incomplete 2-tuple fuzzy linguistic preference relations in multi-granular linguistic MCGDM with unknown weight informationAuthor(s): Xue-yang Zhang, Hong-yu Zhang, Jian-qiang WangPages: 2015-203219. A hybrid biogeography-based optimization and fuzzy C-means algorithm for image segmentationAuthor(s): Minxia Zhang, Weixuan Jiang, Xiaohan Zhou, Yu Xue, Shengyong ChenPages: 2033-204620. Vibration control of a structure using sliding-mode hedge-algebras-based controllerAuthor(s): Duc-Trung Tran, Van-Binh Bui, Tung-Anh Le, Hai-Le BuiPages: 2047-205921. Efficient obfuscation for CNF circuits and applications in cloud computingAuthor(s): Huang Zhang, Fangguo Zhang, Rong Cheng, Haibo TianPages: 2061-207222. Modeling and comparison of the series systems with imperfect coverage for an unreliable serverAuthor(s): Ching-Chang Kuo, Jau-Chuan KePages: 2073-208223. Gravitational search algorithm and K-means for simultaneous feature selection and data clustering: a multi-objective approachAuthor(s): Jay Prakash, Pramod Kumar SinghPages: 2083-210024. Towards efficient privacy-preserving encrypted image search in cloud computingAuthor(s): Yuan Wang, Meixia Miao, Jian Shen, Jianfeng WangPages: 2101-211225. Complete image fusion method based on fuzzy transformsAuthor(s): Ferdinando Di Martino, Salvatore SessaPages: 2113-2123 Read more »
  • Complex & Intelligent Systems, Volume 5, Issue 1, March 2019
    1. Rare pattern mining: challenges and future perspectivesAuthor(s): Anindita Borah, Bhabesh Nath Pages: 1-232. LSHADE-SPA memetic framework for solving large-scale optimization problemsAuthor(s):Anas A. Hadi, Ali W. Mohamed, Kamal M. Jambi Pages: 25-403. Interval-valued Pythagorean fuzzy Einstein hybrid weighted averaging aggregation operator and their application to group decision makingAuthor(s):Khaista Rahman, Saleem Abdullah, Asad Ali, Fazli Amin Pages: 41-524. Evaluation of firms applying to Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award: a modified fuzzy AHP methodAuthor(s):Serhat Aydin, Cengiz Kahraman Pages: 53-635. Intuitionistic trapezoidal fuzzy multi-numbers and its application to multi-criteria decision-making problemsAuthor(s):Vakkas Ulucay, Irfan Deli, Mehmet Sahin Pages: 65-786. Controlling disturbances of islanding in a gas power plant via fuzzy-based neural network approach with a focus on load-shedding systemAuthor(s):M. Moloudi, A. H. Mazinan Pages: 79-89 Read more »
  • IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Volume 30, Issue 3, March 2019
    1. NullHop: A Flexible Convolutional Neural Network Accelerator Based on Sparse Representations of Feature MapsAuthor(s): Alessandro Aimar; Hesham Mostafa; Enrico Calabrese; Antonio Rios-Navarro; Ricardo Tapiador-Morales; Iulia-Alexandra Lungu; Moritz B. Milde; Federico Corradi; Alejandro Linares-Barranco; Shih-Chii Liu; Tobi DelbruckPages: 644 - 6562. Robust Dimension Reduction for Clustering With Local Adaptive LearningAuthor(s): Xiao-Dong Wang; Rung-Ching Chen; Zhi-Qiang Zeng; Chao-Qun Hong; Fei YanPages: 657 - 6693. Learning of a Decision-Maker’s Preference Zone With an Evolutionary ApproachAuthor(s): Manish AggarwalPages: 670 - 6824. Fine-Grained Image Classification Using Modified DCNNs Trained by Cascaded Softmax and Generalized Large-Margin LossesAuthor(s): Weiwei Shi; Yihong Gong; Xiaoyu Tao; De Cheng; Nanning ZhengPages: 683 - 6945. Distributed Generalized Nash Equilibrium Seeking Algorithm Design for Aggregative Games Over Weight-Balanced DigraphsAuthor(s): Zhenhua Deng; Xiaohong NianPages: 695 - 7066. DBSDA: Lowering the Bound of Misclassification Rate for Sparse Linear Discriminant Analysis via Model DebiasingAuthor(s): Haoyi Xiong; Wei Cheng; Jiang Bian; Wenqing Hu; Zeyi Sun; Zhishan GuoPages: 707 - 7177. Modulation Classification Based on Signal Constellation Diagrams and Deep LearningAuthor(s): Shengliang Peng; Hanyu Jiang; Huaxia Wang; Hathal Alwageed; Yu Zhou; Marjan Mazrouei Sebdani; Yu-Dong YaoPages: 718 - 7278. ICFS Clustering With Multiple Representatives for Large DataAuthor(s): Liang Zhao; Zhikui Chen; Yi Yang; Liang Zou; Z. Jane WangPages: 728 - 7389. Exponential Stabilization of Fuzzy Memristive Neural Networks With Hybrid Unbounded Time-Varying DelaysAuthor(s): Yin Sheng; Frank L. Lewis; Zhigang ZengPages: 739 - 75010. A Fused CP Factorization Method for Incomplete TensorsAuthor(s): Yuankai Wu; Huachun Tan; Yong Li; Jian Zhang; Xiaoxuan ChenPages: 751 - 76411. Indefinite Kernel Logistic Regression With Concave-Inexact-Convex ProcedureAuthor(s): Fanghui Liu; Xiaolin Huang; Chen Gong; Jie Yang; Johan A. K. SuykensPages: 765 - 77612. Robot Learning System Based on Adaptive Neural Control and Dynamic Movement PrimitivesAuthor(s): Chenguang Yang; Chuize Chen; Wei He; Rongxin Cui; Zhijun LiPages: 777 - 78713. Discriminative Feature Selection via Employing Smooth and Robust Hinge LossAuthor(s): Hanyang Peng; Cheng-Lin LiuPages: 788 - 80214. A Fast and Accurate Matrix Completion Method Based on QR Decomposition and L2,1 Norm MinimizationAuthor(s): Qing Liu; Franck Davoine; Jian Yang; Ying Cui; Zhong Jin; Fei HanPages: 803 - 81715. Local Restricted Convolutional Neural Network for Change Detection in Polarimetric SAR ImagesAuthor(s): Fang Liu; Licheng Jiao; Xu Tang; Shuyuan Yang; Wenping Ma; Biao HouPages: 818 - 