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  4. “The cost that I’ve seen others charge is $2900. Hits 1,000 guarantees 60,000 hits per month. I believe that any internet driven retail operation would be thrilled to pay that little for that kind of traffic.”
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    by Joe D. Palm Harbor, FL.
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  11. “Hits 1,000 is very affordable. This aspect particularly important for a small company to plan the marketing budget. Hits 1,000 offers a more productive efficient approach.”
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  12. “Hits 1,000 is providing a modern and much-needed service for anyone in business. I think that it is a safe viable way to conduct business either in your local area, region, or worldwide.”
    by T. W. Mex.
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    by A. Titolo. Huntington Beach, CA.
  16. “Hits 1,000 is essential. It is an upgrade to internet marketing and this creates huge values and changes a company marketing program.”
    by A. Neumann. Centralia, IL.
  17. “The question is not whether “Hits 1,000 is very affordable”, but more importantly how much it is costing you starting right now to not be using IA SEO?”
    by Dave M. Santa Fe, NM.
  18. “Hits 1,000 is very affordable. We are using another SEO service that is costing us about a lot more and it will not achieve the same hits, etc.”
    by K. Lambert. Brentwood, NH.
  19. “Hits 1,000 is very affordable, very dependable, it is essential and is popular because of the technics it uses to adapt to the conditions required.”
    by P. Collins. London, UK.
  20. “Hits 1,000 is providing a modern and much-needed service for anyone in business.”
    by T. W. Mexico.
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    by James K. Tucson AZ.
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    by Raf V. S. Salem, NY.
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    by M. Sarro. Manchester, New Hampshire.
  24. “In my experience, the Hits 1,000 staff are both knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you for this offer.”
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  30. “This technology do the same job that a team of SEO professionals would do much faster, accurate and in a much smarter and efficient way.  The technology used with Hits 1,000 goes above and beyond anything else seen before. It uses a computer brain! What can be more modern than that?”
    by Golda. Brooklyn, NY.
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    by Karima H. Rome, Italy.
  33. “Automation like SEO reduces the need for human interaction, this is a great achievement.”
    by Anthony T. Huntington Beach, California.
  34. “Hits 1,000 is very affordable. Simply because of ROI. The cost of having a campaign with AdWords, AdSense and Social Media is not only a daunting task but also it doesn’t always render the results you want. On the other hand, having this “virtual assistant” to do the hard work for you is something that sounds like a God Sent.”
    by W. Vega. Mexico City.
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    by K.K.
  36. “Hits 1,000 does one thing and one thing alone, it gets you, visitors.”
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  37. “Hits 1,000 is very affordable, if 1% of the hits result in a transaction it creates a profit for the client. Hits 1,000 is essential, lots of guaranteed hits for little financial exposure.”
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    by Joe D. Palm Harbor, FL.
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    by Greg R. Moriches, NY.
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  66. “Hey, I just wanted to say thanks Hits 1,000! I just got my first customer I’m very happy! Thanks again!”
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  71. “Very informative presentation. I believe your product should be marketed directly to small and medium-size businesses. They have spent a good chunk of money having someone design and build a website for them, but nobody is getting to their website. The owners of these small and medium size company are too busy running the company and don’t spend time on their website. They have one because everyone told them that they needed one, but now that their investment has been made, they are not looking at the lack of ROI generated by this investment.
    I do believe that your product can serve all those businesses that have invested in a website but do not know how to make the website sell for them.”
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