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  • Nikola Danaylov on Universal Grammar, Language and AI
    This is a 2016 interview I did for Tobias Martens discussing a variety of topics including Universal Grammar, Language, AI, and the singularity. While my ideas have evolved since I did this interview, I don’t think that there have been any fundamental changes. So, given that I believe that there is still merit in the […] Read more »
  • Technology is a Magnifying Mirror, Not a Crystal Ball
    “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the smartest species of them all?” “You, oh Homo Sapiens, are smart, it is true. But AI will be smarter even than you.” *** The most popular myth about technology is perhaps the myth that technology is a crystal ball. A crystal ball because it allegedly allows us to […] Read more »
  • Ex-Google Design Ethicist Tristan Harris on Technology and Human Downgrading
    Tristan Harris is one of my heroes. And I don’t know about you but I am much more demanding and harder on my heroes. I just expect them to hold themselves to a higher standard, to know more, to do more, to be more and, perhaps most of all, to live and breathe their own […] Read more »
  • Andreas Antonopoulos: Just because you don’t need bitcoin, doesn’t mean it’s not needed.
    I first met Andreas Antonopoulos at the 2014 Bitcoin Expo conference in Toronto, Canada. At that time Andreas was already established as the most publicly recognized expert in the field of crypto-currency, not in the least due to his impressive capacity to take the geek out of bitcoin and make it relevant to and understandable […] Read more »
  • Nikola Danaylov at Devolutions HQ: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Technology
    Last week I got interviewed by Devolutions HQ. I enjoyed the interview a lot and thought Yann did a fantastic job editing it. So I decided to share it with you. This way, hopefully, you can enjoy it too. But don’t shy away from criticism 😉 Finally, towards the end of the interview, we explain […] Read more »
  • Sir Martin Rees on the Future: Prospects for Humanity
    Today my guest is world-renowned cosmologist and Astronomer Royal Sir Martin Rees. Martin has written 11 books and more than 500 scientific papers on topics ranging from the Big Bang and cosmology to technology and the future of humanity. Sir Rees has also been concerned with the threats stemming from humanity’s ever-heavier ‘footprint’ on the […] Read more »
  • Chapter 5: The Importance of Story [Narratives and MTP’s]
    ReWriting the Human Story: How Our Story Determines Our Future an alternative thought experiment by Nikola Danaylov   Chapter 5: The Importance of Story “It’s like everyone tells a story about themselves inside their own head. Always. All the time. That story makes you what you are. We build ourselves out of that story.” Patrick Rothfuss Stories […] Read more »
  • Chapter 4: The Power of the Storyteller
    ReWriting the Human Story: How Our Story Determines Our Future an alternative thought experiment by Nikola Danaylov   Chapter 4: The Power of the Storyteller “Stories constitute the single most powerful weapon in a leader’s arsenal.” Howard Gardner Before we have a story, any story, we must first have a storyteller. And that storyteller is a god, […] Read more »
  • Chapter 3: The Power of Story
    ReWriting the Human Story: How Our Story Determines Our Future an alternative thought experiment by Nikola Danaylov   Chapter 3: The Power of Story “We suffer not from the events in our lives but from our stories about them.” Epictetus The most powerful stories are stories about things that don’t exist. Because our fictive language gave birth […] Read more »
  • Media Theorist Douglas Rushkoff on Team Human
    Douglas Rushkoff has been named one of the world’s ten most influential intellectuals by MIT. He is an award-winning author, broadcaster, media theorist and documentarian who studies human autonomy in the digital age. Rushkoff is the host of the popular Team Human podcast and was among the very first guests I ever interviewed when I […] Read more »
  • Chapter 1: The Definition of Story
    ReWriting the Human Story: How Our Story Determines Our Future an alternative thought experiment by Nikola Danaylov   Chapter 1: The Definition of Story We started our thought experiment with Kenneth Burke’s definition of story as “equipment for living.” Burke offers a great start but it is Jeff DeChambeau who really brings all the essential elements together […] Read more »
  • Chapter 2: The Story of Story
    ReWriting the Human Story: How Our Story Determines Our Future an alternative thought experiment by Nikola Danaylov   Chapter 2: The Story of Story “The limits of my language means the limits of my world.” Ludwig Wittgenstein Humanity has searched for meaning since our beginning. And we find it in story. The story that we tell ourselves. […] Read more »
  • Part  I: Story
    ReWriting the Human Story: How Our Story Determines Our Future an alternative thought experiment by Nikola Danaylov   Part  I: Story “People always find it easier to be a result of the past rather than a cause of the future.” Unknown Are we just billiard balls in a predetermined cosmic game of pool? Or are we free […] Read more »
  • ReWriting the Human Story: How Our Story Determines Our Future
