LinkedIN Network Incubator

LIFree for limited time only.
This mini robot simulates a 3 people team working in 3 shifts (24/7) increasing your LinkedIN network, the same you would these “3 people” scan your LinkedIN account and follow the system analysis results and recommendations that LinkedIN makes for your network.
It only builds up your network, does not do anything else.
It does not know your user id or password, You must enter it in Internet Explorer and make sure it remembers it, see how here if you have any trouble.
Recommendations for optimal results:

  1. Make your profile complete according to the business you want to promote, LinkedIN algorithms use it to analyze its recommendations.
  2. You must have some contacts already (the more the better). Also part of LinkedIN analysis so select the type of people that will be good for your business.
  3. To download complete this form
  4. Copy the program LinkedIN.exe on your Desktop.
  5. Click on it once (The LinkedIN icon will appear in the taskbar).
  6. Make sure you have only one instance of the robot running, there is no benefit to do more and they will interfere with each other.
  7. If you want to exit just right click on the icon and select EXIT.
  8. If you like to run it when windows start just place it in your autostart folder. See how here.
  9. Do not turn off or let your computer go to sleep. See how here.
  10. Enjoy your network grow and make lots and lots of new business!

It runs in the background out of the way and will not interrupt you. You know it is working when you check your hidden icons in the task bar.

Preliminary results:

From 0 to
linkedinin the first 4 months

What can this robot do?

Anything! you tell me what you want it to do and it will.

For example you may want to send a personalized message if your target is male or female, in one industry or another.

It can be as personal as you could, to the point of sending a different message to everyone!

Reads your target profile and take decisions base on any and all the info present there…

This one you are downloading is the simplest of the all and have already people that praise the results,

LinekedIn + Smart robots + your busines = Money (lots of it)

Let’s talk soon!

linkedin (at)

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