83316. Cost-Effective Object Detection: Active Sample Mining With Switchable Selection CriteriaAuthor(s): Keze Wang; Liang Lin; Xiaopeng Yan; Ziliang Chen; Dongyu Zhang; Lei ZhangPages: 834 - 85017. Multiview Subspace Clustering via Tensorial t-Product RepresentationAuthor(s): Ming Yin; Junbin Gao; Shengli Xie; Yi GuoPages: 851 - 86418. Exploring Self-Repair in a Coupled Spiking Astrocyte Neural NetworkAuthor(s): Junxiu Liu; Liam J. Mcdaid; Jim Harkin; Shvan Karim; Anju P. Johnson; Alan G. Millard; James Hilder; David M. Halliday; Andy M. Tyrrell; Jon TimmisPages: 865 - 87519. Fast and Accurate Hierarchical Clustering Based on Growing Multilayer Topology TrainingAuthor(s): Yiu-ming Cheung; Yiqun ZhangPages: 876 - 89020. General Square-Pattern Discretization Formulas via Second-Order Derivative Elimination for Zeroing Neural Network Illustrated by Future OptimizationAuthor(s): Jian Li; Yunong Zhang; Mingzhi MaoPages: 891 - 90121. Optimal Control of Propagating Fronts by Using Level Set Methods and Neural ApproximationsAuthor(s): Angelo Alessandri; Patrizia Bagnerini; Mauro GaggeroPages: 902 - 91222. Robust Stabilization of Delayed Neural Networks: Dissipativity-Learning ApproachAuthor(s): Ramasamy Saravanakumar; Hyung Soo Kang; Choon Ki Ahn; Xiaojie Su; Hamid Reza KarimiPages: 913 - 92223. Asymptotically Optimal Contextual Bandit Algorithm Using Hierarchical StructuresAuthor(s): Mohammadreza Mohaghegh Neyshabouri; Kaan Gokcesu; Hakan Gokcesu; Huseyin Ozkan; Suleyman Serdar KozatPages: 923 - 93724. Adaptive Optimal Output Regulation of Time-Delay Systems via Measurement FeedbackAuthor(s): Weinan Gao; Zhong-Ping JiangPages: 938 - 94525. Unsupervised Knowledge Transfer Using Similarity EmbeddingsAuthor(s): Nikolaos Passalis; Anastasios TefasPages: 946 - 95026. Synchronization of Coupled Markovian Reaction–Diffusion Neural Networks With Proportional Delays Via Quantized ControlAuthor(s): Xinsong Yang; Qiang Song; Jinde Cao; Jianquan LuPages: 951 - 95827. Stepsize Range and Optimal Value for Taylor–Zhang Discretization Formula Applied to Zeroing Neurodynamics Illustrated via Future Equality-Constrained Quadratic ProgrammingAuthor(s): Yunong Zhang; Huihui Gong; Min Yang; Jian Li; Xuyun YangPages: 959 - 966 Read more »
  • IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems, Volume 27, Issue 1, Jan. 2019
    1) A Nested Tensor Product Model TransformationAuthor(s): Y Yu, Z Li, X Liu, K Hirota, X Chen, T Fernando, H H C LuPages: 1 - 15 2) High-order Intuitionistic Fuzzy Cognitive Map Based on Evidential Reasoning TheoryAuthor(s): Y Zhang, J Qin, P Shi, Y KangPages: 16 - 30 3) Joint Learning of Spectral Clustering Structure and Fuzzy Similarity Matrix of DataAuthor(s): Z Bian, H Ishibuchi, S WangPages: 31 - 44 4) Fuzzy Optimal Energy Management for Fuel Cell and Supercapacitor Systems Using Neural Network Based Driving Pattern RecognitionAuthor(s): R Zhang, J Tao, H ZhouPages: 45 - 57 5) Comparing the Performance Potentials of Interval and General Type-2 Rule-Based Fuzzy Systems in Terms of Sculpting the State SpaceAuthor(s): J M MendelPages: 58 - 71 6) LDS-FCM: A Linear Dynamical System Based Fuzzy C-Means Method for Tactile RecognitionAuthor(s): C Liu, W Huang, F Sun, M Luo, C TanPages: 72 - 83 7) Improving Risk Evaluation in FMEA With Cloud Model and Hierarchical TOPSIS MethodAuthor(s): H-C Liu, L-E Wang, Z-W Li, Y-P HuPages: 84 - 95 8) Finite-Time Adaptive Fuzzy Output Feedback Dynamic Surface Control for MIMO Nonstrict Feedback SystemsAuthor(s): Y Li, K Li, S TongPages: 96 - 1109) BPEC: Belief-Peaks Evidential ClusteringAuthor(s): Z-G Su, T DenoeuxPages: 111 - 123 10) Improving the Performance of Fuzzy Rule-Based Classification Systems Based on a Nonaveraging Generalization of CC-Integrals NamedCF1F2-IntegralsAuthor(s): G Lucca, G P Dimuro, J Fernandez, H Bustince, B Bedregal, J A SanzPages: 124 - 134 11) The Negation of a Basic Probability AssignmentAuthor(s): L Yin, X Deng, Y DengPages: 135 - 143 12) Event Triggered Adaptive Fuzzy Consensus for Interconnected Switched Multiagent SystemsAuthor(s): S Zheng, P Shi, S Wang, Y ShiPages: 144 - 158 13) Alternative Ranking-Based Clustering and Reliability Index-Based Consensus Reaching Process for Hesitant Fuzzy Large Scale Group Decision MakingAuthor(s): X Liu, Y Xu, R Montes, R-X Ding, F HerreraPages: 159 - 171 14) Fuzzy Adaptive Finite-Time Control Design for Nontriangular Stochastic Nonlinear SystemsAuthor(s): S Sui, C L P Chen, S TongPages: 172 - 184 15) Deviation-Sparse Fuzzy C-Means With Neighbor Information ConstraintAuthor(s): Y Zhang, X Bai, R Fan, Z WangPages: 185 - 199 16) Sampled-Data Adaptive Output Feedback Fuzzy Stabilization for Switched Nonlinear Systems With Asynchronous SwitchingAuthor(s): S Li, C K Ahn, Z XiangPages: 200 - 205 Read more »
  • Soft Computing, Volume 23, Issue 5, March 2019