    It is harder and harder to make sense of life. Everything is changing, all the time, at a faster and faster pace. Our civilization is struggling to react to and keep up with exponential technology and disruptive change. Our age-old institutions, politics, economics, ethics, religion and laws, even our environment, are so fundamentally challenged, that we […] Read more »
  • Nikola Danaylov on the Dissenter: The Singularity, Futurism, and Humanity
    A few weeks ago I got interviewed by Ricardo Lopes for the Dissenter. The interview just came out and I thought I’d share it with you to enjoy or critique. Here is Ricardo’s original description: #131 Nikola Danaylov: The Singularity, Doing Futurism, and the Human Element In this episode, we talk about what is meant […] Read more »
  • On Transhumanist Manifestos and Dilemmas
    It’s been almost 10 years since I wrote the first versions of Hamlet’s Transhumanist Dilemma and A Transhumanist Manifesto. And a lot has changed. Including my point of view. I started with Hamlet. With asking a question: Will technology replace biology? At the time I felt that this was the contemporary version of Shakespeare’s original human […] Read more »
  • Douglas Rushkoff’s TED Talk: How to be “Team Human” in the digital future
    Humans are no longer valued for our creativity, says media theorist Douglas Rushkoff — in a world dominated by digital technology, we’re now just valued for our data. In a passionate talk, Rushkoff urges us to stop using technology to optimize people for the market and start using it to build a future centered on […] Read more »
  • The Economist Asks: How could veganism change the world?
    Interest in vegan food and its associated health benefits has been booming across the rich world. A global retreat from meat could have a far-reaching environmental impact. By 2050 the world’s population could approach 10 billion – and around 60% more food could be needed to feed everyone. The environmental impacts of the food system […] Read more »
  • Dr. Joseph Mercola on Health and Longevity: Take Health into Your Own Hands
    With 15 million unique visitors per month, Dr. Joseph Mercola is the founder of the largest health and wellness website on the internet. His life’s mission is to cure rather than treat disease and Dr. Mercola has not only published extensively but also treated successfully a variety of chronic health conditions with natural methods such […] Read more »
  • Joscha Bach: We need to understand the nature of AI to understand who we are
    Joscha Bach is one of those rare people whose primary motivation is unbound curiosity and inspiration. He clearly loves what he does and you can’t help but notice his radiating passion and youthful exuberance. Joscha has an impressively wide and deep knowledge in a variety of scientific, philosophical and artistic disciplines and I had to do […] Read more »
  • Dr. Michael Greger on How Not to Age
    There are two people who caused me to become vegan and switch to a whole-plant-based diet. The first is Prof. Peter Singer who put the idea in my head many years ago when I started studying ethics. The second person is Dr. Michael Greger whose books How not to Die and The How Not To […] Read more »
  • Stuart Russell on Artificial Intelligence: What if we succeed?
    Stuart Russell is a professor of Computer Science at UC Berkeley as well as co-author of the most popular textbook in the field – Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach. Given that it has been translated into 13 languages and is used in more than 1,300 universities in 118 countries, I can hardly think of anyone […] Read more »
  • Roman Yampolskiy on Artificial Intelligence Safety and Security
    There are those of us who philosophize and debate the finer points surrounding the dangers of artificial intelligence. And then there are those who dare go in the trenches and get their hands dirty by doing the actual work that may just end up making the difference. So if AI turns out to be like […] Read more »
  • Nikola Danaylov on the Always Another Way Podcast: The World is Transformed by Asking Questions
    A couple of weeks ago I did an interview on the Always Another Way Podcast. Now, let’s be clear that this was a different kind of interview I did here, so if you want to hear primarily my views on AI, the Singularity, transhumanism, and other advanced technologies, then, this one is not for you. […] Read more »
  • Beyond Bionics: How the Future of Prosthetics is Redefining Humanity
    Bionic technology is removing physical barriers faced by disabled people while raising profound ethical questions of what it is to be human. From DIY prosthetics realized through 3D printing technology to customized AI-driven limbs, science is at the forefront of many life-enhancing innovations.  Read more »
  • Gerd Leonhard on AI and Digital Ethics
    It’s been ten years now since I came up with my thesis that Technology is Not Enough. That ethics is a good operating system to help us debug not only our technology but also our society. And so it makes me very happy to find other travelers on the same journey, especially if they are further […] Read more »
  • “Oracle of Silicon Valley” Tim O’Reilly on WTF: Do Work That Matters
