CSAD Research Seminar Series: The Art of Seeing by Professor Robert Pepperell

CSAD Research Seminar Series: The Art of Seeing by Professor Robert Pepperell
Event on 2018-03-15 16:00:00
The Art of Seeing by Professor Robert Pepperell No-one   knows how we see. The fact that many of us are able to experience a rich,   vivid visual world cannot be explained by contemporary science. Artists are   often experts at seeing, and know far more about the nature of vision that it   usually recognised. This is because for hundreds, if not thousands, of years   artists have been actively investigating their own visual experience in order   to better depict it in images. In this talk I will discuss some of the work   that I have been doing with my colleagues which connects artistic knowledge   about vision with scientific knowledge, and how these two domains can work   together towards a better understanding of how we see. Image credit: Blindsight (2014) Robert Pepperell

at Cardiff Metropolitan University
Cardiff School of Art & Design, B Block , Llandaff Campus, Western Avenue
Cardiff, United Kingdom

Marijuana Business Seminar – Tampa, Florida

Marijuana Business Seminar – Tampa, Florida
Event on 2017-06-24 10:00:00
Southern Cannabis Institute 2 Day Marijuana Workshops are for YOU!!! What Can You Learn in Just 2 Days?ALL the important “Stuff” to help insure your success!   All about Florida’s Medical Marijuana Laws,. “Do’s & Don’ts” of “Dispensary ” Business, Patient Rights, YOUR RIGHTS!!!! How to start a marijuana dispensary. How to start a marijuana delivery service. How to legally grow marijuana for patients & collectives. Learn how to start any type of cannabis related business. How to legally cultivate, harvest and process marijuana.   DAY 1: Florida Marijuana Laws & How to start a Dispensary. If you would like to start a dispensary in Florida or a grow operation, this marijuana workshop is for you.  Our attorneys, accountants and industry professionals will help guide you in the right direction, with all of the regulations and licensing requirements.   Here are some of the advantages of attending or marijuana workshops: We will go over Florida medical marijuana laws, Senate Bill 1030 and 1700. We will cover marijuana business basics as well as advanced business. How to open a dispensary in Florida. How to operate a collective, delivery and grow operations. We will go over in a step-by-step format of what is going to be needed. Help you choose the correct corporate structure for your cannabis business. How to establish a collective and operate  in Florida. Where is the best location to open your business. How to deal with landlords. Bookkeeping & Possible tax issues with IRS. Banking solutions for the cannabis industry. General liability insurance for dispensary and is covered. Merchant account services for your business. Industry referrals and contacts. Advertising strategies. How much money will be needed to start a marijuana business. Who will be at the seminar? Cannabis tax accountant. Cannabis business law attorney. Cannabis Testing lab. Seed-to-Sale software. Capital Lending Group. Cannabis Insurance agent. Dispensary owners from legal states. Most Importantly – Resources Needed to Start? (continued) DAY 2: Cultivation & Edibles. Take lessons from professional growers like Mike Boutin of Weed Country. Get started and produce your own cannabis. Learn to grow indoors, outdoors and hydroponics. Instructions for watering, lighting, ventilation, cycles, drying & curing. Equipment that will be needed. Detailed instructions on pest control, smell abatement, security, pH balance, and drying/curing. And much more.   As an added bonus all seminar attendees who have paid in full, are welcomed back to our future seminars all for FREE!!! Next Live Seminar will be: August 12th & 13th, 2017 Jacksonville, Florida | 2 DAY Seminar | GET ENROLLED TODAY, CLICK HERE!!!

at TBD
401 N. Ashley Dr.
Tampa, United States


Event on 2017-05-31 10:00:00
Reserve Your Seat For The Linkedin Webinar Class CLICK To Join Me For The Linkedin Marketing Training Event Discover how to grow a large client base by spending less than 30 minutes a day on Linkedin, even if you’ve never used Linkedin before and don't have money to spend on advertising. Linkedin Can Get You More Customers Than You Can Handle Find out how to easily network with target leads and set meetings that turn to new customers. There are over Four Million users on Linkedin and it’s growing everyday. Linkedin is where you go to do business. But, the majority of people treat it like a resume or a Facebook for business people. In this class, you are going to learn how to leverage Linkedin to build a huge client base of high-value CLIENTS with this online class. If you want something better than the local networking events you’ve been doing, this masterclass is the answer. If you are looking to find a time and cost effect lead source for your businesses, you’ve found it. Stop wasting time with all the bad networking and use Linkedin to laser focus your networking.

at Oxnard, California, United States
Oxnard, California, United States
Oxnard, United States