    Special issue on Theory and Practice of Natural Computing: Fifth Edition1) Theory and practice of natural computing: fifth editionAuthor(s): Carlos Martín-Vide, Miguel A. Vega-RodríguezPages: 14212) A multi-objective evolutionary approach to Pareto-optimal model treesAuthor(s): Marcin Czajkowski, Marek KretowskiPages: 1423-14373) Fuel-efficient truck platooning by a novel meta-heuristic inspired from ant colony optimisationAuthor(s): Abtin Nourmohammadzadeh, Sven HartmannPages: 1439-14524) A heuristic survivable virtual network mapping algorithmAuthor(s): Xiangwei Zheng, Jie Tian, Xiancui Xiao, Xinchun Cui, Xiaomei YuPages: 1453-14635) A semiring-like representation of lattice pseudoeffect algebrasAuthor(s): Ivan Chajda, Davide Fazio, Antonio LeddaPages: 1465-14756) Twenty years of Soft Computing: a bibliometric overviewAuthor(s): José M. Merigó, Manuel J. Cobo, Sigifredo Laengle, Daniela RivasPages: 1477-14977) Monadic pseudo BCI-algebras and corresponding logicsAuthor(s): Xiaolong Xin, Yulong Fu, Yanyan Lai, Juntao WangPages: 1499-15108) Group decision making with compatibility measures of hesitant fuzzy linguistic preference relationsAuthor(s): Xunjie Gou, Zeshui Xu, Huchang LiaoPages: 1511-15279) Semi-multifractal optimization algorithmAuthor(s): Ireneusz GosciniakPages: 1529-153910) Time series interval forecast using GM(1,1) and NGBM(1, 1) modelsAuthor(s): Ying-Yuan Chen, Hao-Tien Liu, Hsiow-Ling HsiehPages: 1541-155511) Tri-partition cost-sensitive active learning through kNNAuthor(s): Fan Min, Fu-Lun Liu, Liu-Ying Wen, Zhi-Heng ZhangPages: 1557-157212) New ranked set sampling schemes for range charts limits under bivariate skewed distributionsAuthor(s): Derya Karagöz, Nursel KoyuncuPages: 1573-158713) Gist: general integrated summarization of text and reviewsAuthor(s): Justin Lovinger, Iren Valova, Chad CloughPages: 1589-160114) Rough fuzzy bipolar soft sets and application in decision-making problemsAuthor(s): Nosheen Malik, Muhammad ShabirPages: 1603-161415) Differential evolution with Gaussian mutation and dynamic parameter adjustmentAuthor(s): Gaoji Sun, Yanfei Lan, Ruiqing ZhaoPages: 1615-164216) Using Covariance Matrix Adaptation Evolution Strategies for solving different types of differential equationsAuthor(s): Jose M. Chaquet, Enrique J. CarmonaPages: 1643-166617) A direct solution approach based on constrained fuzzy arithmetic and metaheuristic for fuzzy transportation problemsAuthor(s): Adil Baykasoğlu, Kemal SubulanPages: 1667-169818) An efficient hybrid algorithm based on Water Cycle and Moth-Flame Optimization algorithms for solving numerical and constrained engineering optimization problemsAuthor(s): Soheyl Khalilpourazari, Saman KhalilpourazaryPages: 1699-172219) An evolutionary approach to constrained path planning of an autonomous surface vehicle for maximizing the covered area of Ypacarai LakeAuthor(s): Mario Arzamendia, Derlis Gregor, Daniel Gutierrez ReinaPages: 1723-173420) A multi-key SMC protocol and multi-key FHE based on some-are-errorless LWEAuthor(s): Huiyong Wang, Yong Feng, Yong Ding, Shijie TangPages: 1735-174421) Smart PSO-based secured scheduling approaches for scientific workflows in cloud computingAuthor(s): J. Angela Jennifa Sujana, T. Revathi, T. S. Siva Priya, K. MuneeswaranPages: 1745-17622) ARD-PRED: an in silico tool for predicting age-related-disorder-associated proteinsAuthor(s): Kirti Bhadhadhara, Yasha HasijaPages: 1767-1776 Read more »
  • Soft Computing, Volume 23, Issue 4, February 2019
    1) Direct limits of generalized pseudo-effect algebras with the Riesz decomposition propertiesAuthor(s): Yanan Guo, Yongjian XiePages: 1071-10782) Geometric structure information based multi-objective function to increase fuzzy clustering performance with artificial and real-life dataAuthor(s): M. M. Gowthul Alam, S. BaulkaniPages: 1079-10983) A Gould-type integral of fuzzy functions IIAuthor(s): Alina Gavriluţ, Alina IosifPages: 1099-11074) Sorting of decision-making methods based on their outcomes using dominance-vector hesitant fuzzy-based distanceAuthor(s): Bahram Farhadinia, Enrique Herrera-ViedmaPages: 1109-11215) On characterization of fuzzy tree pushdown automataAuthor(s): M. GhoraniPages: 1123-11316) BIAM: a new bio-inspired analysis methodology for digital ecosystems based on a scale-free architectureAuthor(s): Vincenzo Conti, Simone Sante Ruffo, Salvatore Vitabile, Leonard BarolliPages: 1133-11507) Self-feedback differential evolution adapting to fitness landscape characteristicsAuthor(s): Wei Li, Shanni Li, Zhangxin Chen, Liang Zhong, Chengtian OuyangPages: 1151-11638) Mining stock category association on Tehran stock marketAuthor(s): Zahra Hoseyni MasumPages: 1165-11779) A comparative study of optimization models in genetic programming-based rule extraction problemsAuthor(s): Marconi de Arruda Pereira, Eduardo Gontijo Carrano…Pages: 1179-119710) Distributed task allocation in multi-agent environments using cellular learning automataAuthor(s): Maryam Khani, Ali Ahmadi, Hajar HajaryPages: 1199-121811) MOEA3D: a MOEA based on dominance and decomposition with probability distribution modelAuthor(s): Ziyu Hu, Jingming Yang, Huihui Cui, Lixin Wei, Rui FanPages: 1219-123712) CCODM: conditional co-occurrence degree matrix document representation methodAuthor(s): Wei Wei, Chonghui Guo, Jingfeng Chen, Lin Tang, Leilei SunPages: 1239-125513) Minimization of reliability indices and cost of power distribution systems in urban areas using an efficient hybrid meta-heuristic algorithmAuthor(s): Avishek Banerjee, Samiran Chattopadhyay, Grigoras Gheorghe…Pages: 1257-128114) A robust method to discover influential users in social networksAuthor(s): Qian Ma, Jun MaPages: 1283-129515) Chance-constrained random