    Inc Magazine called Tim O’Reilly the “Oracle of Silicon Valley.” Wired called him “The Trend Spotter.” Others have noted that “the Internet was built on O’Reilly books.” All in all, Tim O’Reilly is as perfect of a guest for my Singularity.FM podcast as I can ever imagine. So, I hope you enjoy this interview as much […] Read more »
  • At the Heart of Intelligence: A Film by Gerd Leonhard & Telia Finland
    At the Heart of Intelligence is an emotionally compelling and well-made short film discussing artificial intelligence. It was produced in collaboration between popular futurist Gerd Leonhard and Telia Finland. The movie employes powerful visuals, fantastic music and high-quality production but not at the expense of also asking some vital questions about intelligence – in general, […] Read more »
  • Physicist Max Tegmark on Life 3.0: What We Do Makes a Difference
    Some people say that renowned MIT physicist Max Tegmark is totally bonkers and refer to him as “Mad Max”. But, to quote Lewis Carroll from Alice in Wonderland, “All the best people are.” Furthermore, I am not sure if Tegmark is “mad” but I am pretty sure he is very much “fun” because I had a total blast […] Read more »
  • Transhumanist Manifesto Inspires WIRED Article on Transhumanism
    A couple of weeks ago Joi Ito – head of the MIT Media Lab and contributor to WIRED Magazine, interviewed me about my Transhumanist Manifesto and related topics such as life-extension, immortality, cryonics, speciesim, and ethics. Some people have said that this is the best interview I have done so far: Nikola’s best interview for quite a while, IMHO. […] Read more »
  • Philosopher Peter Singer on AI, Transhumanism and Ethics
    Peter Singer is arguably the most influential living philosopher of our day. His book on Animal Liberation basically started the animal rights movement and his textbook on Practical Ethics is the standard philosophy text of first-year students. No wonder that in 2005 Time Magazine called Peter Singer one of the 100 most influential people in the world. […] Read more »
  • Nikola Danaylov on the Future Grind Podcast
    Last month Ryan O’Shea – host of the Future Grind Podcast, did what is probably the most thorough interview with me so far. I thought it might be good to repost it on Singularity.FM so that you can listen to me being interviewed for a change while also getting exposed to another fantastic futurist podcast that I recommend highly. Hope you enjoy it but, either way, do let me know. Read more »
  • Yuval Harari on Why Fascism is so Tempting and How Your Data Could Power It
    In a profound talk about technology and power, author and historian Yuval Harari explains the important difference between fascism and nationalism — and what the consolidation of our data means for the future of democracy. Appearing as a hologram live from Tel Aviv, Harari warns that the greatest danger that now faces liberal democracy is […] Read more »
  • Jonathan Taplin on Move Fast and Break Things: How Facebook, Google and Amazon Cornered Culture and Undermined Democracy
    Jonathan Taplin is the Director Emeritus of the USC Annenberg Innovation Lab, and a former tour manager for Bob Dylan and The Band, as well as a film producer for Martin Scorsese. If that is not enough to make him a worthy guest of Singularity.FM then let me add that Jonathan is a visionary entrepreneur […] Read more »
  • Entrepreneurial Activist Joi Ito on Whiplash and the MIT Media Lab
    Joi Ito is just one of those people who simply don’t fit a mold. Any mold. He is an entrepreneur who is an activist. He is an academic without a degree. He is a leader who follows. He is a teacher who listens. And an interlocutor who wants you to disagree with him. Overall, I hate […] Read more »
  • Quid and Primer Founder Sean Gourley: If You Don’t Own the Algorithm, the Algorithm Owns You
    It was all the way back in 2013 when Sean Gourley published a blog post titled Prediction just is a parlor trick. Manipulation is much more interesting. In it he wrote: “The 2012 election will ultimately go down as the ‘prediction’ election (aka the Nate Silver election), 2016 may well be the first ‘persuasion’ election. An […] Read more »
  • Transhumanist Party Chairman Gennady Stolyarov II: Death is Wrong and Life is Right
    Transhumanism is a growing social and philosophical movement with more and more people becoming aware of and sympathetic to it. In fact, in the last couple of years, transhumanism has gone political with new transhumanist parties emerging in the UK and the United States. And, since I have already argued that technology is the future of […] Read more »
  • Magic, Manic and Monstrous: How Facebook is Programming Us
    Facebook’s original motto was to “move fast and break things.” And it has done both of those remarkably well: it has moved fast to reach more than 2 billion people; and, it has also broken major things such as democracy – be it in the case of Brexit or Trump or others. Furthermore, Facebook’s longest standing executive Chamath Palihapitiya has said that social media, in general, and Facebook, in particular, is ripping apart the fabric of how society works... Gone are the days when Facebook was pure magic. Today, it is increasingly manic and monstrous. Read more »
  • Sci-Fi Great PJ Manney on (ID)Entity and Weaponizing Narrative: Everyone has a voice. Use it!
