As you can see in this account that was created 6/24/14, the twitter(tm) robot is generating hundreds of new followers every day (Currently more than 600 per day and improving as it learns).

This is a small program that runs in your computer and legally and following every term of service invites people to join you 24/7.

Proof of concept (POC) and in Twitter(tm)

This service is available in 3 versions:

  1. Increases your real human followers (hundreds per day).
  2. Twits (according to your specifications) about 15 times a day.
  3. Reduce the profiles that you follow (to any number you decide).
  4. Available only for win8


  • A month auto pay by credit card or check, cancel any time.

Still not convinced? Just place your order for the unlimited FREE Version this version will give you an average of 5 new human followers per day, about 150 per month. No catch just free forever. If you retweet and favorite this. (Compare that to 18,000 per month in the paid version, 120 times more!).

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