fuzzy CCR model in presence of skew-normal distributionAuthor(s): Behrokh Mehrasa, Mohammad Hassan BehzadiPages: 1297-130816) A fuzzy AHP-based methodology for project prioritization and selectionAuthor(s): Amir Shaygan, Özlem Müge TestikPages: 1309-131917) A multi-objective evolutionary fuzzy system to obtain a broad and accurate set of solutions in intrusion detection systemsAuthor(s): Salma Elhag, Alberto Fernández, Abdulrahman Altalhi, Saleh Alshomrani…Pages: 1321-133618) Uncertain vertex coloring problemAuthor(s): Lin Chen, Jin Peng, Dan A. RalescuPages: 1337-134619) Local, global and decentralized fuzzy-based computing paradigms for coordinated voltage control of grid-connected photovoltaic systemsAuthor(s): Alfredo Vaccaro, Hafsa Qamar, Haleema QamarPages: 1347-135620) Combining user preferences and expert opinions: a criteria synergy-based model for decision making on the WebAuthor(s): Marcelo Karanik, Rubén Bernal, José Ignacio Peláez…Pages: 1357-137321) A bi-objective fleet size and mix green inventory routing problem, model and solution methodAuthor(s): Mehdi Alinaghian, Mohsen ZamaniPages: 1375-139122) A genetic algorithm approach to the smart grid tariff design problemAuthor(s): Will Rogers, Paula Carroll, James McDermottPages: 1393-140523) Lyapunov–Krasovskii stable T2FNN controller for a class of nonlinear time-delay systemsAuthor(s): Sehraneh Ghaemi, Kamel Sabahi, Mohammad Ali BadamchizadehPages: 1407-1419 Read more »
  • Soft Computing, Volume 23, Issue 3, February 2019
    1) Butterfly optimization algorithm: a novel approach for global optimizationAuthor(s): Sankalap Arora, Satvir SinghPages: 715-734 2) Congruences and ideals in generalized pseudoeffect algebras revisitedAuthor(s): S. PulmannováPages: 735-7453) An efficient online/offline ID-based short signature procedure using extended chaotic mapsAuthor(s): Chandrashekhar Meshram, Chun-Ta Li, Sarita Gajbhiye MeshramPages: 747-7534) Discrete-time noise-tolerant Zhang neural network for dynamic matrix pseudoinversionAuthor(s): Qiuhong Xiang, Bolin Liao, Lin Xiao, Long Lin, Shuai LiPages: 755-7665) Post-training discriminative pruning for RBMsAuthor(s): Máximo Sánchez-Gutiérrez, Enrique M. Albornoz, Hugo L. RufinerPages: 767-7816) Gravitational search algorithm with both attractive and repulsive forcesAuthor(s): Hamed Zandevakili, Esmat Rashedi, Ali MahaniPages: 783-8257) A statistic approach for power analysis of integrated GPUAuthor(s): Qiong Wang, Ning Li, Li Shen, Zhiying WangPages: 827-838) Resolution of single-variable fuzzy polynomial equations and an upper bound on the number of solutionsAuthor(s): Hamed Farahani, Mahmoud Paripour, Saeid AbbasbandyPages: 837-8459) Rescheduling-based congestion management scheme using particle swarm optimization with distributed acceleration constantsAuthor(s): Naresh Kumar YadavPages: 847-85710) Dual buffer rotation four-stage pipeline for CPU–GPU cooperative computingAuthor(s): Tao Li, Qiankun Dong, Yifeng Wang, Xiaoli Gong, Yulu YangPages: 859-86911) Physarum-energy optimization algorithmAuthor(s): Xiang Feng, Yang Liu, Huiqun Yu, Fei LuoPages: 871-88812) An adaptive control study for the DC motor using meta-heuristic algorithmsAlejandro Rodríguez-Molina, Miguel Gabriel Villarreal-CervantesPages: 889-90613) Interval valued L-fuzzy prime ideals, triangular norms and partially ordered groupsAuthor(s): Babushri Srinivas Kedukodi, Syam Prasad Kuncham, B. JagadeeshaPages: 907-92014) An interpretable neuro-fuzzy approach to stock price forecastingAuthor(s): Sharifa Rajab, Vinod SharmaPages: 921-93615) Collaborative multi-view K-means clusteringAuthor(s): Safa Bettoumi, Chiraz Jlassi, Najet ArousPages: 937-94516) New types of generalized Bosbach states on non-commutative residuated latticesAuthor(s): Weibing ZuoPages: 947-95917) Bi-objective corridor allocation problem using a permutation-based genetic algorithm hybridized with a local search techniqueAuthor(s): Zahnupriya Kalita, Dilip Datta, Gintaras PalubeckisPages: 961-98618) Derivative-based acceleration of general vector machineAuthor(s): Binbin Yong, Fucun Li, Qingquan Lv, Jun Shen, Qingguo ZhouPages: 987-99519) An approach based on reliability-based possibility degree of interval for solving general interval bilevel linear programming problemAuthor(s): Aihong Ren, Yuping WangPages: 997-100620) Emotion-based color transfer of images using adjustable color combinationsAuthor(s): Yuan-Yuan Su, Hung-Min SunPages: 1007-102021) Improved metaheuristic-based energy-efficient clustering protocol with optimal base station location in wireless sensor networksAuthor(s): Palvinder Singh Mann, Satvir SinghPages: 1021-103722) Evolving nearest neighbor time series forecastersAuthor(s): Juan J. Flores, José R. Cedeño González, Rodrigo Lopez FariasPages: 1039-104823) On separating axioms and similarity of soft topological spacesAuthor(s): Małgorzata TerepetaPages: 1049-105724) Optimal platform design with modularity strategy under fuzzy environmentAuthor(s): Qinyu Song, Yaodong NiPages: 1059-1070 Read more »
  • Complex & Intelligent Systems, Volume 4, Issue 4, December 2018