    PJ Manney is an award-winning science fiction writer interested in transhumanism, empathy, story-telling and the future of humanity. Her latest book (ID)entity is a can’t-put-it-down action-packed mind-uploading/downloading world-crashing the-Empire-Strikes-Back of a masterpiece. The book depicts vividly the dangers of monetizing and weaponizing narrative, which is what companies such as Cambridge Analytica do. And so I thought it would be […] Read more »
  • Futurist David Wood on Transcending Politics: A Better Politics is Beckoning Us Forward
    “There’s no escape: the journey to a healthier society inevitably involves politics.” This is how well-known futurist David Wood starts his most recent book Transcending Politics: A Technoprogressive Roadmap to a Comprehensively Better Future. And so I thought I’d bring him back on Singularity.FM to share with us how exactly is it he suggests that we transcend politics. […] Read more »
  • The Third Industrial Revolution: A Radical New Sharing Economy [Documentary]
    People often ask me what is the best interview I have ever done. By now, my usual reply is that this is like asking a parent who is their favorite child. Even if most have their preferences, it is very unwise to verbalize an answer, let alone publicly, because the resulting negative impact may last […] Read more »
  • London Futurists Hangout On Air: Will science & technology save the world?
    The green revolution in agriculture has freed hundreds of millions around the world from the risk of starvation. The Internet is providing knowledge-on-tap to people as never before. Lifespans have doubled due to remarkable progress in medicine. New desalination techniques are poised to solve problems of shortage of fresh water. Our remaining resource problems can […] Read more »
  • Jaguar I-PACE EV Guns for Tesla
    Jaguar I-PACE is the company’s first all-electric car. With zero tailpipe emissions, no CO2 and no particulates, it moves humanity closer to a vision of a clean, safe and sustainable future. With their first EV, Jaguar set out with a clean sheet approach to harness new battery electric technology with an architecture engineered from the outset to […] Read more »
  • On Tech Unemployment and the Labor vs Capital Balance of Power
    Capital needs labor to operate, to create a return on investment and, ultimately, to grow. Labor needs capital for wages. Each needs the other and none can do it alone. So labor needs capital as much as capital needs labor. And, while the labor vs capital balance of power has fluctuated closer to one or […] Read more »
  • Yuval Harari at the World Economic Forum: Will the Future be Human?
    Some of you may know I’m a big fan of Prof. Yuval Harari’s and, at this point, it is fair to say that his books Sapiens and Homo Deus have had a more profound effect on me than those of Ray Kurzweil. Last week Yuval Harari made his Davos debut at the World Economic Forum […] Read more »
  • Technology is the How, not the Why or What
    Technology is the new religion, Silicon Valley is the new chosen land and entrepreneurs are the new chosen people. They promise a future that is better than we think – a techno-heaven of abundance and, naturally, immortality. And we are all believers now. But we seem to forget that technology is merely the how and never the […] Read more »
  • GoodAI launches “Solving the AI Race” round of the General AI Challenge
    General AI research and development company GoodAI has launched the latest round of their General AI Challenge, Solving the AI Race. $15,000 of prizes are available for suggestions on how to mitigate the risks associated with a race to transformative AI. The round, which is open to the general public and will run until the […] Read more »
  • On Singularity University and the Danger of Being Exponential
    Singularity University [SU] has a religious fetish for its sacred words – disrupt, innovate and, most of all, exponential. Just listen to any recent SU alumni and you can’t help it but hear disrupt here, innovate there and, most of all, exponential everywhere. This is not surprising since, even before updating its Massively Transformative Purpose [MTP] to […] Read more »
  • Is the Singularity Steering us Toward the Greatest Inequality in History?
