LEAD GENERATION… How does it work?

Our system works best with targets that have online presence.
We deliver your message to your target prospect that:

  • Have a business (b2b or b2c)
  • Are looking for a job or opportunity
  • Are running some kind of ads online.
  • All areas of businesses.

We do not use databases like any regular lead generation company, we do not resell your leads to your competitors like all the lead generation companies.

The leads that you get from us is 100% exclusive, generated only on your specifications.

You don’t get the leads from us but from your prospects directly, they either email or call you, no intermediaries of any kind!

Our current stats are between 5 to 175 leads per day average.

Let’s take the lowest 5 leads a day and the highest price 349, so in the worst case scenario each lead cost you about 2 bucks! Compare that to tens of dollars or even hundreds that you are currently paying now!

Again assuming the lowest end aren’t 5 good enough, 10 units of service will produce 50, 1000 will generate at least 5,000 leads a day at that level every unit of service costs just 50 a month! Making the cost of each lead even lower.

In reality with us you pay only cents per lead!