    1) A robust system maturity model for complex systems utilizing system readiness level and Petri netsAuthor(s): Brent Thal, Bill Olson, Paul Blessner Pages: 241-2502) Circuit design and simulation for the fractional-order chaotic behavior in a new dynamical systemAuthor(s): Z. Hammouch, T. Mekkaoui Pages: 251-2603) Priority ranking for energy resources in Turkey and investment planning for renewable energy resourcesAuthor(s): Mehmet Emin Baysal, Nazli Ceren Cetin Pages: 261-2694) Towards online data-driven prognostics systemAuthor(s): Hatem M. Elattar, Hamdy K. Elminir, A. M. Riad Pages: 271-2825) Model-based evolutionary algorithms: a short surveyAuthor(s): Ran Cheng, Cheng He, Yaochu Jin, Xin Yao Pages: 283-292 Read more »
  • IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems: Volume 30, Issue 1, January 2019
    1. Editorial: Booming of Neural Networks and Learning SystemsPage(s): 2 - 102. Deep CNN-Based Blind Image Quality PredictorAuthor(s): Jongyoo Kim; Anh-Duc Nguyen; Sanghoon LeePage(s): 11 - 243. Neuro-Adaptive Control With Given Performance Specifications for Strict Feedback Systems Under Full-State ConstraintsAuthor(s): Xiucai Huang; Yongduan Song; Junfeng LaiPage(s): 25 - 344. Consensus Problems Over Cooperation-Competition Random Switching Networks With Noisy ChannelsAuthor(s): Yonghong Wu; Bin Hu; Zhi-Hong GuanPage(s): 35 - 435. Estimation of Graphlet Counts in Massive NetworksAuthor(s): Ryan A. Rossi; Rong Zhou; Nesreen K. AhmedPage(s): 44 - 576. Finite-Time Passivity-Based Stability Criteria for Delayed Discrete-Time Neural Networks via New Weighted Summation InequalitiesAuthor(s): Ramasamy Saravanakumar; Sreten B. Stojanovic; Damnjan D. Radosavljevic; Choon Ki Ahn; Hamid Reza KarimiPage(s): 58 - 717. Multiple-Model Adaptive Estimation for 3-D and 4-D Signals: A Widely Linear Quaternion ApproachAuthor(s): Min Xiang; Bruno Scalzo Dees; Danilo P. MandicPage(s): 72 - 848. Optimal Synchronization Control of Multiagent Systems With Input Saturation via Off-Policy Reinforcement LearningAuthor(s): Jiahu Qin; Man Li; Yang Shi; Qichao Ma; Wei Xing ZhengPage(s): 85 - 969. Design and Adaptive Control for an Upper Limb Robotic Exoskeleton in Presence of Input SaturationAuthor(s): Wei He; Zhijun Li; Yiting Dong; Ting ZhaoPage(s): 97 - 10810. A Cost-Sensitive Deep Belief Network for Imbalanced ClassificationAuthor(s): Chong Zhang; Kay Chen Tan; Haizhou Li; Geok Soon HongPage(s): 109 - 12211. A Highly Effective and Robust Membrane Potential-Driven Supervised Learning Method for Spiking NeuronsAuthor(s): Malu Zhang; Hong Qu; Ammar Belatreche; Yi Chen; Zhang YiPage(s): 123 - 13712. Enhanced Robot Speech Recognition Using Biomimetic Binaural Sound Source LocalizationAuthor(s): Jorge Dávila-Chacón; Jindong Liu; Stefan WermterPage(s): 138 - 15013. A Discrete-Time Projection Neural Network for Sparse Signal Reconstruction With Application to Face RecognitionAuthor(s): Bingrong Xu; Qingshan Liu; Tingwen HuangPage(s): 151 - 16214. Domain-Weighted Majority Voting for CrowdsourcingAuthor(s): Dapeng Tao; Jun Cheng; Zhengtao Yu; Kun Yue; Lizhen WangPage(s): 163 - 17415. Reconstructible Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction via Joint Dictionary LearningAuthor(s): Xian Wei; Hao Shen; Yuanxiang Li; Xuan Tang; Fengxiang Wang; Martin Kleinsteuber; Yi Lu MurpheyPage(s): 175 - 18916. On the Duality Between Belief Networks and Feed-Forward Neural NetworksAuthor(s): Paul M. BaggenstossPage(s): 190 - 20017. Exploiting Combination Effect for Unsupervised Feature Selection by L2,0 NormAuthor(s): Xingzhong Du; Feiping Nie; Weiqing Wang; Yi Yang; Xiaofang ZhouPage(s): 201 - 21418. Leader-Following Practical Cluster Synchronization for Networks of Generic Linear Systems: An Event-Based ApproachAuthor(s): Jiahu Qin; Weiming Fu; Yang Shi; Huijun Gao; Yu KangPage(s): 215 - 22419. Semisupervised Learning Based on a Novel Iterative Optimization Model for Saliency DetectionAuthor(s): Shuwei Huo; Yuan Zhou; Wei Xiang; Sun-Yuan KungPage(s): 225 - 24120. Augmented Real-Valued Time-Delay Neural Network for Compensation of Distortions and Impairments in Wireless TransmittersAuthor(s): Dongming Wang; Mohsin Aziz; Mohamed Helaoui; Fadhel M. GhannouchiPage(s): 242 - 25421. UCFTS: A Unilateral Coupling Finite-Time Synchronization Scheme for Complex NetworksAuthor(s): Min Han; Meng Zhang; Tie Qiu; Meiling XuPage(s): 255 - 26822. A Semisupervised Classification Approach for Multidomain Networks With Domain SelectionAuthor(s): Chuan Chen; Jingxue Xin; Yong Wang; Luonan Chen; Michael K. NgPage(s): 269 - 28323. Neurons With Paraboloid Decision Boundaries for Improved Neural Network Classification PerformanceAuthor(s): Nikolaos Tsapanos; Anastasios Tefas; Nikolaos Nikolaidis; Ioannis PitasPage(s): 284 - 29424. Adaptive Reinforcement Learning Control Based on Neural Approximation for Nonlinear Discrete-Time Systems With Unknown Nonaffine Dead-Zone InputAuthor(s): Yan-Jun Liu; Shu Li; Shaocheng Tong; C. L. Philip ChenPage(s): 295 - 30525. Filippov Hindmarsh–Rose Neuronal Model With Threshold Policy ControlAuthor(s): Yi Yang; Xiaofeng LiaoPage(s): 306 - 31126. Blind Denoising AutoencoderAuthor(s): Angshul MajumdarPage(s): 312 - 31727. Variational Random Function Model for Network ModelingAuthor(s): Zenglin Xu; Bin Liu; Shandian Zhe; Haoli Bai; Zihan Wang; Jennifer NevillePage(s): 318 - 324 Read more »
  • IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems: Volume 30, Issue 2, February 2019.