    The basic idea of the technological singularity is simple: the rate at which technology progresses increases as time moves forward. If we believe the technological singularity is happening, then we as a species should inspect its impact on human equality. This phenomenon is pushing our human ship toward a waterfall of technological innovation. Is it also pushing […] Read more »
  • Must Watch: “Slaughterbots” Short by Stop Autonomous Weapons
    Looking like a creepy TED Talk, this sci-fi short film from Stop Autonomous Weapons looks at a possible near future of autonomous slaughterbot drones trained to kill a specific human target. It’s created by Stop Autonomous Weapons, a group dedicated to bringing pressure to update the 1980 Convention on Conventional Weapons (CCW) to explicitly include autonomous weapons. […] Read more »
  • We’re All Truck Drivers Now: Nikola Danaylov @ DES2017
    The year rolled away so quickly and I completely forgot that in May I was a keynote speaker at the DES 2017 Conference in Madrid, Spain. Luckily, a fan dug out this video from the depths of the internet and, since she liked it very much, I thought I’d share it with you on Singularity […] Read more »
  • The Beyond: a High Concept Sci Fi Feature Trailer
    Check out this trailer for The Beyond – a high concept sci-fi feature (based loosely on the 2014 short film Project Kronos) which will be released by distributor Gravitas Ventures in the US on Jan 9th 2018. The Beyond is a science fiction film that blends the realism of ‘found footage’ with the fantastical, ‘big […] Read more »
  • Chatbots – The New Retail Banking Frontier
    Life of the modern Homo sapiens revolves around money and tech. That is why the banking industry is always the first one to adopt the latest trends. A decade ago the digital banking put an end to the three-hundred-year-old ‘tradition’ of waiting in queues. Today, we can run accounts ourselves, and use banking services without […] Read more »
  • Unexpected Futurist: Mark Twain, Tesla, and a Worldwide Visual Telephone System
    In our previous episode of Unexpected Futurist, we covered Ben Franklin’s vision of the year 2776. Since Franklin was a leading scientist and experimenter of his day, it isn’t entirely shocking that he could sense that the increasing pace of scientific discovery was going to revolutionize the world. The second episode of this series features […] Read more »
  • Blade Runner 2049: “The future of the species has finally unearthed.” [Updated]
    Thirty years after the events of the original Blade Runner, in this new version – Blade Runner 2049, LAPD Officer K (Ryan Gosling), unearths a long-buried secret that has the potential to plunge what’s left of society into chaos. K’s discovery leads him on a quest to find Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), a former LAPD blade […] Read more »
  • Unexpected Futurist: Benjamin Franklin envisions 2776 and Cryonics
    The futurist as a profession is a fairly recent development, dating back, at the earliest, to the 1940s. “The future” as a common theme in pop culture and literature, goes back only a bit further, the genre being launched by famous visionaries such as Jules Verne and H.G. Wells, and exploding in the 1900s through […] Read more »
  • Limiting Factors: Is the current economic growth model limited by the speed of light?
    Economic Growth and the speed of light may sound not to be very much related to each other. How is it possible that the growth model at the basis of the global economy is intrinsically limited by the speed of light? We all know that the current economic model is based on the expectation that […] Read more »
  • The Near Future: See How Healthcare Tech Will Transform Our Lives
    CableLabs just released a cool short film called The Near Future: A Better Place that explores how emerging technologies in healthcare will transform our daily lives. A substantial percentage of the population worldwide is over the age of 60, and it will dramatically increase in the next two decades. This really underscores the importance of […] Read more »
  • Bill Nye the Science Guy: We Can Solve The World’s Problems
    Bill Nye – the Science Guy, was the science educator to a whole generation not only in the United States but also in Canada and the rest of the English-speaking world. He was among a handful of TV celebrities who made science cool, interesting and fun. But most of all, Bill Nye inspired a generation of […] Read more »
  • Her-An Visits Nikola Danaylov and Records A Unique Interview
    The first time I met Omer Ozdemir was at my Conversations with the Future book reading when Omer drove more than 4 hours just so he can be there. So when he asked me to do an interview for the Turkish Her-An website I was very happy to do it, even if I was sick with […] Read more »
  • Jose Cordeiro on Longevity and Cryonics Summit: The World Will Be A Better Place Tomorrow
