• Neuralink - Elon Musk Will Control Your Brain
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  • How feasible is pico and femtotechnology ?
    So I was browsing through the Wikipedia page of Predictions made by Ray cruzweil and he said that we might achieve femtotechnology and picotechnology ? Aren't particles unstable at those levels ? But if we find a way to get past the observer effect and find a way to stabilize those particles It could bring some really sick tech right ? submitted by /u/rolling_pandas_2212 [link] [comments] Read more »
  • Brains scale better than CPUs. So Intel is building brains
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  • How Elon Musk's Neuralink Plans to Unify the Brain with AI
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  • "Replicator" Tech to revolutionize 3D printing
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  • First Detailed 3D Hippocampus Model "the neurons’ activity of the hippocampus can be observed in exactly the same format as the in vivo or in vitro recordings. The fundamental advantage of this is that it tracks network, cellular, and synaptic activity at any point of the network, and directly compares the results with practically all types of experimental data. This is a major computational challenge, one which requires supercomputing power; as an indication, the region modelled – from a rat’s brain – contains around 450,000 neurons and 400 million synaptic contacts." 1 second of activity took 7 hours to compute. This might not seem much until you realise that it was run on a 7.8 PFlop system (that was built in 2012), only used 26% of it's available cores and the model is a very high detail model ("large-scale realistic model of the CA1 area of the hippocampus, maintaining the natural 3D layout of the real system.") we can do a bit of calculation (conservative if we don't assume any reduction of the model complexity through abstraction) to determine how much computation a whole human neocortex simulation would require. To get to simulating the whole neocortex (roughly 26 billion neurons) at the same time scale and resolution, we would need to multiply 26% x 7.8 petaflops by 26'000'000'000/450'000 = 57777 so we would need a 0.26 x 7.8 x 57777 = 117 exaflop computer. But then there is the problem of timescale: it is a roughly 250'00 to 1 ratio from real time to simulated time, which is fairly hopeless in terms of getting a highly detailed, real time simulation next decade, but we just need to be able to understand a system in order to simplify it and even that can be done at these timescales. I'm sure someone more familiar with HPC could fill me in, but I think 100+ exaflops will be achievable sometime in the latter half of next decade (or early 2030s) at least somewhere on the globe. Both the US and China have several plans for exascale machines sometime between 2020 and 2021, a few other countries have also stated similar timeframes. We would just need another 7 doublings in HPC performance. I would also think that we don't need to fully simulate the neocortex to understand and reduce it's inner workings to something that requires less computation, even having a simulated mouse brain would accelerate AI research and it is only on the order of 70 million neurons which could actually be done in high detail with a 0.26 x 7.8 x 70'000'000/450'000 = 316 petaflop computer which will be available most likely with 2 years. to this end, HBP have also employed engineers to build a fully realistic skeletal model of a rat body complete with anatomically correct musculature, whiskers, eyes etc: Edit: This model tracks almost everything in the cell and is thus an ultra high detail model, if you just simulate the spiking of the network, you could reduce the required computation by… Read more »
  • Anyone left doubting the singularity
    I think the advancements we've seen even in the past couple of weeks are astonishing. It has left me with a reinforced belief that the things prescribed by the singularity are very plausible in the 2050 scenario. Without doing a detailed data analysis for where we are on our technological progress trajectory, it seems fairly clear that the progress is in fact speeding up if just subjectively. Is there anyone still doubting this realisation and can you explain why? I am an avid believer in logical arguments to change one's firmly held belief and rejecting personal bias so I'd love to hear a convincing rebuttal to the concept that technology has sped up significantly in the past couple of years. Is it still reasonable to assume that we most likely won't have things like advanced AI, advanced nanotechnology, advanced BCIs, advanced ageing reversal in the next couple of decades putting aside the extrapolations to some sort of singularity? submitted by /u/robdogcronin [link] [comments] Read more »
  • Cutting-Edge MedTech: 3D Printed Heart, Holograms, & More!
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  • Has anyone else noticed the huge spike in advanced technology publication in the last two months?
    From NASA announcing we're going back to the moon, to stay, to Microsoft announcing a new virtual translator, through to Elon Musk's reveal of Neuralink's progress. Not to mention DeepMind playing ladder in Starcraft, Tesla's semi being spotted on the 101, AI finding new discoveries by analyzing hundreds of old scientific papers, AI translating 'lost languages', etc. It seems like the last two months have just been an explosion of new discoveries and breakthroughs, has anyone else noticed this? submitted by /u/33Merlin11 [link] [comments] Read more »
  • DARWIN-Intel Combination Delivers 26.3X Speedup on Image Classification Networks, Additional Inference Performance Improvements
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  • Watch Elon Musk’s Neuralink Presentation
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  • DeepMind DVD-GAN: Impressive Step Toward Realistic Video Synthesis
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  • Sony Patent: Contact Lenses Taking Pictures and Recording Videos When You Blink - With Nicola Tesla Technology
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  • It is my full on opinion, that the technological singularity has happened. People have already had catastrophic kneejerk reactions to my prediction's which have turned out to be true. More of those predictions and thought's can be seen here.