    1. fpgaConvNet: Mapping Regular and Irregular Convolutional Neural Networks on FPGAsAuthor(s): Stylianos I. Venieris; Christos-Savvas BouganisPage(s): 326 - 3422. A Novel Neural Networks Ensemble Approach for Modeling Electrochemical CellsAuthor(s): Massimiliano Luzi; Maurizio Paschero; Antonello Rizzi; Enrico Maiorino; Fabio Massimo Frattale MascioliPage(s): 343 - 3543. Exploring Correlations Among Tasks, Clusters, and Features for Multitask ClusteringAuthor(s): Wenming Cao; Si Wu; Zhiwen Yu; Hau-San WongPage(s): 355 - 3684. Scaling Up Kernel SVM on Limited Resources: A Low-Rank Linearization ApproachAuthor(s): Liang Lan; Zhuang Wang; Shandian Zhe; Wei Cheng; Jun Wang; Kai ZhangPage(s): 369 - 3785. Optimized Neural Network Parameters Using Stochastic Fractal Technique to Compensate Kalman Filter for Power System-Tracking-State EstimationAuthor(s): Hossam Mosbah; Mohamed E. El-HawaryPage(s): 379 - 3886. Online Identification of Nonlinear Stochastic Spatiotemporal System With Multiplicative Noise by Robust Optimal Control-Based Kernel Learning MethodAuthor(s): Hanwen Ning; Guangyan Qing; Tianhai Tian; Xingjian JingPage(s): 389 - 4047. Semisupervised Learning With Parameter-Free Similarity of Label and Side InformationAuthor(s): Rui Zhang; Feiping Nie; Xuelong LiPage(s): 405 - 4148. H-infinity State Estimation for Discrete-Time Nonlinear Singularly Perturbed Complex Networks Under the Round-Robin ProtocolAuthor(s): Xiongbo Wan; Zidong Wang; Min Wu; Xiaohui LiuPage(s): 415 - 4269. Temporal Self-Organization: A Reaction–Diffusion Framework for Spatiotemporal MemoriesAuthor(s): Prayag Gowgi; Shayan Srinivasa GaraniPage(s): 427 - 44810. Variational Bayesian Learning for Dirichlet Process Mixture of Inverted Dirichlet Distributions in Non-Gaussian Image Feature ModelingAuthor(s): Zhanyu Ma; Yuping Lai; W. Bastiaan Kleijn; Yi-Zhe Song; Liang Wang; Jun GuoPage(s): 449 - 46311. Hierarchical Decision and Control for Continuous Multitarget Problem: Policy Evaluation With Action DelayAuthor(s): Jiangcheng Zhu; Jun Zhu; Zhepei Wang; Shan Guo; Chao XuPage(s): 464 - 47312. Unified Low-Rank Matrix Estimate via Penalized Matrix Least Squares ApproximationAuthor(s): Xiangyu Chang; Yan Zhong; Yao Wang; Shaobo LinPage(s): 474 - 48513. Online Active Learning Ensemble Framework for Drifted Data StreamsAuthor(s): Jicheng Shan; Hang Zhang; Weike Liu; Qingbao LiuPage(s): 486 - 49814. A New Approach to Stochastic Stability of Markovian Neural Networks With Generalized Transition RatesAuthor(s): Ruimei Zhang; Deqiang Zeng; Ju H. Park; Yajuan Liu; Shouming ZhongPage(s): 499 - 51015. Optimization of Distributions Differences for ClassificationAuthor(s): Mohammad Reza Bonyadi; Quang M. Tieng; David C. ReutensPage(s): 511 - 52316. Deep Convolutional Identifier for Dynamic Modeling and Adaptive Control of Unmanned HelicopterAuthor(s): Yu Kang; Shaofeng Chen; Xuefeng Wang; Yang CaoPage(s): 524 - 53817. Neural-Response-Based Extreme Learning Machine for Image ClassificationAuthor(s): Hongfeng Li; Hongkai Zhao; Hong LiPage(s): 539 - 55218. Deep Ensemble Machine for Video ClassificationAuthor(s): Jiewan Zheng; Xianbin Cao; Baochang Zhang; Xiantong Zhen; Xiangbo SuPage(s): 553 - 56519. Multiple ψ-Type Stability of Cohen–Grossberg Neural Networks With Both Time-Varying Discrete Delays and Distributed DelaysAuthor(s): Fanghai Zhang; Zhigang ZengPage(s): 566 - 57920. Neural Network Training With Levenberg–Marquardt and Adaptable Weight CompressionAuthor(s): James S. Smith; Bo Wu; Bogdan M. WilamowskiPage(s): 580 - 58721. Solving Partial Least Squares Regression via Manifold Optimization ApproachesAuthor(s): Haoran Chen; Yanfeng Sun; Junbin Gao; Yongli Hu; Baocai YinPage(s): 588 - 60022. Dendritic Neuron Model With Effective Learning Algorithms for Classification, Approximation, and PredictionAuthor(s): Shangce Gao; Mengchu Zhou; Yirui Wang; Jiujun Cheng; Hanaki Yachi; Jiahai WangPage(s): 601 - 61423. Multiclass Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Comprehensive Feature Pattern DiscoveryAuthor(s): Yifeng Li; Youlian Pan; Ziying LiuPage(s): 615 - 62924. Self-Paced Learning-Based Probability Subspace Projection for Hyperspectral Image ClassificationAuthor(s): Shuyuan Yang; Zhixi Feng; Min Wang; Kai ZhangPage(s): 630 - 63525. Hierarchical Stability Conditions for a Class of Generalized Neural Networks With Multiple Discrete and Distributed DelaysAuthor(s): Lei Song; Sing Kiong Nguang; Dan HuangPage(s): 636 - 642 Read more »
  • Full UK PhD Scholarships
    Full UK PhD scholarships in evolutionary computation/ computational intelligence/data analytics/ operations research/optimisation/simulationThanks to an arisen opportunity, we at the Operational Research (OR) group, Liverpool John Moores University (United Kingdom) may be able to offer a small number of PhD scholarships (full or tuition-fees-only depending on the quality of the candidate).There are two types of scholarships:The ones for UK/EU/settled students:Deadline 3rd March. Results to be known by end of March.provide full tuition fees for three years and,living expenses + running cost cover of about £16,500 each year (to be determined) for 3 yearsstudents have to enrol in Sept-Oct 2019Brexit will not have any impact on these scholarshipsThe ones for international students:Provide about £20,000 each year (to be determined). Students can use this amount to pay toward their tuition fees and living expenses.If the successful