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Your “Internal Link Structure” can be the deal breaker to ranking! Did you know that most of the time I will rank a website with nothing more than just basic onsite search engine optimization and a good internal link structure? I do it all the time and it’s easy!

Can Search Engines Understand Your Website?

Are you confusing Google?
Are you making Google leave your website?
You need to have a “Good” internal link structure!

And just like always…

Without it, you fail…
With it, you succeed…
Do it wrong, you will fail…
Do it right, you will succeed…

In this SEO Workshop…

You will get a good understand as to how Search Engines such as Google use the links and anchor text to understand your website. You will learn how to create a “Blueprint” and tell the Search Engines how to rank your site.

In this SEO workshop we will be covering:

You will learn the basic techniques on how to create a good internal link structure. We will also be covering sitemaps and the value of both when used together correctly.

In this SEO Workshop you can expect:
You will walk away with a good understanding as to the importance of why you need to spend more time thinking about your internal link structure.

We will also be tying in everything you have learned in the first two workshops, “Basic Onsite Search Engine Optimization” and “Keyword Research”.

No, I will not be covering advanced internal link structure techniques… Because, if you don’t understand the basics you will not going to understand advanced link structure.

In this SEO workshop you will also discovery :
The tools for making this easy for both WordPress and any other standard website. There are tools out there that are free that will take the pain out of mapping your site for the Search Engines.

As a bonus in this next SEO Workshop…
I will be doing a live ranking demonstration! These are the hardest to do and sometimes fail. But if I do it right, I will show you the power of having a real website with a good internal link structure that makes Google do one thing… And that’s rank you!

As always…
Bring your questions and bring your website. No question related to SEO is a “Stupid Question” The Stupid Question is the Question you were afraid to ask… During each workshop, I plan to review a website. It could be yours. *If time permits. Due to the extensive knowledge you’re going to receive in this “SEO Workshop”, time may not permit us to cover everything.

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