    Jose Cordeiro, MBA, Ph.D., is an amazing person with endless supplies of energy and optimism. In fact, I have never met a more involved and proactive person than Dr. Cordeiro because he is literally always traveling across the world and is directly involved in a variety of cutting-edge fields and projects from Japan and Korea, […] Read more »
  • Lawrence Krauss on Singularity.FM: Keep on Asking Questions
    Prof. Lawrence Krauss is a world-famous theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and activist against superstition whom I have dreamed of interviewing for years. So, when we finally booked the date, I feverishly spent a full week reading his last 2 books and watching 20+ hours of his past interviews and documentaries. Alas, I got the flu and didn’t […] Read more »
  • “Conversations with the Future” Book Reading
    A couple of weeks ago, during the last Transhumanist Meetup in Toronto, I did a Conversations with the Future book reading. Basically, I read my book’s foreword – the story of how I got to do what I do, as well as the book introduction – what my book is all about, and the epilogue – what people […] Read more »
  • It’s No Game: A Hilarious Short SciFi Film with David Hasselhoff
    What does a creative writer do that a computer can’t? Could an AI have drummed up Hamlet? Artificial Intelligence has come a long way in the last several years, and now the filmmakers behind “Sunspring” have returned with a new short starring David Hasselhoff. Once again, Oscar Sharp who directed the first ever all AI […] Read more »
  • Angel Investor Matthew Le Merle on How to “Build Your Fortune in the Fifth Era”
    Matthew Le Merle is co-founder of Fifth Era and managing partner of Keiretsu Capital, which is the world’s largest angel network and most active US venture investor. Most recently, Le Merle is the author of a new book titled Build Your Fortune in the Fifth Era: How to Prosper in an Age of Unprecedented Innovation. During […] Read more »
  • What if your toothbrush is smarter than you?
    What if your toothbrush is smarter than you? I know, this may sound ridiculous but let us look at the present trends, and you can judge for yourself. In the 19th century, we moved from natural to artificial power. So we took a hand-pump and turned it into an electric pump. A horse carriage and […] Read more »
  • On voluntary taxation or what could also be called “P2P taxation” or “emergent swarm taxation”
    If the state is an information structure, then the reason that it has been “computed” using representative government, is because that was a way to enforce rigid, static, computer-like processing. You can have a state without a monopoly on violence. The blockchain is exactly that. In other words, with computers, there is a new medium […] Read more »
  • Neural Symbiosis with AI: The Neural Lace Project & The World of Advanced Intelligence
    We’ve been trying to better our minds for some time. In recent years, folks have flocked to the nootropic marketplace to purchase cognitive enhancement supplements that would sharpen their focus and expand their memory recall. Now, scientists are hard at work to develop technology that would enable us to one-up AI (Artificial Intelligence). While the […] Read more »
  • InnerSpace Interviews Nikola Danaylov on Transhumanism
    Last week InnerSpace – the flagship show on the Space Channel, interviewed me and my friends David McFadzean and Agah Bahari about Transhumanism in general and “Ghost in the Shell” in particular. The segment was aired last night on InnerSpace at 6 & 11 p.m. ET with multiple repeat broadcasts on MTV Canada. During those 4 […] Read more »
  • Nikola and Amish on their April Fool’s Prank: Serious about Comedy and Comedy about the Serious
    Yesterday I did a Facebook Live session together with comedian Amish Patel where we talked about our April Fool’s Prank, got serious about comedy and did a little comedy about the serious. So, if you still haven’t seen my “interview” with “Dr. Amish Patel” on why the Universe is a Simulation and his proof for […] Read more »
  • Dr. Amish Patel: The Universe is a Simulation and I Have the Proof
    Do you fear we might live in a simulation? Well, I just had the unique privilege to interview Dr. Amish Patel, who not only argues passionately that the Universe is indeed a simulation but also shares for the very 1st time his groundbreaking proof that this is indeed the case. During our 30 min discussion […] Read more »
  • The Intelligence Explosion: A Short Sci Fi Film about AI Ethics
    The Intelligence Explosion is a hilariously witty short sci fi film about AI ethics. The film is asking questions such as: How can we prevent a robot AI from turning evil? Can we solve ethics? Can humans be a good role model for AI? I hope you enjoy The Intelligence Explosion as much as I […] Read more »
  • Why the politics of the future is technology and technology is the future of politics
    Technology drives change. And, by definition, change turns the world upside down. So it takes a perfectly good blue-blood nobleman and turns him into a pauper. It takes a king and, at best, makes him a ceremonial figurehead with no real power. It takes a shepherd and makes him a laborer, hopefully a member of […] Read more »