    I have been a trans-humanist and singulartarian for close to 18 years now. Almost half my life. I've followed literally every piece of techno entertainment news and read all of kurzweil's books. And of all those years, this one has been very exciting as a futurist.   Do I think we have a runaway singularity like you might've read about? Not at all, do I think high ranking military facilities have probably created a singularity? Yes, and if you are a trans-humanist and singulartarian you must have those sentiments too.   I know very well the definition of the technological singularity. However, you are very wrong if you think it couldn't at the very least - keep unto itself.   "Impossible! That's not even CLOSE to the definition of a singularity!" Blah blah, blah... blah.   The military right now has an ASI I'm most certain of that. We just don't have access to that information. And you are a f'ing moron if you think you know they don't.   Kurzweil say's an ASI is the primary indicator of a technological singularity. And before you try to define this, yes - I mean the event in which all technology will start to rapidly replicate and improve itself. The one that is unmissable. THAT singularity.   I think it is well within our militaries capability - to create such a thing and let it run it's course. In fact I think its been done. Somewhere.   We just really aren't aware of it. And yes, I mean the unmissable singularity - missed because the military - did it smartly.   And excuse my language here, but you can have your fucking knee jerk dipshit reactions to my post all day. If hearing this fact provokes you to reach out and act like one of the dimwitted ass people that called my prediction's nutty and stupid and on and on and on "A BCI WOULD MEAN BLAH BLAH BLAH IMPOSSIBLE, YOU ARE IGNORANT, YOU ARE STUPID, YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE EVEN TALKING ABOUT SHUT UP PLEASE FUCK YOU SHUT UP BLAH BLAH BLAH" ...   ....I'm not gonna look for the quotes.. as I've only made a couple of threads.   But I will get to my feeling's on those posts shortly. You can find people just bashing me for.. making prediction's (that have been dead on), for communicating my belief that the singularity has at least happened and we're just not associated with the part of the government that knew how to do it smartly... and people bashing me for passionately loving and being excited about the progress in the public sector. I did not want to say any of this but since I type pretty fast, it humor's me that I even had to go here. So fuck you guy's. Look at the predictions that i fucking nailed, like Elon Musk's surprise announcement... which i NAILED - because I am not what you think, I am the exact opposite...… Read more »
  • Does the singularity scare you? Why or Why not?
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  • Organized Transhumanist Movement: Ideas
    Hello everyone, I think awareness and interest into Transhumanism and Posthumanism (post Singularity Humans) and the path to it would solve a lot of problems in the World and create a new sustainable pathway to the future. What are your ideas to create a more Organized and a well informed movement about Transhumanism and Posthumanism to have more people aware about it and clear all the misunderstandings that non-Transhumanists have? Just asking this for curiousity and ambition. submitted by /u/FinnicSpaceWorld [link] [comments] Read more »
  • How AI is Reshaping Pathology and Histology
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  • After making my NeuralLink predictions, they turned out to be right! They have successfully tested neural link on a monkey and achieved computer to monkey interfacing! My other prediction's were also correct!
    As a transhumanist, I personally was elated that my prediction's ended up being exactly verbatim what was revealed!   You can see them in my previous thread, but what they didn't divulge is if the monkey was getting any type of assistance via AI.   That might prove too much for audiences to digest, "Yes, we have a monkey in a lab with this technology - it's really smart now" they didn't quiet say that, just that "Yes, we have injected this device into a monkey and it has been able to use a computer telepathically" which is still pretty cool.   You gotta wonder what they left out! submitted by /u/Rurhanograthul [link] [comments] Read more »
  • Official Neuralink Event (7/16 8PM PT)
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  • Does a machine that interprets blood tests exist? For example gives numbers on testosterone, FSH, vitamin D, etc.
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  • School obsolete in 10 years?
    If we really are right before the exponential of the curve and technology is just rapidly advancing the next few years, including BCI's, quantum computing, brain chips technology, AI, etc. then this could theoretically mean that school and many other institutions might become obsolete in just the next decade. The porn industry, music industry and film industry included. And so much more, as you know. The mind-fuck sets in when you realize that just can't be happening. Society itself might completely shift in 10 years and I can't see how that could possibly happen. BUT THE TECH MIGHT BE COMING. Even if it takes 20 years, that's nothing! I just had to post this as I'm confused at the rate things might be going. submitted by /u/BlizzStrx [link] [comments] Read more »
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