candidate joins one of the projects currently being run by the OR group, he/she may get additional scholarships depending on research performance and level of contribution. Regarding research topic, any area in evolutionary computation/ computational intelligence/data analytics/ operations research would be acceptable. However, I would prefer a topic that relates to one of our existing projects, which are in the following areas:OR techniques to study/mitigate the impact of climate change on transportation. For example, we have a project (with Merseyrail and Network Rail) on using data analytics and optimisation to anticipate and mitigate the impact of leaves falling on train tracks.Evolutionary computation or meta-heuristicsOR/data analytics applications in rail, in partnership with Merseyrail, Network Rail, and Rail Delivery GroupOR applications in maritime, in partnership with UK, EU and overseas portsOR applications in sustainable transportation, e.g. bicycle, e-bikes, walking, buses, emission/congestion reduction etc., in partnership with local authorities and transport authorities (e.g. the ones in Liverpool and Manchester)OR applications in logistics (e.g. bin packing, vehicle routing etc.) in partnership with logistics companies, especially those in airports, ports, and manufacturing plants (especially those in Liverpool).OR applications in manufacturing, in partnership with car manufacturers e.g. Vauxhall and Jaguar Land Rover.Interested candidates please contact Dr. Trung Thanh Nguyen with your full CV and transcripts. It is important that interested candidates contact me ASAP to ensure that we can prepare your applications in the best way to maximise your chance before the deadline of 3rd March. Read more »
  • IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Volume 29, Issue 9, September 2018
    1. Continuous DropoutAuthor(s): Xu Shen; Xinmei Tian; Tongliang Liu; Fang Xu; Dacheng TaoPages: 3926 - 39372. Deep Manifold Learning Combined With Convolutional Neural Networks for Action RecognitionAuthor(s): Xin Chen; Jian Weng; Wei Lu; Jiaming Xu; Jiasi WengPages: 3938 - 39523. AdOn HDP-HMM: An Adaptive Online Model for Segmentation and Classification of Sequential DataAuthor(s): Ava Bargi; Richard Yi Da Xu; Massimo PiccardiPages: 3953 - 39684. Deep Learning of Constrained Autoencoders for Enhanced Understanding of DataAuthor(s): Babajide O. Ayinde; Jacek M. ZuradaPages: 3969 - 39795. Learning Methods for Dynamic Topic Modeling in Automated Behavior AnalysisAuthor(s): Olga Isupova; Danil Kuzin; Lyudmila MihaylovaPages: 3980 - 39936. Support Vector Data Descriptions and k-Means Clustering: One Class?Author(s): Nico Görnitz; Luiz Alberto Lima; Klaus-Robert Müller; Marius Kloft; Shinichi NakajimaPages: 3994 - 40067. Data-Driven Robust M-LS-SVR-Based NARX Modeling for Estimation and Control of Molten Iron Quality Indices in Blast Furnace IronmakingAuthor(s): Ping Zhou; Dongwei Guo; Hong Wang; Tianyou ChaiPages: 4007 - 40218. Detection of Sources in Non-Negative Blind Source Separation by Minimum Description Length CriterionAuthor(s): Chia-Hsiang Lin; Chong-Yung Chi; Lulu Chen; David J. Miller; Yue WangPages: 4022 - 40379. Nonparametric Coupled Bayesian Dictionary and Classifier Learning for Hyperspectral ClassificationAuthor(s): Naveed Akhtar; Ajmal MianPages: 4038 - 405010. Heterogeneous Multitask Metric Learning Across Multiple DomainsAuthor(s): Yong Luo; Yonggang Wen; Dacheng TaoPages: 4051 - 406411. Classification of Imbalanced Data by Oversampling in Kernel Space of Support Vector MachinesAuthor(s): Josey Mathew; Chee Khiang Pang; Ming Luo; Weng Hoe LeongPages: 4065 - 407612. A Novel Error-Compensation Control for a Class of High-Order Nonlinear Systems With Input DelayAuthor(s): Chao Shi; Zongcheng Liu; Xinmin Dong; Yong ChenPages: 4077 - 408713. Dimensionality Reduction in Multiple Ordinal RegressionAuthor(s): Jiabei Zeng; Yang Liu; Biao Leng; Zhang Xiong; Yiu-ming CheungPages: 4088 - 410114. A Deep Machine Learning Method for Classifying Cyclic Time Series of Biological Signals Using Time-Growing Neural NetworkAuthor(s): Arash Gharehbaghi; Maria LindénPages: 4102 - 411515. Transductive Zero-Shot Learning With Adaptive Structural EmbeddingAuthor(s): Yunlong Yu; Zhong Ji; Jichang Guo; Yanwei PangPages: 4116 - 412716. Bayesian Nonparametric Regression Modeling of Panel Data for Sequential ClassificationAuthor(s): Sihan Xiong; Yiwei Fu; Asok RayPages: 4128 - 413917. Symmetric Predictive Estimator for Biologically Plausible Neural LearningAuthor(s): David Xu; Andrew Clappison; Cameron Seth; Jeff OrchardPages: 4140 - 415118. A Distance-Based Weighted Undersampling Scheme for Support Vector Machines and its Application to Imbalanced ClassificationAuthor(s): Qi Kang; Lei Shi; MengChu Zhou; XueSong Wang; QiDi Wu; Zhi WeiPages: 4152 - 416519. Learning With Coefficient-Based Regularized Regression on Markov ResamplingAuthor(s): Luoqing Li; Weifu Li; Bin Zou; Yulong Wang; Yuan Yan Tang; Hua HanPages: 4166 - 417620. Sequential Labeling With Structural SVM Under Nondecomposable LossesAuthor(s): Guopeng Zhang; Massimo Piccardi; Ehsan Zare BorzeshiPages: 4177 - 418821. The Stability of Stochastic Coupled Systems With Time-Varying Coupling and General Topology StructureAuthor(s): Yan Liu; Wenxue Li; Jiqiang FengPages: 4189 - 420022. Stability Analysis of Quaternion-Valued Neural Networks: Decomposition and Direct ApproachesAuthor(s): Yang Liu; Dandan Zhang; Jungang Lou; Jianquan Lu; Jinde CaoPages: 4201 - 421123. On Wang k WTA With Input Noise, Output Node Stochastic, and Recurrent State NoiseAuthor(s): John Sum; Chi-Sing Leung; Kevin I.