  • GoodAI CEO Marek Rosa on the General AI Challenge
    Marek Rosa is the founder and CEO of Keen Software, an independent video game development studio. After the success of Keen Software game titles such as Space Engineers, Marek founded and funded GoodAI with a 10 million dollar personal investment thereby finally being able to pursue his lifelong dream of building General Artificial Intelligence. Most recently […] Read more »
  • The “Hel’s Bet” Space Opera Series: Singularity Art and Propaganda
    “Work for the Singularity to max your odds of living long. Don’t bother if you’ve got a taste for dirt.”—Heloise Chin, Hel’s Bet [1] Channel Zilch and Hel’s Bet are pro-Singularity propaganda wrapped in a thrilling, funny, space opera. The books raise a huge red flag, shouting to geeks and geek moguls, “Why the heck are you […] Read more »
  • The 5 Million Dollar General AI Challenge is a Path to Human-level AI
    I realized that if I make a successful game and get rich, I can reinvest in building general AI. So I founded a game studio, Keen Software House. After overcoming the initial learning curve and conducting a few experiments, my team and I developed Space Engineers. The game became a big hit and enabled me to start GoodAI and dedicate more of my time to researching and developing general AI... Read more »
  • A Universal Basic Income is Not the Solution
    The familiar structure of work we’ve been accustomed to for around 100 years has been gradually changing over the past couple of decades. Much of this change has gone unnoticed by most of the population because companies typically don’t like to talk about replacing jobs with technology and the news media typically buries layoffs and […] Read more »
  • Tears In The Rain: A Spectacular SciFi Blade Runner Fanfilm
    Tears In The Rain is a short film set in the world of Philip K. Dick’s novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (1968) as well as the motion picture Blade Runner (1982). Synopsis: In a dystopian Los Angeles future, replicants or genetically engineered humanoids are created to work forced labour on off-world colonies. The […] Read more »
  • Why the Future adds 0 and what “Conversations with the Future” is about
    This is the introduction to my bestselling book Conversations with the Future. If you like it, you can buy the book on Amazon: Why the Future adds 0 and what “Conversations with the Future” is about “If someone needs directions, don’t give them a globe. It’ll merely waste their time. But if someone needs to […] Read more »
  • Our Future, AI and Veganism: 6 Reasons Why I Went Vegan
    People keep asking me why I went vegan so I decided to share the top 6 reasons. Check out the list below and do let me know if you agree or disagree with me as well as your own reasons as per why you would or you wouldn’t go vegan yourself 😉 6 Reasons Why […] Read more »
  • Augmented: Short Sci-Fi Film Asks Good Questions About AR
    Augmented is a short film set in the near future, where augmented reality has become so ubiquitous that the line between the real and virtual worlds have become blurred. When a new, dangerous technology is created that can manipulate the perception of this brave new world, who will exploit it? Who will monetize it? Who […] Read more »
  • Suzanne Gildert on Kindred AI: Non-Biological Sentiences are on the Horizon
    Suzanne Gildert is a founder and CTO of Kindred AI – a company pursuing the modest vision of “building machines with human-like intelligence.” Her startup just came out of stealth mode and I am both proud and humbled to say that this is the first ever long-form interview that Suzanne has done. Kindred AI has raised […] Read more »
  • Gerd Leonhard on Technology vs Humanity: The Future Belongs to Those Who Can Hear It Coming
    Gerd Leonhard is a musician, keynote speaker and futurist with over 300 clients, 1,500 engagements and over a million people of a combined audience at venues across the world. Gerd is most recently the author of a brand new book titled Technology vs Humanity: The Coming Clash Between Man and Machine and, as someone who puts […] Read more »
  • Technology is NOT Enough!
    I am tired of hearing that science and technology will save the world. It is almost the same as saying “Jesus will save you!” It evokes the very same passive quasi-religious hope that something or someone out there will magically solve all our problems, bring abundance in our lives, help us live forever and bring […] Read more »
  • The Age of Em: Robin Hanson on Work, Love and Life When Robots Rule the Earth
    The Age of Em by Robin Hanson is the best worst book I have read in a very long while. It is the best because Robin has a very effective, efficient and eloquent writing style and a personality to match it. Thus he is able to say utterly horrendous things – like “the 3rd Reich […] Read more »
  • On Thanksgiving I’m thankful for you! What are you thankful for?
