Newly Launched Site ‘Blog Owner’s Manual’ Gives Bloggers Everything They Need to Succeed

Calgary, Alberta (PRWEB) August 29, 2012

Even though blogging has been around for a few years, it is a constantly changing opportunity that is fraught with pitfalls and obstacles to success. New bloggers frequently struggle then fail in their attempt to create a compelling blog that other people want to read. But now, thanks to the newly launched website “Blog Owner’s Manual”, bloggers have everything need to succeed and enjoy their new blogging endeavor.


Blog Owner’s Manual, which was created by internet entrepreneur Warren Wooden, answers the call that bloggers have long had about how to start a blog and grow it successfully. He gathered extensive research, notes from clients, as well as his own professional blogging experience into a comprehensive book entitled the Blog Owner’s Manual.


“I wrote the information that I wished was written when I started blogging,” said Wooden, who also owns internet marketing website PLR Internet Marketing. “The Blog Owner’s Manual gathers together everything a blogger needs to succeed.”


Blogging is a common term now but is originally derived from the word “web blog”. It was formerly used by internet users to chronicle their experiences, much like a journal or diary, and it came to have its own standardized formatting. Blogging soon moved out of the personal sphere and became an important way that some businesses operate online. Today, some businesses use the more standard, static “conventional” website model but many (even some of the biggest businesses in the world) use blogs as an integral part of their operations.


Many blogging platforms including Blogger, WordPress, TypePad, and Tumblr provide different ways for businesses to quickly create blogs that they can earn money from. However, the ease of blog creation doesn’t guarantee blog success.


“There are many obstacles that stand in the way of blogging success,” said Wooden. “That is where the Blog Owner’s Manual comes in.”


The Blog Owner’s Manual is a comprehensive blog, published daily, covering all aspects of blogging including the following key topics: Search engine optimization, Monetization, Social Media, Traffic-building, Security, and much more. Readers can visit the site, filter by topics, and discover powerful new ideas and techniques to help them start and grow their blog, attract traffic, and make money from their blog.


“Blog Owner’s Manual is meant to be a resource that bloggers can open up when they first start blogging and then refer back to regularly. There is material that total beginners will find helpful, but there is also information that the more advanced bloggers need to thrive.”

Along with a blog, a book of the same name is due out shortly and Wooden is excited about what the future holds. “Blogging changed the landscape of the internet. Today, blogging is always in flux. I want to help people start and succeed on blogs and I’ve made the essential guide to achieve that success the Blog Owner’s Manual.”


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