-J. HoPages: 4212 - 422224. Event-Driven Stereo Visual Tracking Algorithm to Solve Object OcclusionAuthor(s): Luis A. Camuñas-Mesa; Teresa Serrano-Gotarredona; Sio-Hoi Ieng; Ryad Benosman; Bernabé Linares-BarrancoPages: 4223 - 423725. Stability Analysis of Neural Networks With Time-Varying Delay by Constructing Novel Lyapunov FunctionalsAuthor(s): Tae H. Lee; Hieu M. Trinh; Ju H. ParkPages: 4238 - 424726. Design, Analysis, and Representation of Novel Five-Step DTZD Algorithm for Time-Varying Nonlinear OptimizationAuthor(s): Dongsheng Guo; Laicheng Yan; Zhuoyun NiePages: 4248 - 426027. Neural Observer and Adaptive Neural Control Design for a Class of Nonlinear SystemsAuthor(s): Bing Chen; Huaguang Zhang; Xiaoping Liu; Chong LinPages: 4261 - 427128. Shared Autoencoder Gaussian Process Latent Variable Model for Visual ClassificationAuthor(s): Jinxing Li; Bob Zhang; David ZhangPages: 4272 - 428629. Online Supervised Learning for Hardware-Based Multilayer Spiking Neural Networks Through the Modulation of Weight-Dependent Spike-Timing-Dependent PlasticityAuthor(s): Nan Zheng; Pinaki MazumderPages: 4287 - 430230. Neural-Network-Based Adaptive Backstepping Control With Application to Spacecraft Attitude RegulationAuthor(s): Xibin Cao; Peng Shi; Zhuoshi Li; Ming LiuPages: 4303 - 431331. Recursive Adaptive Sparse Exponential Functional Link Neural Network for Nonlinear AEC in Impulsive Noise EnvironmentAuthor(s): Sheng Zhang; Wei Xing ZhengPages: 4314 - 432332. Multilabel Prediction via Cross-View SearchAuthor(s): Xiaobo Shen; Weiwei Liu; Ivor W. Tsang; Quan-Sen Sun; Yew-Soon OngPages: 4324 - 433833. Large-Scale Metric Learning: A Voyage From Shallow to DeepAuthor(s): Masoud Faraki; Mehrtash T. Harandi; Fatih PorikliPages: 4339 - 434634. Distributed Event-Triggered Adaptive Control for Cooperative Output Regulation of Heterogeneous Multiagent Systems Under Switching TopologyAuthor(s): Ruohan Yang; Hao Zhang; Gang Feng; Huaicheng YanPages: 4347 - 435835. Event-Based Adaptive NN Tracking Control of Nonlinear Discrete-Time SystemsAuthor(s): Yuan-Xin Li; Guang-Hong YangPages: 4359 - 436936. Dynamic Analysis of Hybrid Impulsive Delayed Neural Networks With UncertaintiesAuthor(s): Bin Hu; Zhi-Hong Guan; Tong-Hui Qian; Guanrong ChenPages: 4370 - 438437. Robust Zeroing Neural-Dynamics and Its Time-Varying Disturbances Suppression Model Applied to Mobile Robot ManipulatorsAuthor(s): Dechao Chen; Yunong ZhangPages: 4385 - 439738. Multiple-Instance Ordinal RegressionAuthor(s): Yanshan Xiao; Bo Liu; Zhifeng HaoPages: 4398 - 441339. Neuroadaptive Control With Given Performance Specifications for MIMO Strict-Feedback Systems Under Nonsmooth Actuation and Output ConstraintsAuthor(s): Yongduan Song; Shuyan ZhouPages: 4414 - 442540. Lagrangean-Based Combinatorial Optimization for Large-Scale S3VMsAuthor(s): Francesco Bagattini; Paola Cappanera; Fabio SchoenPages: 4426 - 443541. Adaptive Fault-Tolerant Control for Nonlinear Systems With Multiple Sensor Faults and Unknown Control DirectionsAuthor(s): Ding Zhai; Liwei An; Xiaojian Li; Qingling ZhangPages: 4436 - 444642. Design of Distributed Observers in the Presence of Arbitrarily Large Communication DelaysAuthor(s): Kexin Liu; Jinhu Lü; Zongli LinPages: 4447 - 446143. A Solution Path Algorithm for General Parametric Quadratic Programming ProblemAuthor(s): Bin Gu; Victor S. ShengPages: 4462 - 447244. Online Density Estimation of Nonstationary Sources Using Exponential Family of DistributionsAuthor(s): Kaan Gokcesu; Suleyman S. KozatPages: 4473 - 447845. Image-Specific Classification With Local and Global DiscriminationsAuthor(s): Chunjie Zhang; Jian Cheng; Changsheng Li; Qi TianPages: 4479 - 448646. Global Asymptotic Stability for Delayed Neural Networks Using an Integral Inequality Based on Nonorthogonal PolynomialsAuthor(s): Xian-Ming Zhang; Wen-Juan Lin; Qing-Long Han; Yong He; Min WuPages: 4487 - 449347. L1-Norm Distance Minimization-Based Fast Robust Twin Support Vector k-Plane ClusteringAuthor(s): Qiaolin Ye; Henghao Zhao; Zechao Li; Xubing Yang; Shangbing Gao; Tongming Yin; Ning YePages: 4494 - 450348. Extensions to Online Feature Selection Using Bagging and BoostingAuthor(s): Gregory Ditzler; Joseph LaBarck; James Ritchie; Gail Rosen; Robi PolikarPages: 4504 - 450949. On Adaptive Boosting for System IdentificationAuthor(s): Johan Bjurgert; Patricio E. Valenzuela; Cristian R. RojasPages: 4510 - 451450. Universal Approximation by Using the Correntropy Objective FunctionAuthor(s): Mojtaba Nayyeri; Hadi Sadoghi Yazdi; Alaleh Maskooki; Modjtaba RouhaniPages: 4515 - 452151. Stability Analysis of Optimal Adaptive Control Under Value Iteration Using a Stabilizing Initial PolicyAuthor(s): Ali HeydariPages: 4522 - 452752. Object Categorization Using Class-Specific RepresentationsAuthor(s): Chunjie Zhang; Jian Cheng; Liang Li; Changsheng Li; Qi TianPages: 4528 - 453453. Improved Stability Analysis for Delayed Neural NetworksAuthor(s): Zhichen Li; Yan Bai; Congzhi Huang; Huaicheng Yan; Shicai MuPages: 4535 - 454154. Connectivity-Preserving Consensus Tracking of Uncertain Nonlinear Strict-Feedback Multiagent Systems: An Error Transformation ApproachAuthor(s): Sung Jin YooPages: 4542 - 4548 Read more »
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