    It  is Canadian Thanksgiving long-weekend and I thought I’d take a couple of minutes to acknowledge and meditate upon some of the many things I am very thankful for. Check out the video for my short and very incomplete list. Now, what are you thankful for?  Read more »
  • “Dust” Short SciFi: Stunning Cinematography & Worthy Message
    Dust is a short SciFi fantasy film with stunning cinematography and a worthy message, inspired by classic anime and horror. It is set in a harsh and unpredictable natural environment where people have isolated themselves in an ancient city behind a massive wall. A socially marginalized tracker teams up with a black-market merchant to save […] Read more »
  • Technology is Not Enough: the Future of Humanity in an Age of AI with Nikola Danaylov
    A couple of days ago I got interviewed by Federico Pistono, who is one of the co-founders of Konoz. During our 80 min conversation we covered a variety of topics such as: my personal podcasting origin story; major takeaways from my interviews; interviewee and audience testimonials of impact stories; why technology is a magnifying mirror; […] Read more »
  • The Devolution of Nikola Danaylov: Socrates In The Baboon Room
    This Thursday I did an interview for the Baboon Room podcast and here is the YouTube video of my conversation with the host Correy Cottrell. Synopsis from Correy Cottrell – the man behind the Baboon Room podcast: Before: “This is easily the biggest interview we have ever had. Socrates from the Singularity 1 on 1 podcast […] Read more »
  • Veni Vidi Vici: Awesome Rap Music Video by Baba Brinkman
    Veni Vidi Vici is a song by the one and only scientifically peer reviewed rap artist I know of – Baba Brinkman. Baba wrote and performed this song for Threatened Species Day as a part of The Rap Guide to Wilderness. Synopsis: Scientists recently proposed designating our current geological era as the Anthropocene, signifying the indelible […] Read more »
  • UBET: A Practical Answer to Technological Unemployment
    Many people who think about the future believe that robots and artificial intelligence will take most of our jobs, while many other futurists believe the advances in technology will transform work and create a net increase in jobs. Neither of the aforementioned camps can agree on a set timeline for any of this so we […] Read more »
  • Stem cells – the future: an introduction to iPS cells [video]
    This 16 minute video, ideal for general audiences and biology students aged 16+, tells the story of one of this century’s most extraordinary scientific discoveries – induced pluripotent stem cells, or iPS cells. Nobel prize-winning medical doctor and scientist Shinya Yamanaka describes the experiments that arose from his desire to help his spinal cord injury […] Read more »
  • The Future of Freedom
    The Technological Singularity has the potential to radically expand human freedom in ways previously thought impossible. We may be freed from limits that were once considered a simple part of the human condition, from death, to taxes. Faced with new technologies, certain intelligent forward-thinking people are proclaiming The end of free will, stating that we […] Read more »
  • Deconstructing Socrates and the Future of Singularity 1on1: Nikola Danaylov Gets Interviewed by Trevor Haldenby
    Every once-in-a-while, it is a good thing to do a headstand and look at the world from a different perspective. In podcasting terms that would mean putting Socrates in the hotseat and making me answer questions, rather than let me hide in asking them. And I could’t think of a person better qualified to do […] Read more »
  • Neuromorphic Chips: a Path Towards Human-level AI
    Recently we have seen a slew of popular films that deal with artificial intelligence – most notably The Imitation Game, Chappie, Ex Machina, and Her. However, despite over five decades of research into artificial intelligence, there remain many tasks which are simple for humans that computers cannot do. Given the slow progress of AI, for […] Read more »
  • Make or Break the Singularity 1on1: Crowdfunding Campaign is Live
       Hi, I wanted to speak to you 1on1 today. So this is not a message for everybody but just for you. Yes you – my audience, my podcast listener, my YouTube viewer, my donor and moral supporter, my fellow geek and friend. And my reason for doing what I do. I want to […] Read more »
  • The Economic Singularity
    My new book The Economic Singularity argues that in the next few decades most humans will become unemployable because machines (AI systems plus their peripherals, the robots) will be able to do anything that we can do for money cheaper, faster and better. And unlike us, their capabilities will be improving all the time. At […] Read more »
  • Kevin Kelly on The Inevitable: 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future
    Kevin Kelly has been a high profile maverick of both silicon valley and technology in general for the past 35 years. Some of his books have gained not just a best-seller status but a near-cult following in places like China. Popular personalities such as Tim Ferriss have called Kelly “the most interesting man in the world.” […] Read more »
  • Are we destined to be out-played by A.I.?
    Imagine a flying saucer lands in Time Square and an alien steps out. He’s a competitive fellow, so he arrives armed with a board game in hand – the game of Go. He walks up the first person he passes and says the classic line, “Take me to your best player.” We humans are competitive too, […] Read more »
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